Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2558

Chapter 2558

After easily flipping the plate over, Li Qiye who was just suppressed earlier rose above the nine firmaments . He became invincible not only in the present but also across the ages .

“Time to end this . ” He said quietly .

The soft tone casualized the comment yet it still sounded unchangeable, as if fate has been determined . No one could do a damn thing regardless of who they are and how strong they are . A reversal was impossible .

“Buzz . ” He moved his palms closer to each other and a light appeared in the center - akin to three thousand worlds being grabbed by him .

Everyone felt their soul wavering from this action of his . Space and time were twisting; the world was being trapped within .

Not just Nine Secrets System but all three worlds were being affected along with their dao . All of these affinities became twisted and squeezed together to form a seal .

This seal contained the most terrifying force in existence despite its tiny size since it encompassed the various powers of the world .

Li Qiye smiled and released the seal .

“Boom!” Time and space were blasted back to the original chaos . The seal exuded strands of light . Upon closer inspections, people could still see the original affinities within the seal .

The all-encompassing seal naturally had a massive weight . Its suppression was unimaginable and incalculable . No master could handle this .

The figure roared and raised the divine plate . It started glowing while its aura ravaged the firmaments . He also turned into an independent sphere capable of containing everything in the world .

The plate exuded boundless laws of the dao . These laws could shoulder the entire world to stop any suppression .

It was as if a progenitor has come back to life . This move could definitely block any attack .

“Boom!” The seal slammed into the divine plate .

Everything in the world seemed to be penetrated, including Nine Secrets System . The entire crowd was in shambles .

The tough plate still failed to stop the suppression from the seal . The laws of a progenitor surging in the sky were instantly destroyed .

This was an incredible scene - these laws should be indestructible yet they faltered all the same to the incoming seal .

The plate was completely penetrated and split back into the four ancestral weapons . The seal didn’t stop there and continued heading for the figure .

This figure sensed the danger and unleashed its most powerful light . Unfortunately, this was futile as well . Powerful resistance didn’t amount to anything .

“Boom!” The seal landed and created a massive inferno . It flew straight through the chest of the figure, leaving a monstrous gap .

“No!” War King and his allies screamed with despair and fear, completely overwhelmed .

Li Qiye’s seal didn’t only defeat their ultimate move but also the most respected existence in their mind - their progenitor!

Everyone became empty-headed at this moment and fixated at this scene .

The figure fell slowly before scattering into light particles that eventually dispersed . Not a single trace was left of this being .

“Myriad World . ” Li Qiye wasn’t surprised at the outcome at all after using this move .

He looked at the pulsing seal in his palm and smiled . The light gradually subsided and the seal grew fainter before also disappearing .

In essence, it wasn’t quite a seal . Li Qiye simply squeezed numerous worlds together into this form .

Myriad World was one of the nine grand scriptures . Its previous name was Space . When Li Qiye flipped over a new page, it became a new entity named Myriad World by him .

This allowed him to utilize the powers of the various worlds; everything was within his grasp .

Because of this, the moment he pushed his palms together - three thousand worlds, an eternity, and endless grand dao accumulated inside his ten fingers and took the form of a suppressive seal with ultimate power .

How could the image of a progenitor stop such a devastating blow?

“No… this can’t be…” The people of Nine Secrets could finally stand up after the dispersion of the progenitorial aura .

Alas, some of them immediately dropped down to the ground again while murmuring to themselves . This matter was too much to accept .

Since youth, their progenitor was their everything, their heaven, a supreme and invincible existence . Nothing loomed above their progenitor in their mind .

But now, Li Qiye instantly pierced through the image’s chest and easily annihilated it . It was akin to him actually defeating their progenitor . Their greatest idol has collapsed just like that so they couldn’t handle the emotional impact .

“No… no…’ Some started crying .

Of course, they also cried when they saw their progenitor but the tears this time were different .

The first type came from their emotions, mainly pride . Now, it stemmed from despair and helplessness .

All of Nine Secrets realized the terror behind Li Qiye’s power . The five great powers? Supreme ancestors? Sacred Cabinet? All were mere ants before the king .

People looked up at Li Qiye, carving the image of this man into their mind - the man that has defeated their progenitor . Even the imperious and tyrannical Lucidity King paled in comparison before the might of the new king .

“Your Majesty…” Many prostrated on the ground at his sight even though he didn’t exert any direct pressure over them .

Experts were on their knees; the ancestors and Eternals lowered their proud head . Those below him didn’t dare to breathe loudly while quivering with fear .

People forgot all about the great powers and supreme ancestors . Even Lucidity King and their progenitor felt powerless before this man hovering in the sky .