Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2554

Chapter 2554

The incoming citadel possessed calamitous potential, able to freeze the gods . It ravaged the sky with a massive imperial aura . Existences trembled for they were mere ants before this power .

Alas, it didn’t earn any respect from Li Qiye . He casually punched and shattered the myriad dao . This baleful strike exceeded anything else, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake .

“Boom!” A terrible blast emanated from the point of impact, resulting in sound waves destroying one star after another .

The fist continued forward through the citadel in an unstoppable manner . The great architecture collapsed in entirety . It absorbed the major brunt of the punch but the remnant shockwave still rushed forward .

“Poof!” Even an Eternal like Bingchi Juezun couldn’t handle it so his hands turned into blood .

The wave sent him flying, bloodied all over while Allbreak reverted to its original form .

This all happened in the blink of an eye due to the speed of the punch .

“Take him down!” Both Calm Lotus Supreme Ancestor and War King joined the fray .  

They both utilized their secret words for a total of four, resulting in a magnificent spectacle .

The outcome was an annihilative attack . Everything seemed insignificant and fragile in comparison .

“Boom!” War King’s truncheon looked like a great dragon continuously howling . Its draconic aura ravaged the world . His words poured out an endless flame, allowing him to look sacred and untouchable .

“Clank!” The supreme ancestor’s sword cut down the firmament in a majestic fashion, sweeping through the dao and devils of the ages . Just this slash would allow him to dominate for an eternity . Under the empowerment of his two words, he stood in the sky as if he was the ruler of the universe .

The truncheon smash showed no mercy; the sword slash was just as ruthless . One from the front and the other from the back - more than enough to take anyone down . People would wallow in despair and have no choice but to wash their necks, waiting for the inevitable decapitation and death .

These were two of the strongest Eternals in the system on top of possessing two words each . This duo could conquer the world . One would be hard-pressed to find a single master capable of taking on the two of them at the same time in all of Imperial Lineage .

“That’s all?” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye . He raised his leg and unleashed a simple vertical kick at the truncheon .

At the same time, he casually unleashed a palm strike towards the slash, nearly blowing away the entire sky .

Both War King and the supreme ancestor became gobsmacked .

“Boom!” The kick sent War King straight to the ground, destroying a massive mountain and eventually creating a huge pit .

“Boom!” On the other side, the supreme ancestor and his sword were blown flying almost like a shooting star . He disappeared into the horizon while vomiting blood, resulting in a red arc .

Just two weaponless moves to defeat these ancestors . The crowd’s mouth opened wide enough to fit a duck egg inside . No one could calm down .

Li Qiye continued to outshine his previous battle feat to their astonishment . Beating Ma Mingchun with one kick was impressive enough, but both War King and Calm Lotus Supreme Ancestor were far stronger than Ma Mingchun . They weren’t on the same level .

Golden Dragon and his peers weren’t surprised at all since they have experienced Li Qiye’s capability . He could definitely do the same to them .

In the eyes of others, they were imperious Eternals . Alas, they were as helpless as babies before Li Qiye .

“Ignorant fools . ” Ill Lord uttered . He knew that Li Qiye still didn’t go all out because if he did, not even ashes would be left of his opponents .

War King’s group might be Eternals, but Li Qiye, at the very least, was a progenitor of the immortal level!

This gap was tremendous, so these Eternals couldn’t handle a single blow .

“I can’t believe this…” It took a long time before the crowd composed themselves but clarity only added to the fear .  

Everyone started feeling their legs shaking, even the ancestors while the juniors dropped down on their butt .

In their opinion, War King’s group was the strongest in the system with the exception of Lucidity King . Alas, these apex existences still lost to a single move .

They worked their whole life in order to become someone like War King . Unfortunately, a single kick from Li Qiye has erased this dream and left a permanent shadow in their mind .

“How boring, use your secret move already . ” Li Qiye basked in the winds, posing with both hands behind his back .

Though he didn’t have an oppressive aura, he had proven himself to be a supreme being above all others .

People no longer had the courage to look straight at him . Some might be scared enough to drop on their knees for a kowtow .

“Boom!” Debris went flying as the bloodied War King got out of the rubble .  

At the same time, the supreme ancestor of Calm Lotus has returned from his unwanted trip .

It didn’t take long before the four assumed their initial position to surround Li Qiye . The only difference was their sorry appearance; some were more injured than others .

The atmosphere became tense with the crowd not daring to breathe loudly . Everyone felt suffocated because of Li Qiye’s presence, feeling as if he was stomping down on their chest yet they didn’t have the courage to do a thing about it .

His combatants were pale, not expecting to lose so quickly . They thought that the four of them together would be able to handle ten moves or so regardless of how strong he was . The actual outcome shook them to the core .

“Commendable courage, to actually not run away at this time and still wanting to take me down . ” Li Qiye cast a glance at the four . He paused for a moment before adding: “Of course, very foolish as well . ”

None of them retorted or showed any anger . They were completely focused on the fight .  

A while ago, their anger stemmed from arrogance and pride in being Eternals . Such feelings have been smashed by his punch and kick earlier .