Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2522

Chapter 2522

The shocking fight left everyone in Nine-linked Mountains frightened .

The useless king was actually a hidden master, easily killing an Eternal like Ma Mingchun along with an entire legion . Those who have laughed at him before or the sects that have participated in the coup were nervous, thinking that payback was due .

If the king cared for the past, so many heads would start rolling on the ground, numerous sects would face their doom .

Just think about it, one kick from him was enough to turn Ma Mingchun into two halves . This terrifying existence could easily take down anyone .

Because of this, people were scared out of their mind . Those who have offended him wanted nothing more than to prostrate and beg for mercy and forgiveness .

Most remained quiet after the battle, not daring to comment on the king .

“Will Eight Formation True Emperor accept the challenge?” Nevertheless, people still discussed in private quarters with their friends and seniors .

This issue took contemplation . In the past, a unanimous answer would be given - that someone like Eight Formation wouldn’t give a damn about the king . Accepting it was no problem .

This was no longer the case . In fact, people didn’t have much confidence in the emperor any longer .

“Well, he’s still a True Emperor, so he should come . ” A senior quietly said, albeit with uncertainty .

“But the king is too strong . ” The junior was afraid because the king’s deeds have left behind a terrible shadow in his mind, perhaps for a lifetime .

In the past, these youths worshipped Eight Formation True Emperor . They considered him to be a peerless genius, a great role model .

That’s why they also thought that the emperor made a perfect match with Bingchi Hanyu - a talented broom and a beautiful bride .

Strangely enough, they didn’t worship the king the same way . Instead of admiration, they felt nothing but fear for him, similar to Lucidity King . He had surpassed the level of admiration . Someone this terrifying only instilled trepidation into the crowd .

“He has to . ” An ancestor looked over at Myriad Kingdom Formation and said: “If he doesn’t, he’ll stagnate forever and won’t become a majestic emperor . ”

“Why is that?” A junior asked curiously .

“A heart devil . ” The ancestor explained: “He’ll forever be in the shadows of the king if he doesn’t come . ”

“Yes . ” Another senior nodded: “Princess Hanyu has been captured by the king so the emperor has no excuses to not fight since they are married on paper . His dao heart will be forever haunted by this mental devil, he won’t be able to get past it if he doesn’t come . ”

“I don’t think the emperor can handle that horrifying king . ” The junior lowered his volume .

Everyone stopped talking so the atmosphere became heavy .

Ultimately, the king wasn’t as strong as Ma Mingchun . Even if his supreme ancestor came along, it wouldn’t amount to anything .

“Well, we will just have to see how much of that formation the emperor has grasped . ” The ancestor pondered for a bit before replying: “If he can exert its full power with the protection of his supreme ancestor, then there might be a chance . Otherwise, the probability of winning is negligible . Unfortunately, he has no choice but to come and fight . ”

The youths who once admired the emperor shuddered after hearing this and didn’t know how to feel .

“What if the emperor just surrenders to the king?” Another youth had a bold thought .

The seniors glanced at each other . One of them smiled wryly and shook his head: “I’m afraid that’s impossible . ”

“The emperor and the king are fire and water right now since the coup . Will the king forgive the emperor? No . Plus, a True Emperor will not submit to an enemy . ” The ancestor explained .

The junior sighed disappointed upon hearing this .


Li Qiye has brought Bingchi Hanyu back to his stone hall in Great Desolate Mountain . He threw her on the bed before sealing space .

“What, what do you want?!” The pale girl quickly retreated but the area has been sealed so she was stopped by the edge .

Her black hair was a mess, same with her disorderly dress . A touch of white skin could be seen, only making the beauty even sexier and more seductive .

Li Qiye took a good look before smiling: “You tell me, what is the fate of a lamb after being cornered by a wolf?”

She trembled with horror but there was nowhere to run .

“I’ve lost, just kill me . ” Her voice was shaking .

As the princess of the Bingchi, she has always been pampered as a golden daughter, getting whatever she wanted . Fear wasn’t a familiar emotion until this very moment . She found herself to be completely insignificant .

“You said I could do whatever I wanted and I certainly don’t want to kill you . ” He smirked: “Don’t worry, I’m quite good at teaching women, you won’t want to leave afterward . ”

The girl’s legs grew weak as she wished to be as far away from this place as possible . He looked like a devil in her eyes now, one that would bring her down the pits of darkness with no chance at redemption .

“No!” The girl still wanted to run but Li Qiye immediately grabbed her, pushing her against the wall .

“It’s impossible to run from me . ” He chuckled: “Remember, a gambler needs to be prepared to pay the price . When you bet everything on the line, you should have been ready to become someone else’s toy . ”

“What do you want?!” She felt danger for they were next to each other though he hasn’t done anything yet .

And he didn’t need to do anything . Just his aura alone made her feel helpless, unable to move . She could feel his invasive breath now, losing her courage to resist this dangerous man .

“You tell me . ” His eyes fell on her plump breasts .

She felt as if she was standing naked before him with no place to hide . His gaze seemed to be caressing her all over, carefully enjoying her snow-white flesh, even the forbidden locations .

She thought about covering herself but a sense of futility overwhelmed her . She lost the courage to resist . The only thing she could do was cry out: “Don’t, don’t do this!”

She knew what he wanted to do . An abyss of damnation awaited her . There was no coming back .