Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2551

Chapter 2551: 2551

Both the young and old couldn’t stay calm . The young ones viewed a supreme ancestor as an untouchable character .

Their words were unquestionable . Who would dare to go against their own ancestors like this? That’s akin to ruining their future .

As for the old, they were in charge of their sect and had full authority . They naturally didn’t want their juniors acting disrespectful and challenging them .

Jianyao’s decision was certainly taboo and heavily unwanted in any sect . Alas, she still stood by it .

“Clank!” She unsheathed her sword and its light illuminated the realms . Its glint shot to the sky and she seemed to be disappearing, leaving a supreme sword dao behind .

The sword technique turned into myriad dao . The rays started to spread like the blossoming of a lotus flower . It crushed the shackles of space before an actual attack .

“Pure Lotus Sword Dao!” She roared and more lotus flowers in the world began to blossom .

A frightening sword energy swept through the realms and locked everything in place .

“You overestimate yourself indeed . ” The ancestor from Calm Lotus also made his move .

Boundless true energy emerged along with a sword intent drowning the world . Just this single sword intent carried the force of a tsunami smashing straight at the sky .

“Rumble!” This wave destroyed the lotus flowers .

Though her dao was majestic, the gap between the two combatants was too great .

As the sword wave crushed the flowers, her sword dao eventually crumbled .

She was blown flying to the sky and vomited a mouthful of blood .

The ancestor reached up and created a sealing chain around the helpless girl, sealing her cultivation .

“You will be imprisoned for five hundred years . ” The ancestor threw her back to Calm Lotus, sealing her inside a prison there with a single hand wave .

Many were shaken, especially the young ones . Qin Jianyao was taken down so easily and imprisoned in her sect .

They considered her to be an untouchable genius, virtually peerless among the young generation .

The fight between her and the saber saint only reinforced this belief . Though no one saw the fight, they knew that her sword dao had reached an amazing level .

However, she was still too young and couldn’t compare to an Eternal like her supreme ancestor . Even when she became an Eternal herself, the great gap would still be there since her ancestor had reached this realm long ago .

“So strong…” The youths found this hopeless . If Jianyao couldn’t handle a single move, there was no way they could challenge the ancestors any time soon .

“This is to be expected . ” Their senior said: “The supreme ancestor of Calm Lotus is probably the strongest one since he has two words . Perhaps comparable to War King . ”

The youths became quiet and shuddered . An ancestor training with two secret words was definitely powerful . They needed to think carefully before attempting what Jianyao did .  

“Your Majesty, time to make a decision . ” This supreme ancestor said after imprisoning Jianyao .

He has proven himself to be quite powerful, so it was time to be aggressive .

“I’ve already made one . ” Li Qiye yawned and said: “Gotta make chamber pots out of your head and destroy your sects too . Pretty simple . ”

“We’ll see about that!” The ancestor from Myriad Formation King couldn’t restrain himself any longer: “Junior, we might not be able to defeat you in a one-on-one fight, but we still have ways of suppressing you! Hand over the rope before it’s too late!”

“Oh, want to use your number advantage? Your group isn’t the only one with multiple combatants . ” An old woman laughed and suddenly appeared in the sky - Poison Phoenix Lady .

This surprised the crowd . Who was this woman and why was she helping the king? No one could recognize her right away .

“Poison Phoenix Lady!” The War King was startled to see this old woman .

“So there are those who still remember me . Looks like I didn’t waste this life . ” The lady chuckled .

“Haha, is it time to fight? We’ve been waiting, let’s see what you got!” A thunderous voice came about . Wild Bull also showed herself while waving his stone hatchet up and down .

“Wild Bull . . ” Bingchi Juezun’s expression darkened .

“I can’t miss a skirmish like this, count me in . ” Golden Dragon laughed .

“Eight-armed Golden Dragon…” Myriad Formation Supreme Ancestor also recognized him .

“The four of you are foolish to think that your bunch can challenge our young noble . My old bones are enough to play with you . ” The scholar appeared in the distant .

“Firefeather Scholar…” Calm Lotus Supreme Ancestor became serious .

An ancestor took a deep breath after seeing the four: “Are the dead crawling out of their graves?”

“Who are they?” The young ones didn’t recognize the four and haven’t even heard of their title before .

After all, they have been missing for a generation and were forgotten .

“All powerful enemies of Lucidity King who were captured and thrown into the heavenly prison . I can’t believe they’re still alive right now . Just know that they are fierce and can’t be weaker than these supreme ancestors . ” The ancestor murmured .

The juniors took a deep breath . No weak person would ever dare to go against Lucidity King . His foes were all great characters .

“Four against four, how about it? I’ve been itching for a fight for so long now after being trapped . It’s about time . ” Wild Bull started stretching his arms .

War King’s group was a bit astounded . Their plan didn’t take this into account . All of their ace cards were meant to deal with Li Qiye .

“You all are getting worse with age, so much inferior compared to Lucidity . No wonder why he can reign for so long and your group didn’t even dare to let out a fart in his presence, only able to submit like obedient dogs . ” A world-devouring old man emerged, holding a walking stick and slowly walked in the air . He looked at War King’s group with nothing but contempt .

“What about him?” The juniors became curious again .

Meanwhile, their seniors became slack-jawed .

“Ill Lord!” War King and the others staggered backward in shock .

Wild Bull’s group was surprising but not overly dreadful . Ill Lord was a different story . They were finally intimidated .

“Ill Lord . ” One old ancestor gasped and felt a chill coursing down his spine .

“Is he very strong?” His junior asked after seeing the fear in the ancestor’s eyes .

“Strong, very strong . ” The ancestor put on a solemn expression: “He once destroyed a sect with a single breath, no need for any technique . ”

“He’s that terrifying?” The juniors nearby became startled .