Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2550

Chapter 2550

The spectators became interested when the supreme ancestors brought up the rope again .

Some here have seen the rope with their own eyes but they didn’t know how magical or powerful it was .

But now, these ancestors came together to ask only for the rope . This naturally surprised and frightened the crowd .

Just think about it, the ancestor of Myriad Formation Kingdom probably hated Li Qiye the most right now but he would still drop the feud if Li Qiye cooperated with them . Hell, he would even support Li Qiye as the ruler of Nine Secrets .

The majority realized that this rope must be even more precious and important than their expectations .

War King’s group would even bow towards the king just to have the rope .

This made people wonder about the rope’s actual power . Could it be even stronger than an ancestral weapon? They have seen this artifact with their own eyes, but it looked nothing more than an ordinary rope .

All eyes turned towards Li Qiye, wondering about his choice . In their mind, trading the vine for the support of this group was a good bargain .

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “You’re not as big of a deal as you think you are . I don’t need a bunch of geezers’ permission and support to take over Nine Secrets . I don’t need the help of some ants . ”

War King and the others’ expression became ugly . They were peak Eternals, the top beings of Nine Secrets . The four of them together with their ace moves could take down anyone in this system .

Even Lucidity King was afraid of an alliance of this magnitude . He didn’t want to push them too far lest they actually work together and go all out .

“Hmph!” Bingchi Juezun scowled . The weapon above him exuded a terrifying divinity . This was his clan’s strongest weapon - Allbreak .

He coldly uttered: “Your Majesty, don’t make the wrong decision . Take a step back and bask in the immensity of the world . You have unlimited potential and our demand is only for the sake of the world and the people . Give the rope away today and it’ll still be returned to you in the future . ”

“Ancestor, opposing His Majesty is the wrong decision, you will push our clan into the abyss . ” Bingchi Hanyu jumped in while shaking her head .

This surprised people since no one expected that she would still be on his side by this point .

“Don’t worry, we’re here to protect you and will grant you justice . Stand behind me to be safe . ” Juezun’s tone became serious .

He still thought that she was being threatened and afraid of Li Qiye .

She shook her head again: “No, I am doing this for the sake of the Bingchi . Please go back, Ancestor . Serving His Majesty is my honor . ”

People only became even more impressed with Li Qiye . The king was something else - to be able to win her over completely in just one night .

“Hmph . ” Juezun scowled again since he didn’t expect Hanyu disobeying him .

“This little girl has a better vision than you geezers . Looks like you all have wasted your lives and learned nothing . ” Li Qiye critiqued .

War King and the others didn’t like this . The ancestor of Myriad Formation Kingdom glared angrily at him .

“Your Majesty, we came with sincerity . ” War King spoke: “We want to support and work for you, more than happy to see you take the reins again . However, Nine Immortals Rope has implications on the prosperity and survival of the nine systems, so please think about the people…”

“No need for that . ” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted him: “You won’t be the one making demands here, I am . Two choices, either kneel and submit or I will make chamber pots out of your heads . Or maybe not, your head isn’t qualified to be the chamber pot for someone of my status . ”

“Your Majesty, you are forcing us to take action with your aggressive tone . ” The ancestor from Calm Lotus joined the conversation .

“Ancestor, this is definitely the wrong decision . ” A clear voice answered him as an immortal-like girl appeared .

“Fairy Qin . ” The crowd was surprised to see her and her disagreement with her own ancestor . Bingchi Hanyu first and now Qin Jianyao too? 

Remember, these supreme ancestors had the highest status in their sect . Even the top prodigies wouldn’t dare to go against them since it was very unfilial and disrespectful - a taboo in any sect .

“Jianyao, don’t be nonsensical, come behind me . ” Her supreme ancestor didn’t appreciate her comment .

She re-asserted: “Ancestor, His Majesty is the king, the ruler of our system . Our sect should submit instead of going against him . It is not too late to turn around for the sake of the sect . ”

She was making it very difficult for her supreme ancestor with this public act of insubordination .

Even though she was the best genius in Calm Lotus, she was still a junior and didn’t participate in the decision-making process at the highest level . Even the seniors in the sect can’t protect her from this . Expulsion might be a possibility .

“Jianyao, your punishment is solitary confinement for self-reflection . ” The ancestor shouted with an ugly expression .

This punishment was as light as can be . This showed just how much the seniors in the sect dote on her . Anyone else would have been expelled or even have their cultivation crippled .

“No . ” Jianyao had a determined stare: “Ancestor, I am doing this for our sect and the people . We need to follow His Majesty and obey all of his orders . Otherwise, we will become mere rebels . ”

“You’re the one rebelling!” The ancestor laughed from being so angry: “You think you can make decisions now that your wings are hardened . Very well, I’ll see how much you have learned . ”

“Ancestor, if you continue to be so stubborn, I will have no choice but to overestimate myself and stop you, though my blood may spill . ” Qin Jianyao spoke resoundingly .

Jianyao had made up her mind . She tried to convince her ancestors in the sect but this ended with failure .

She knew that opposing Li Qiye would herald a calamity to the sect . Their longlasting legacy would be destroyed in one day . As a disciple and successor of Calm Lotus, she needed to contribute to the sect even if it meant going against the supreme ancestor . Otherwise, her sect might actually turn to ashes .

“Make your move, I will teach you a lesson today to lessen your arrogance . ” The ancestor released his Eternal aura .

“Please excuse me for being unfilial . ” Jianyao soared to the sky while embracing her sword with a serious expression .

No one expected this shocking escalation .