Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2527

Chapter 2527: 2527

Everything became hazy since the mountain range was engulfed by a great sword formation, full of sharp intents .

Just one sword wave emanating from this formation could eradicate the stars, making them dissipate like specks of dust .

A biting aura permeated as if anything inside the sword formation would instantly be rendered into mists of blood . Nothing would be left behind .

“Origin Sword Formation, one of the three great formations . The strongest one of the swords . ” An ancestor murmured .

The crowd finally realized why the emperor sent down those swords earlier onto Nine-linked . It was in preparation for this formation .  

Everyone held their breath and wondered about a potential miracle . His kingdom was known for their expertise in formation . Now, the emperor and his entire land have prepared this ultimate sword formation .  

“Clank!” The emperor stopped before Greate Desolate Mountain; his eyes flashing like lightning and fell upon Bingchi Hanyu who was standing calmly next to the king .

His glance then turned towards Li Qiye and shot out a blinding glint of the sword, akin to the explosion of an entire world . A massive invincible aura erupted .

A meeting between enemies would incite fury . However, the emperor kept his cool and benevolence, not shouting just yet .

“Li Qiye . ” He called out Li Qiye by his name with a voice as firm as a rock and as smooth as an unsheathing sword . Each word was filled with aggression .

Everyone held their breath, watching the meeting between the two kings . No one wanted to miss this colorful event .

One could hear the drop of a needle right now . This was actually the second meeting between the two .

The first one was when Eight Formation True Emperor led the six legions to siege the imperial city . At that point, the king was considered to be useless and weak .

The outcome of that event was too obvious . The abandoned king was chased out of his throne .

Eight Formation True Emperor became even more famous after the fact and seemed to be on the verge of replacing the king .

This was no longer the case . The king turned out to be untouchable . Everyone seemed insignificant before him . Even the emperor needed to prepare meticulously before this meeting .

The worst part of all was that his fiancee has fallen into the king’s grasp .

Li Qiye didn’t mind the rude address and put down his teacup . He yawned: “That was a long preparation, how boring . ”

The crowd froze in response . The emperor had numerous blessings and looked to be invincible right now yet the king still didn’t give a damn, clearly not taking the emperor serious at all .

This only made the crowd think about his immense power . That’s the only way he could be so relaxed right now .

The emperor had a serious expression . He coldly uttered: “I’m here to take away Princess Hanyu!”

With that, his eyes shot out enough radiance to lacerate the world . He clearly showed his determination with this attitude .

“Commendable courage . ” Li Qiye still seemed disinterested and waved his sleeve: “Well, before we even get into whether you’re strong enough to take her away, let’s ask her if she wants to leave with you first . ”

The spectating youths felt indignation for the emperor since the king was showing nothing but contempt and disrespect .

The emperor turned towards Hanyu; his eyes became gentler .

“Princess, will you leave with me?” He said in a gentlemanly manner; his action temperament befitted his status as a True Emperor .

She sighed and shook her head: “Young Noble Tianzhi . This is all my fault, so I should be the one to end this . Your future is bright, drop the animosity and leave this place . The vast world is for you to explore . ”

Her soft words carried good intentions since she knew full well that no one could take on Li Qiye . Only death awaited his foes . Resistance was futile, so she chose to submit .

This answer heralded confusion; the crowd started to clamor and glanced at each other .

Everyone knew that Princess Hanyu and Eight Formation True Emperor was a match made in heaven - perfect for each other, perfect in the eyes of the spectators .

Moreover, she had toiled to gather followers and build up momentum for him in the past . Yes, it could be said that she had given full effort to help him become the next king .

So, many viewed her as a virtuous wife - beautiful, capable, a qualified queen .

But now, everything has changed so quickly in just one night . She has chosen to follow the king .

This left the crowd speechless . Just what the hell had happened? They started imagining different scenarios .

The emperor’s expression shifted as he trembled slightly . Of course, someone at his level could quickly regain his composure .

“Princess, don’t worry, I will save you . I don’t care what had happened since you were captured because of me, I have the responsibility to take you back . ” He took a deep breath and said .

Some gave him a thumbs-up in admiration . This was indeed a very manly answer, full of responsibility .

She shook her head again: “Young Noble Tianzhi, you still don’t understand . You are not His Majesty’s match . Opposing His Majesty will only bring ruins, not only to Myriad Formation Kingdom but also to the Bingchi Clan . ”

The response this time was as clear as can be, and certainly wasn’t easy on the ears . Nevertheless, she was speaking the truth .

This had escalated beyond personal pride and feud . It could bring about a calamity to their kingdom and clan .

Some didn’t quite understand her choice because in their mind, the emperor took great risks just to come and rescue her .

The emperor took one more breath to calm down and decisively looked away from Bingchi Hanyu .

“Clank!” With a resounding sword hymn, his gaze turned into a terrifying divine sword, wishing to decapitate Li Qiye .

He exuded a terrifying murderous intent, turning into a god of death - killing all who stand before him without any mercy!

“I will have your head today and take away Princess Hanyu even if it’s the last thing I do!” He made a solemn and resolute declaration - representing his unswerving will .

Hanyu gave up trying to persuade him for she knew it was too late . This battle was inevitable now .