Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2521

Chapter 2521: 2521

“Die!” They rushed forward together; one with a saber while the other used an iron chain .

“Clank!” The saber issued its hymn and came horizontally in the form of endless waves, wanting to drown Li Qiye .

“Clank . ” The iron chain was thrown towards him with enough power to imprison a nebula . The entire area was instantly sealed .

The two men chose to use their strongest attack, no longer giving a damn about anything else .

If they were facing anyone else, perhaps this combo would be able to buy valuable time for Bingchi Hanyu to start running .

Unfortunately, they were facing Li Qiye so their frightening combo looked insignificant . He didn’t bat an eye and casually raised a finger .

“Boom!” The long saber crumbled, the same with the iron chains .

“Poof! Poof!” The two old men didn’t have a chance to run and instantly turned to bloody mists scattering to the wind .

The crowd still hasn’t gotten used to his power . These old men were relatively famous in the Bingchi as experts but they couldn’t handle a single finger strike from him .

Of course, they have expected this result . Nevertheless, expecting and actually witnessing were two different things . This still shocked them all the same .

When he took down Ma Mingchun with one kick, they were also astonished . However, for the majority of the crowd, an Eternal was too far above them . Strangely enough, it didn’t have the same effect because they couldn’t relate to the power level .

These two old men were different . They were similar and evenly-matched to some of the ancestors or the masters of the geniuses present .

This meant that his one finger strike could also easily crush them to oblivion . This painted a better picture for their mind so they trembled with fear .

Just imagining a being so far superior left some ancestors horrified . This feeling of helplessness and vulnerability permeated the spectators .

They didn’t dare to do anything but watch the bloody mists being blown away by the winds .

“No one can save you, they’ll only be coming to their death . ” Li Qiye chuckled and reached for Hanyu .

One could see the fear deep in her eyes but she didn’t try to run . Losing meant accepting the responsibility and running was useless anyway . She knew this full well . She didn’t try to stop his grasp so she stood still, accepting her fate .

“Clank!” The moment they made contact, a sword hymn resounded . Its glint flashed as the slash crossed through the myriad realms .

This vast edge could cut through the stars and the six dao, sweeping through all obstacles with a grand momentum and cutting out a new chaos .

The aura of a True Emperor surged like a flood with continuous detonations, more than enough to crush the gods and devils in all worlds . This imperial divinity was imperious, causing living beings to tremble with fear .

“A True Emperor!” Someone shouted in horror and gazed at the incoming slash .

“Eight Formation True Emperor!” The last came from the distant Myriad Formation Kingdom and instantly made it here .

Only one emperor was around in that kingdom right now - Eight Formation .

It’s clear that he wanted to save Bingchi Hanyu . The slash was still mighty despite the long travel . This emperor’s slash was brilliant since it contained a massive sword momentum .

It aimed straight for Li Qiye’s neck, wanting to decapitate him .

However, Li Qiye casually retaliated with a regular simple punch .

“Boom!” It looked ordinary enough yet it carried an apocalyptic force .

The slash instantly shattered into bright particles and scattered all over the sky, resulting in a rain of sword energy . The imperial aura was also taken down, unable to withstand the invincible punch .

Eight Formation True Emperor’s slash seemed feeble versus Li Qiye’s punch .

“He’s invincible . ” Though people expected this result, they didn’t think Li Qiye would dominate the first exchange so thoroughly .

All eyes turned towards Myriad Formation Kingdom, wondering if the emperor will come out to save Bingchi Hanyu since their status has been confirmed .

“Looks like he does care about you . Unfortunately, nothing will come of it . ” Li Qiye smiled and gazed towards Myriad Formation Kingdom: “I welcome all challenges . I’ll be waiting at Great Desolate Mountain, come out and fight . ”

With that, he turned and left, while the crowd shuddered from this declaration of war . Alas, the emperor was still in a cultivation session .

Of course, no one was surprised at this declaration . Eight Formation True Emperor had sieged the imperial city before, chasing the king away from his throne . At the same time, he also took the king’s fiancee .

For both personal and political reasons, the king and the emperor will have a fight to the death!

The reticent crowd heaved a sigh of relief after Li Qiye was gone . They felt much better since with him around, they didn’t dare to open their mouth - always in a state of nervousness .

“The outcome is settled, everyone needs to start praying . ” Qin Jianyao sighed, knowing that even though she was a special girl, she still wouldn’t be able to enter Li Qiye’s sight after missing her chance . Earning his favor now was harder than reaching for the heavens .

What she needed to do now was carefully report to her ancestors about everything that had happened here, hoping that they could make a rational decision . Otherwise, even a sect as powerful as theirs could turn to ashes .

“No one can stop him now . ” The saber saint smiled wryly . Among the five great powers, Waterfront Pavilion was the luckiest thanks to Liu Chuqing . Otherwise, they would be in the same shoes as the Bingchi Clan .

He shook his head and left . It was time for them to back off . They have earned Li Qiye’s grace so it was time to be smart .

The anxious crowd didn’t know what to do or where to go . There was a competition for the throne previously, but now, the king had soared to the sky . The entire system trembled before him; its inhabitants were at a complete loss .