Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2562

Chapter 2562

Zhang Jiadi remained on his knees with his head nearly touching the ground despite hearing the encouragement .

“You’ve made up your mind?” Li Qiye asked with a smile .

“Your Majesty, I’m too useless to contribute even by staying, please grant me permission . ” Jiadi said, clearly having made up his mind .

Li Qiye eventually nodded: “Very well, I won’t force you to stay if you wish to leave . You may stay wherever you please for your retirement . ” 

“Thank you, Your Majesty . ” Jiadi raised up and bowed exactly three times in a solemn manner .

“Go now, you may also take any treasure you fancy in the palace . ” Li Qiye waved his sleeve while looking at the guy .

“Your Majesty, I am moved to tears because of your magnanimity . I won’t need anything else . ” Jiadi respectfully said .

“Very well, as you please . ” Li Qiye nodded, accepting his wishes .

“Take care, Your Majesty . ” Jiadi bowed once more before leaving .

In theory, Jiadi should be sticking around . After all, he has proved his absolute loyalty and now, the king had total authority . If Jiadi were to stay, he would rise in ranks without any opposition . Alas, he chose to retire instead .

Given up this good opportunity was quite unbelievable . However, Li Qiye wasn’t caught off guard and didn’t try to convince the old man otherwise .

“Take care . ” Li Qiye nodded and said .

Jiadi’s lips slightly twitched from hesitation as if he wanted to say something but didn’t know how to put it .

“Your Majesty, I saw Silver Secret Legion during my departure . They were guarding right outside the system, but I don’t know if they’re still there . ” He finally decided to speak .

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Silver Secret Legion, huh? I almost forgot since it’s so long ago . That’s fine, Silver or Gold Secret, whatever, can’t reach the apex . ”

Jiadi’s response was stuck in his throat . All he could say was: “Please be careful, Your Majesty . Your safety relates to the well-being and prosperity of the entire system . ”

“You sound like you know something . ” Li Qiye wasn’t afraid at all on his throne .

Jiadi fell into silence and couldn’t reply . Like Li Qiye had said, he was a loyal man .

“Your Majesty, just please, be on guard . Sometimes we can be caught off guard by people who shouldn’t exist . Turn around and suddenly, there’s a dead man standing behind you . ”

“I’m aware, I won’t make it difficult for you, just go . ” Li Qiye nodded .

“Take care . ” Jiadi sighed because he couldn’t get involved . Revealing this was the best he could do because of his loyalty .

Li Qiye stared outside after he left with a faint smile on his face .


While Li Qiye was back at the imperial city, another event was happening in a different spot in Imperial Lineage - the Mu Clan, one of the three behemoths .

In a heavily guarded location, a very powerful ancestor from the Mu greeted an unexpected guest .

“I was curious about why the birds were chirping so early this morning . So it’s Brother Sun, which wind brings you here to my place? What a surprise . ” The ancestor happily smiled after seeing the guest .

“Brother Mu, you’re too polite . ” The guest was a retiree from Nine Secrets, Sun Lengying .

He still wore the same gray outfit, looking just like a shadow .

“Our condolences for Lucidity King’s passing . ” The ancestor said: “Although our two houses were at odds, Lucidity King was still a peerless talent worthy of respect . Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, I couldn’t personally come to Nine Secrets and offer my respect . ”

“His Majesty in the Yellow River will appreciate your kind words . ” Lengyung was as cold as always . His expression and thoughts were impossible to read .

“After hearing about his death, I thought he would pass the throne to you because you have followed him for three generations with numerous contributions . Plus, you’re the only one who can handle the responsibility . Who would have thought he would pass it to an unknown junior? What a shame and such unfairness towards you . Lucidity King made a mistake . ” The ancestor criticized .

“Thank you, Brother Sun, but let’s not talk about the past . I am here today to ask you for help . ” Lengying showed no emotion .

“You are one of the top Eternals in the present day, you make me feel inadequate in comparison . ” The ancestor smiled: “Not to mention you are in charge of Silver Secret, more than enough to sweep through the world and always be victorious . An old man like me can’t offer much help . ”

“Don’t be so quick to refuse, Brother Mu, I won’t ask you to help for nothing . Plus, the Mu wouldn’t help an outsider for no reason anyway, right?” Lengying said directly .

“I’m sure whatever you have in mind is amazing, but certainly not easy either, so if you can’t do yourself, we won’t be that helpful either . ” The ancestor said .

“Is that so? Brother Mu, are you not interested even when all of Nine Secrets are up for the taking?” Lengying stared at him and asked .

“You’re joking, Brother Sun . ” The ancestor smiled: “Though I haven’t been outside, I’ve heard that Silver Secret has sealed the external pathways, rendering it virtually impossible for outsiders to come in . ”

“Am I not here right now before you as a guest?” Lengying said .

“That’s an interesting comment, but I know you are completely loyal to Lucidity King . No one would question this, so I have a hard time believing that you would have any ideas towards Nine Secrets . ”

“I am indeed loyal to His Majesty . ” Lengying said: “However, he has passed away so there is nothing worth remembering in the system . I know that you wouldn’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity . If you can topple Nine Secrets, your name will go down in the historical annals as well as your clan’s text along with the old sages of the Mu . ”

“That is indeed tempting, but I’m afraid I will still have no say no . ” The ancestor shook his head with a smile .

He stared straight at Lengying and said: “Yes, your system has been sealed but I’ve heard that the new king is unbeatable . He killed War King and supreme ancestors such as Bingchi Juezun . ”

He paused for a bit: “That’s why I don’t think our clan wants to get involved in this mess . I’m taking back my earlier statement, Lucidity King clearly knew that this youth was exceptional before passing the throne to him . ”

Lengying replied: “I can’t and won’t deny the new king’s power . He surprised everyone by killing those guys . ”

“That’s why I said we can’t help even if we wanted to . ” The ancestor said: “We both know how strong those ancestors were . Even if I go all out, I would only get a draw against War King, or to be generous, maybe I’m a little bit stronger . Your king’s power exceeded everyone’s expectations, and our clan doesn’t need to provoke such a powerful foe . I’m sorry, we won’t be able to help you, Brother Sun . We do feel indignant that you didn’t get rewarded for your loyalty to Nine Secrets . ”

“I accept your sincerity, Brother Mu . ” Lengying smiled: “But it looks like fear is paralyzing you just like in the past when you were up versus Lucidity King . Your hesitation and lack of decisiveness made you miss many great opportunities . ”

“Brother Sun, your psychological taunting is useless against me . I’m no longer a hot-headed youth who get riles up by these comments . Please leave . ” The ancestor smiled and said .