Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2537

Chapter 2537: 2537

“Rumble!” Continuous explosions resounded . Both the three ancestors and the cabinet were far-removed from Nine-linked Mountains, but this distance was nothing to characters of their level .

All eyes were on Li Qiye since he was their target .

Would he fight or not? This became the question on everyone’s mind .

“There’s no way he’ll do it, right?” One person tried his best to lower his voice, afraid that Li Qiye would hear him .

Li Qiye’s might was unquestionable after taking down one big shot after another .

However, the supreme ancestors have terrorized the system for several generations, not to mention the unfathomable Sacred Cabinet .

This alliance was impossible to gauge; few in the world could actually oppose them . Their abilities were the reason why Lucidity King didn’t destroy the five ancestors in the past .

“No, I still think the king is untouchable . ” One expert mused and said slowly: “He’s unfathomable and probably hasn’t shown us his real strength . An all-out move from him will be unimaginable . ”

“But you can say the same about the three supreme ancestors and Sacred Cabinet . Their move is going to be earth-shattering too . ” Someone else quietly said .

“Just wait and see . ” Another ancestor said: “The outcome will be clear soon . This battle will determine the directions and fate of Nine Secrets . ”

The crowd slightly jolted, realizing the significance of this upcoming fight .

If the king were to lose, there would be a contest for supremacy between three sects, perhaps a stalemate . The opposite scenario would be a tyrant even more imperious than Lucidity King .

Li Qiye still had a smile on his face, seemingly unperturbed .

As the storm approaches, the cave entrance beneath Great Desolate Mountain suddenly trembled ever so slightly . It became dimmed, on the verge of disappearing .

Everyone was focused on the three ancestors and Sacred Cabinet right now so no one cared about the prison . In fact, the change was too minuscule to be spotted in the first place .

“Nevermind, I’m busy now, no time to play with you all . ” Li Qiye’s eyes turned towards the prison before he laughed and leaped into the sky .

“What is he doing?” This stunned the crowd .

“Boom!” A deafening blast quaked the entire mountain range as if a world barrier has just been broken .

They saw Li Qiye landing down and jumping into the Great Desolate Heavenly Prison .

The entrance looked like the bloody jaw of a primal beast . He jumped into the darkness and was swallowed up .

“Careful-” Liu Chuqing felt her heart hanging on a string because of this sudden development .

Bingchi Hanyu hurriedly supported her while feeling the same astonishment .

Everyone became stunned . Who could have expected this move from Li Qiye?

They all knew that there was no leaving this prison, regardless of how strong and mighty one was . It was eternal damnation - no coming back out, death without a grave .

Lucidity King has thrown numerous powerful foes into this prison and they were never seen again . Remember, his foes were mighty, starting at least from the Eternal level .

Alas, these Eternals still disappeared into this prison . These tales built up a grim scene for the prison .

The issue here was that no one forced Li Qiye to do so . This seemingly suicidal act made jaws drop to the ground . People stared towards the prison with their mouth wide open .

“Is, is he insane and suicidal? Why did he jump into Great Desolate Heavenly Prison?” Someone stammered .

Some didn’t believe their own eyes . Everything was arguably fine yet the king chose to enter the prison .

“Maybe, maybe he’s afraid of the alliance?” Another speculated .

“No way . ” An old expert shook his head: “The guy kills without batting an eye, he’s afraid of no one . Plus, if it stemmed from fear, why the hell would he jump into the prison?”

Everyone agreed with this logic . Even if he couldn’t take on the three ancestors, he still probably could go all out and escape from them . However, jumping into the prison would end with nothing but his death .

The crowd continued speculating but no one could come up with an answer .

At least dying in a battle or in another place would leave him with his corpse and potentially a grave, unlike suffering an unknown fate in the prison .

“I’m sure he has his reasons . ” A wise ancestor said .

“Reasons my ass . ” One shook his head: “There is no way to justify suiciding like that . All of his plans and reasons are useless because he is going to die in there . ”

The ancestor had no response since the guy made sense too . No one in history has managed to leave the prison .

“This is an impulsive choice indeed . He should have waited to see the development . ” He relented .

“Rumble!” The three ancestors and the cabinet made it to Nine-linked Mountains a while after Li Qiye’s jump .

They stared at the pitch-black entrance of the prison and became confused . They came prepared to fight to the death with Li Qiye, but now, it looked as if their effort has gone to waste .

They were sufficiently prepared, both mentally and strategically yet the moment they got to the battlefield, their opponent instantly committed suicide . Losing this goal caught them off guard, not knowing how to proceed .

The supreme ancestors looked at each other . Should they jump into the prison to follow him?

Of course, they weren’t that crazy . Unlike the rest of the crowd, they have personally seen the mighty existences who were thrown into the prison by Lucidity King . This prison left a deep impression on them .

“Wait for a bit . ” An ancient voice came from the cabinet .

The three ancestors had no other option and decided to land on the ground, waiting .

There was another pair of eyes observing the whole thing - Southpeak Woodcutter .

The smoke from his tobacco pipe shrouded his aged face . Nevertheless, his eyes were still as bright as ever .

“Maybe a miracle will happen . Does that prison really contain the secrets to immortality?” He murmured as he puffed out rings of smoke .

He watched without blinking once, really hoping for Li Qiye to come back alive since he was curious about the prison’s secrets as well .