Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2519

Chapter 2519: 2519

The crowd has come to understand that what was previously understood as the lakes changing color proved to be wrong .

What Li Qiye had done right now was the real phenomenon .

Just what secrets and mysteries were hidden in this place? Thus, the crowd anticipated with excitement while staring at the clear water .

“If it wasn’t for His Majesty today, the world will continue on the wrong path for generations to come . ” An elder said sentimentally .

That one stream of clear liquid has changed all the lakes . Finally, the splash stopped since the box was now empty . The original shades of the various lakes were nowhere to be found .

From a distance, one could see almost see the bottom of the lakes . They almost served like mirrors, seemingly made from nine pure crystals .

The surface also had thin water vapor condensing into a mist, wafting in a transcending manner . It didn’t take long before people started thinking that the place was a land of immortals .

As they peered into the bottom of the lakes, they felt as if there was a different world beneath, a better one .

The nine lakes looked like entrances, that’s why this immortal mist would ooze out on the surface .

“Is this a portal to an immortal realm?” Someone murmured while staring at the scintillating lights .

Everyone held their breath, eagerly waiting to see the secrets of the lakes .

“This thing has been buried for too long, it’s time for it to see the sun again . ” Li Qiye smiled .

While the crowd was still astounded, he drilled his palm into the lake, seemingly wanting to reach its deepest part .

It penetrated the bottom and reached the other world .

The crowd instantly felt the world spinning around and that they have become weightless, losing the sense of gravity and stabilization . The earth beneath them seemed to be shrinking and turning soft . However, this sensation came and went quickly .

Everything returned to normal in the blink of an eye, the chaotic loss of control disappeared .

They looked down and saw that the ground was still the same as ever, not an inch was missing .

The tangibility of the physical realm beneath them remained, but they somehow felt that something in Nine-linked Mountains has been taken away .

Of course, none could sense the presence of this particular thing but after it was gone, they felt that this place seemed to be missing a little something .

In a different location in the sect, Southpeak Woodcutter sighed and said: “Yearned by all for ages yet none could take it . Emperor Zhang and Jiu Ning both failed but he got it so easily with a single reach . This power is unbeatable, no one in Immortal can stop him either . ”

The old man knew that the item was very important for Nine-linked Mountains but all he could do was watch . He hoped that it would eventually be returned in the future .

Now the focus shifted towards Li Qiye . People saw him holding something in his hand .

It was a rope made from the most ordinary hemp in the mortal world . The entire thing looked old and red, but the red had shades of black - perhaps from being used countless times .

It had nine thumb-sized bells, seemingly made from old bronze . The material itself probably wasn’t good or maybe too much time had passed so they have lost the initial luster and were full of spots, even green rust .

Everyone was surprised to see this rope . They assumed it would be a peerless item, perhaps an extremely heaven-defying ancestral artifact .

They already imagined the scene of him being unstoppable after obtaining the great artifact, sweeping through the realms and the ages to come . However, this rope possessed no destructive intent or amazing divinity .

“Umm, someone tell me what’s precious about that rope? What does it do?” Someone regained their wits and quietly asked .

The old Li Qiye would have met a barrage of derision and scorn . They would say that the rope wasn’t worth a single coin .

However, people still felt as if this rope was the greatest treasure in existence despite its meager appearance .

To be frank, even if he was holding a regular blade of grass, people would still think that it was an immortal vegetation . After all, he was someone who could casually gift the nine secrets away .

Unfortunately, no one could decipher anything about the item .

“Nine Immortals Rope . ” Jianyao stared intensely in disbelief before coming up with the name unlike the rest of the crowd .

She wasn’t too confident when saying this title, still full of skepticism .

Li Qiye looked over at her and chuckled: “Little girl, you have many flaws but knowledge is not one of them . You certainly know more than many old geezers . ”

“Isn’t it just a legend?” She didn’t mind the criticism from him, only caring about the confirmation . Of course, this could already be considered generous praise from Li Qiye .

She felt that this ordinary rope was too different compared to its legends .

Li Qiye casually played with the rope and laughed: “A legend doesn’t exist, in a strict sense . So is it still one?”

She said: “It’s a rumor started by a villager . According to the text, the villager saw nine immortals plucking hemp in order to create this rope as a present, hence its name . ”

She read it in a scroll before during her youth, just casual reading . This anecdote wasn’t really qualified to be considered a tale .

It was too simple, almost like a child’s bedtime story with no hidden layers of intricacies . No one would take it seriously .