Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2530

Chapter 2530

Li Qiye stood there calmly against the torrential downpour of swords, treating it like a drizzle .

“Clank!” The swords aimed at him in an orderly fashion, wishing to blow him into smithereens .

They were inches from him yet he still wore a smile on his face .

In this split second, he gently shot out something . The world quaked and space became crushed along with all of the swords .

They seemed fragile and collapsed into specks of dust, resulting in a rain of golden powders . One could hear their falling clatters .

“So strong!” The crowd gasped at the dominating sight - he destroyed countless swords with such ease .

They glanced at each other, thinking that the king’s power had no worldly bounds, far superior to any other affinity .

“Clank . ” A gigantic sword materialized within the domain . The mountain range also lit up with bright rays from every peak . These sword energies exuded a divine presence and immense force .

The rays eventually gathered on the great sword . It didn’t take long before what seems to be all the lights in the world has accumulated on its blade in a blinding manner . The sword itself seemed to be giving birth to a world .

“Clank!” A world-tearing resonation crossed the air . The ground started cracking in multiple places; the spatial area nearby shattered as well .

This resonation alone could instantly turn a True God into nothingness . Its powerful sword energy could take down devils and fiends - quite an incredible power .

“Clank!” Another resonation resounded . The sound turned into a murderous vertical slash with an unstoppable sharpness .

It had locked onto Li Qiye and would find him even if he was a billion miles away . There was no escaping .

It was sharp enough to cut through the firmest defensive line in this world . Stars to pieces; the earth lacerated; yin yang and the five elements were severed; karma and cycles faced destruction .

The gods would tremble before this murderous and bloodthirsty slash . One could easily imagine the gods being decapitated, their heads flying in the air .

The spectators naturally shuddered, scared out of their mind .

“Weak . ” Li Qiye smirked and casually raised his hand to stop the slash .

This naturally astounded the crowd since not even the toughest defense might be able to block it .  

The strongest treasure of an Ascender would still be cut into two halves . Li Qiye’s frivolity stunned the crowd . Was he tired of living?

Stopping this slash with one’s bare hand was suicidal . Everyone could see the outcome - blood would gush from his severed arm . Even his body might be separated .

“Clank!” Unfortunately, nothing of that sort occurred .

Li Qiye’s hand firmly stopped the gigantic sword . It seemed to be the toughest metal in existence, untouched by the sharp blade . Only sparks came out of the impact point .

What more could the crowd say? This person came out unscathed before a direct strike . His flesh seemed to be tougher than metal .

They gasped in response . Not to mention Ascenders, Eight Formation True Emperor himself wouldn’t try to stop that slash with his flesh . Doing so would result in dismemberment .

The spectators couldn’t believe their own eyes . They wondered what his flesh was made of .  

“I told you that I was only playing around with everyone earlier . To actually think that you can hurt me . ” Li Qiye shook his head and twisted his hand .

“Crack!” The gigantic sword got snapped like a dried branch despite wielding the power of Nine-linked Mountains .

That slash just now consisted of Eight Formation True Emperor’s power, the force of the entire formation, and even a part of Nine Secrets System’s power . Alas, Li Qiye still shocked the crowd by defeating it .

“My turn . ” He smiled, slowly making a fist .

As the fist started forming, the crowd felt an intense pressure . Though it didn’t carry a shocking or immense power, they still froze as if he had their heart in his grasp .

The clearer the shape of the fist, the more people stopped breathing as if there was an invisible hand seizing their throat . Opening their mouth wide didn’t get them any air either .

They had the illusion that he had the entire world in his palm . It couldn’t handle a single blow from him .

“Boom!” He finally unleashed his apocalyptic punch .

All back to dust - the only words that the crowd could use to describe this incredible technique .

“Go!” The voice of the emperor resounded .

“Clank!” Eighty-one great swords emerged instantly . They turned into the origin and slashed down in unison, creating a net of sword energy . This would last forever since they have created an independent cycle .

They carried a supreme intent seemed to be that of nature itself - the power of a true ruler . No one could withstand this force while being inside this domain .

“Origin First Strike, the formation’s real moves are coming . ” A member of the crowd shouted with horror .

“Boom!” Alas, this supreme power and ruler’s intent still couldn’t do anything before Li Qiye’s punch .

“Rumble!” The eighty-one swords instantly collapsed along with their origin force .

They only appeared to be supreme on the outside, not possessing real force and couldn’t reach the apex .

The first continued to break through space in an unrelenting manner . It pierced through the entire sword domain and reached the deepest location .

The moment it made its way to the entrance in the sky, numerous layers of swords appeared to build the most resilient defense in the world - virtually impossible to penetrate .

Unfortunately again, Li Qiye’s punch easily pierced through the multiple layers .

They all shattered into golden powders and started scattering to the ground .

This scene naturally shocked the crowd to the core .