Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2514

Chapter 2514

The puddle of blood spread wider as Mingchun’s two halves sank to the bottom .

“He’s dead…” An ancestor dropped on the ground and murmured .

Jianyao and the saber saint were stunned too, especially the latter . He had tasted Li Qiye’s power earlier and felt suffocated .

Though they were already aware that Mingchun wouldn’t be able to take on Li Qiye, for him to die to a single kick was something they never expected .  

The saber saint felt cold all over and needed to compose himself . Li Qiye didn’t only show mercy earlier; the guy was being extremely charitable towards him .

Mingchun was a real Eternal, far more powerful than him . If Li Qiye wanted to kill him, the guy could do so in a split second and he wouldn’t even have the chance to fight back .

Cold sweats started to run; he had just been to hell and back without knowing it . His life was dependent on a single whim of Li Qiye earlier .

Jianyao was slightly pale . Her dao heart has always been tough, allowing her to stay calm regardless of the situation . However, his dominating power made her hair stand on end .

She remembered how he always referred to people as ants . Prior to this, she felt that he was still being arrogant . Now, it seemed that this was the truth .

Even her powerful sect only consisted of ants in his eyes . It would be too simple for him to destroy them .

She began contemplating his seemingly preposterous acts in the past resulting in him losing the throne . What was the reason for this? He was more than capable to rule the world .

She came up with a ridiculous answer - that he was just playing around! All of this was to cure his boredom .

All of Nine Secrets and its inhabitants were only puppets . When he was in a bad mood, he would play around with them . Otherwise, he would ignore or destroy everything .

It was the same as watching an ant nest . It could be entertaining or he could just throw a torch down and burn all the ants to ashes .

Jianyao had a deeper understanding of this matter than anyone else and it left her horrified . This was a being who could easily destroy all of Nine Secrets . She needed to take a deep breath to calm down .

“Splash!” The lake splashed causing everyone to look over .  

“It’s Ma Mingchun . ” A spectator shouted .

Sure enough, Ma Mingchun’s two halves have come together again without any visible scar .

An Eternal was strong enough to survive the dismemberment . Of course, he still paid a heavy price . He was trembling all over, completely white . Just getting up again required all of his strength .

Fixing his body and stabilizing his wounds required an inordinate amount of true energy .

“Oh? Not bad . ” Li Qiye smiled lightly after seeing the guy . This development was no big deal to him .

Mingchun calmed his emotions and his trembling body . He found himself utterly exhausted .

“Still alive at least . ” The spectators heaved a sigh of relief, finding this to be a cause for celebration .

In the past, it was amazing if someone could withstand a blow from him . Now, it was extraordinary for him to survive a move from the king .

“Yeah, he still made it past one move . ” The ancestors smiled bitterly, not knowing whether to be happy or wallow in despair .

This gave a sliver of hope for the other masters . If Ma Mingchun couldn’t even handle one kick, true despair would swallow all of them .

Li Qiye asked with a smile: “Will you kneel and surrender, try to run, or drown yourself?”

The acrimonious statement showed no mercy - telling an Eternal to drown himself?

Of course, Li Qiye could say whatever he wanted to right now and be justified in doing so . This was the privilege of having a bigger fist .

All eyes were on Mingchun, eagerly waiting for his choice . Some put themselves in his shoes and thought about their choices .

In fact, they sympathized even if he chose to surrender or run due to the powerful enemy . This was perfectly normal; no one would mock his action since they might already be on their knees to beg Li Qiye for mercy already .

“One of us will die today!” However, Mingchun stood straight with a fierce glare, not losing the temperament of an Eternal despite being quite feeble .

He didn’t beg for mercy or shaking with fear . Instead, he arched his chest proudly to face Li Qiye, still as aggressive as before .

This earned him the admiration of the crowd . An Eternal was special indeed . Such courage and determination were beyond them .

“Oh? Still got more moves to show? I’m waiting then to see how strong they are . ” Li Qiye said with both hands behind his back .

No one expected Mingchun to still want to fight under these circumstances . They became quite curious about his hidden cards .

“Go!” He shouted with a cry akin to sudden thunder during spring . The soundwave echoed across Nine-linked Mountains .

“Rustle . ” Figures popped up in each peak and mountain in this sect with waving banners .

Perhaps more than one million men appeared in these high places in just a short time .

“The Central Legion…” A spectator immediately saw the hint .

“I thought they took camp outside?” Someone leaped up to a high vantage point and looked outside of Nine-linked Mountains . They saw the camp still there with patrolling soldiers .

“It’s the empty-city strategy . ” An older expert gently sighed and said: “That camp is only a ruse, looks like the soldiers have somehow managed to infiltrate the mountain range . Tang Hexiang came up with a good plan . ” [1]

Prior to this, Mingchun had arrived furiously and demanded Nine-linked Mountains to hand over Li Qiye . However, under the advice of Hexiang, he decided to camp outside .

Now people finally realized that the entire camp was a farce . The two of them must have planned to bring their army inside .

“That’s one of the strongest legions for you, marching so silently . No wonder why so many lineages are afraid of them . ” A commenter said with surprise .

Perhaps Nine-linked Mountains didn’t care about the intruders, but it was indeed impressive for them to sneak in like this .

“Are they forming a formation?” An expert could see an array forming with the soldiers being on top of the various peaks all around the mountain range .

1 . Empty-city is from The Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang versus Sima Yi . His city was under siege but Zhuge Liang opened the gate, just playing his zither in full view . Sima Yi became skeptical about potential ambushes and decided to retreat . There were no ambushes .