Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2542

Chapter 2542

Li Qiye smiled in response: “Who says I will die in here? I’m afraid only your group will . ”

“You can actually leave?” Poison Phoenix Lady blurted in disbelief .

“Nothing’s hard about it . ” He chuckled: “I mean, I can’t be tired of living enough to come here and die? All of you were thrown here but I came on my own volition . ”

The group was shaken . The brief exchange earlier clearly demonstrated his might .

They were captured and thrown here by Lucidity King but this wasn’t the case for him . Someone as powerful as him shouldn’t be insane .

Clearly knowing that there was no escape yet still coming inside?

It should indicate that he could leave, or at the very least, he knew different methods to leave . That’s why he took a great risk in coming . It wasn’t quite suicidal .

“Impossible!” Golden Dragon shouted: “This is a prison of death, there’s no way out!”

Skepticism was warranted since they have been stuck here for so long despite trying every method possible . Moreover, the rest of the prisoners were dead as well, so how could he believe Li Qiye’s claim?

“That’s on you for not having a firm enough dao heart . ” He smiled .

“Hmm…” The group wavered in their belief, albeit not completely .

There was no door or exit here, only a land of death . Perhaps an exit didn’t exist in the first place since they have been searching for so long .

“You all can believe whatever you want . ” Li Qiye added .

The strongest among them, Ill Lord, became interested: “According to the records of Nine Secrets, no one has been able to leave the prison, death or alive . ”

He was a great genius from War Saint and had read all the records pertinent to the prison, even those from the older eras of his kingdom .

“That’s your problem . I won’t kill you since you’ll die here anyway . ” Li Qiye answered before turning to leave .

The group glanced at each other, not knowing what to do . Their experiments in the last generation have failed so they could only wait for death .

Because of this, their mental state was actually quite good . If death was inescapable, then struggling was futile, so why bother worrying about it?

But now, Li Qiye has broken this peace of mind . They could no longer stay calm after hearing that he had a way out . Even an ant wanted to live, let alone a person .  

These great beings wanted to leave this place in order to see the sun again, a chance for a second life .

“Hey, wait, wait a bit . ” The scholar couldn’t help but call out .

Li Qiye stopped and looked back: “What now? I’m in a hurry . ”

The group hesitated for a moment . In the end, the scholar was the one to speak: “You can actually leave?”

“Why should I lie to people whom I can crush easily like ants?” Li Qiye chuckled .

The five froze and held their breath, still in awe that monstrous existences like them were considered as ants by Li Qiye . Alas, they had to admit that the guy wouldn’t have any difficulty in killing them . The disparity was too great .

“How about taking us out too?” The scholar implored .

Begging wasn’t their forte, not something they have ever done before due to pride but Li Qiye was their only hope right now .

“There is no free lunch in this world, what’s in it for me?” He rubbed his chin and asked .

The five naturally understood this logic from their own experiences in life . Li Qiye didn’t know them so he wouldn’t save them for no reason .

“What do you want?” The lady asked .

He shook his head and smiled: “I’m afraid you can’t give me what I want . ”

“Not necessarily . ” The hot-headed Wild Bull slapped his chest and said: “I still have a secret treasury outside . My clan has several amazing items that will be yours if you take me out . ”

He shook his head again: “I’m not looking down on anyone here, but the truth is, your items won’t fit my requirements . Even progenitorial items might not . ”

The group became frozen but they accepted this harsh truth since they have seen his abilities .

Just how strong was this person? They started speculating - perhaps at the bare minimum, he would be at the level of a progenitor . Moreover, not at the myriad level . No, not even at the imperial level . This person must be at least as strong as an immortal-level progenitor .

Such a being would reign supreme, standing at the very apex, and wouldn’t care about their items . What they considered to be divine artifacts would be nothing more than scrap metals in the eyes of the true masters .

“What are your conditions? We’ll agree as long as we can do them . ” Golden Dragon blurted out .

Nothing was more tempting than leaving this hell hole for them right now, akin to a thirsty man trapped in a desert - he would do anything for a sip of water . Everything was on the table .

“You’re making this difficult for me since I don’t really want anything for you . ” Li Qiye rubbed his chin, contemplating .

The arrogant group became silent, still not used to being treated this way . They were still imperious in front of Lucidity King, especially Ill Lord who was even a level above .

However, keeping their head high was an issue in front of Li Qiye . The things they took pride in were insignificant to him .

“But it’s within the realm of possibility . ” He added after a moment of rumination .

The group’s eyes lit up for the fire of hope in their mind has been kindled .

“Really?” Wild Bull eagerly asked .

Li Qiye responded: “Your treasures might be useless to me, but I can use a few lackeys and servants . I will leave positions open for you all, if you agree . ”

The group glanced at each other, slightly jolted and confused by this role reversal . After all, Eternals like them viewed everyone else as weaklings . They were ancestors or big shots of their clans and sects, enjoying the worship and respect of the descendants in Imperial . Now, they needed to be his errand boys?