Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2541

Chapter 2541: 2541

“Boom!” He continued and applied more pressure .

She was instantly suppressed on the ground, unable to move an inch .

“Brat, try this then!” The scholar was next . He roared and flicked his feathered fan .

“Boom!” True fire engulfed the area with a temperature high enough to incinerate anything . Just one flick was enough to destroy an entire sect .

“Zzz…” The specks of sand scattering in the sky were melting into lava, almost like a volcanic eruption .

The true fire continued flying towards Li Qiye and wrapped around him completely, showing no mercy .

Li Qiye simply waved his hand . Extreme coldness descended and extinguished the great fire .  

Under this technique, the scholar’s sky-devouring fire looked like a lonely ember amidst a world covered in ice .

Li Qiye pointed at the scholar and a chain of ice materialized, coiling around the scholar and forcing him to the ground .

It didn’t take long before the four of them failed . Only Ill Lord was left .

From beginning to end, Li Qiye only used one hand - no weapon and merit law, yet he still subdued four Eternals so easily .

“That was just for fun . ” Li Qiye stood there with his hands behind his back, casually commenting: “If I become serious, even the villainous heaven will tremble with fear . Hell, I would be scared of me too if it reaches that point . ”

The four Eternals were speechless and white . There was no need to elaborate on their power; just the fact that they were Lucidity King’s rivals spoke volume .

However, they lost to Li Qiye even though he was clearly going easy on them, not resorting to any technique .

What horrifying level of power was this? They realized that they have met a monster whose power exceeded their understanding .

“You want to try?” Li Qiye looked at Ill Lord and nonchalantly asked .

“It’s clear that defeat is inevitable, but one must still try . ” Ill Lord sighed and instantly threw his walking stick after speaking .

Though he was stronger than the four by a large margin, he couldn’t defeat them so easily . No one in Imperial could do so .

“Boom!” He became shrouded in gray fog, no longer looking as sickly as before .

His aura became impressive just like a supreme king looking down on the world . Though he still wore the same simple robe, he looked like a natural-born conqueror - the ruler of the myriad realms .

This was his real form, not the sickly state . Remember, the word “Ill” is not the focus of his title; the word “Lord” was . It meant that he would be above everyone . [1]

One could imagine how mighty he used to be in the past .

As he walked forward, his foggy aura touched the sand and instantly corroded them . Remember, each speck of sand was tough like crystal but they still turned to powder .

This was his dao of pestilence, allowing him to destroy a sect without using any technique . A great army couldn’t last before him .

“Summon!” He roared and his gray fog soared to the sky . Even the stars would turn to powder by their corrosive property .

The aura then soared downward for Li Qiye, wanting to turn him to nothingness .  

Ill Lord became the ruler of death and destruction, instilling fear into the spectators .

“Pestilence?” Li Qiye chuckled at the tempestuous aura: “Only a minor art compared to my death . ” 

Having said that, he casually raised one finger .

“Buzz . ” A strand of death circled around his fingertip . It was weak, on the verge of extinguishing .

However, the aura of pestilence was instantly replaced by this affinity of death . Only remnant powders remained .

The plaque affinity was completely devoured by death . The worst pestilence was nothing in comparison .

Death was the final destination of all things, simply unavoidable .

“Boom!” Ill Lord wanted to rush forward but he paused in his tracks . His foot stomped down on the ground in order to stabilize .

In this second, Li Qiye’s finger was before him . The aura of death loomed before his throat . If he took another step forward, it would invade his body .

As a dao creator, Ill Lord certainly knew that he would die the moment this aura of death enters his body . The greatest might and strongest merit law still couldn’t stop death .

He didn't dare to move or even swallowing his saliva, afraid that the slightest movement would trigger the aura .

“Boom!” Li Qiye flipped his hand and forced Ill Lord to the ground .

All five have been subdued - a convincing, utter defeat .

The other four were stunned and became hopeless at this sight . Ill Lord was the strongest among them; he could even take all four of them on by himself . Alas, their only hope has been defeated .

“My horn…” Wild Bull cried loudly while holding his broken horn .

It’s not easy for him to grow another one unlike Golden Dragon and his arms . The horn would need to grow inch by inch; a full re-creation wasn’t possible .

“Who gives a shit about your horn, we’re all about to die . ” Golden Dragon was in a bad mood and sarcastically said: “As if you can leave it to your descendants . ”

“We do! Our clan has a tradition of passing down our horns, and mine is especially priceless! It would be the ultimate heirloom!” Wild Bull was something else . He still answered seriously at this point .

The group had nothing to say . They were powerless and could be killed at any moment yet Wild Bull still cared about his horn .

“How boring, what should I do with you all?” Li Qiye yawned and glanced at his prisoners .

“Do what you want! I’m not afraid of death and will not beg for mercy!” The tough bull retorted .

“I can only blame my lack of abilities . ” The scholar remained graceful, a stark contrast to the bull .

“It’s only dying sooner, no big deal . Do it, faster death means faster reincarnation, no need to suffer any longer . ” The only lady here was straightforward as well .

“Do your worst, I won’t bat an eye . ” Golden Dragon laughed: “We’re only awaiting death in this hellish prison anyway, we’ll be waiting for you down in the Yellow River . ”

“Who says I will die?” Li Qiye was bored to death after hearing their responses .

“Haha, brat, this is Great Desolate Heavenly Prison, there’s no escaping death here . This place will be your grave, don’t ever think about leaving . ” Golden Dragon added .

1 . I translated his title as Ill Lord first, since that’s the more literal translation . However, I saw that his dao was pestilence, so I changed it to Pestilence Lord since it sounds much better in English . Some early readers only saw Pestilence Lord . Alas, because of this line, I have to change it back to Ill Lord for the narrative . Sorry about the confusion . I usually change names and titles many chapters back depending on new context . Most readers won’t notice it at all