Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2565

Chapter 2565: 2565

Ill Lord’s group started a bloodbath in one night . They broke through to the imperial palace of Myriad Formation Kingdom and destroyed its great formations and hidden cards .

Next, its ancestors and legions became victims .

The palace collapsed in entirety and the ruling clan was killed off . This signaled the end of Myriad Formation until the king sends a new ruler in place .

The destruction of Myriad Formation in just one night caused quite a stir in the system .

Alas, Ill Lord’s victory wasn’t surprising either . The old man understood the system too well since he came from this place . The great formations were formidable but not enough to stop these five masters .

War Saint Dynasty also experienced a similar cleansing with the end of the Sacred Cabinet . The members were massacred and their treasures were taken by the king .

Next, Ill Lord’s group took over the five legions . The majority of the generals were killed, allowing the group to have perfect control .

Next, the Bingchi and Calm Lotus also received punishment and cleansing . Fortunately for the Bingchi, Hanyu managed to save them or they would have turned to ashes just like Myriad Formation Kingdom . Calm Lotus also suffered heavy punishments but it was able to protect their lifeblood thanks to Qin Jianyao .  

In just one night, these great powers and the five legions had to face the music . So many were killed as Nine Secrets experienced a monumental change . It was about to enter the era of the new king .

Other sects were scared out of their mind, from the bottom level to the upper echelon - afraid that the king would point his sword towards them as well .

Among the five great powers, only Godstep Sect and Waterfront Pavilion were lucky enough to escape any punishment .

Needless to say about the latter, everyone knew how the king dotes on Liu Chuqing . That’s why Waterfront looked even more prestigious than before . In the past, it wasn’t comparable to Calm Lotus but now, its status rose above the other lineages .

As for Godstep, it chose to stay away from the political struggle . It closed their doors and stayed away from the secular world so the disaster didn’t spread to them . This was thanks to the insightful vision of Wind God or they wouldn’t have been so lucky . Godstep was certainly the weakest of the five but being a lucky survivor also propelled its current status .

“How fortunate . ” Wind God received news about the various massacres . He got cold sweats after hearing about the destruction of Myriad Formation Kingdom .

If he didn’t take Li Qiye to Godstep, perhaps his sect would be annihilated as well from mingling together with Myriad Formation Kingdom .

“What a shame . ” He concluded while shaking his head at his disciples and Splendorous Saintess Lu Bing: “One mistake affecting your entire life . His Majesty has soared above the nine heavens, so the queen also became illustrious . ”

Wind God was full of regrets . It was such a good opportunity when Li Qiye was staying at his sect . If the saintess had tried to get along with him, she would have the same status as Liu Chuqing right now .

The saintess looked dejected with her head hanging low . She looked down on Li Qiye back then, thinking that he was only a useless king . But now, he was an untouchable existence that she could only look up at .

She also used to be on the same level as Liu Chuqing . Both of them had a marriage agreement with Li Qiye but because of her pride, she wanted to break off the engagement .

Now, Chuqing was worshipped by all of Nine Secrets on top of having the nine highly-coveted words - the only one in all of Nine Secrets enjoying this glory . She, on the other hand, remained a princess of Godstep, not comparable to the queen of the system . She sighed in dejection . Her short-sighted foolishness left her in this situation .

Nevertheless, their sect was still lucky because they managed to survive this disaster .

Wind God turned towards Zhang Jianchuan . He might not be the most talented in the sect but he certainly had the most potential in the future . The sect’s prosperity relied on him .


The system became serene again after the bloodbath . Li Qiye didn’t care for mundane matters and left everything to Liu Chuqing .

This was her first exposure to administrative duty so she lacked confidence . Nevertheless, she eventually accepted the task after receiving encouragement from Li Qiye .

He purposely groomed her since Nine Secrets was only a temporary stop to him . He would leave soon enough and would return this land . Thus, he chose Liu Chuqing as the next successor . After taking care of mundane matters, he focused on searching for the grand dao .

Chuqing was a gentle ruler compared to Li Qiye’s brutality . Nine Secrets System became peaceful and lively again . The frightened sects moved on with their lives . Everyone felt that the new queen was indeed virtuous and kind, worthy of her position .


Farther away in Imperial was a declining system named Stone Harmony . A big event had just happened here .

It was once extremely powerful . During its peak, it managed to reign the entire world . The Mu and Li paled in comparison back then . One could say that it had united Imperial Lineage, simply unstoppable .

Strange enough, the system started declining without facing any external threat . More and more people started to migrate and left the desolate land behind .

After declining to a certain extent, a system’s dao source would change as well . When it deteriorated and became unable to support the land, the entire thing would collapse . It would fall from Imperial Lineage down to Myriad Lineage .

Insane Court was an example . It was an immortal system at its peak and eventually fell all the way down to Myriad Lineage .

So now, Stone Harmony was abandoned with no powerful sect to speak of . Not to mention powerful entities similar to Calm Lotus or Bingchi, one couldn’t even find a first-rate sect there .

In fact, Stone Harmony would still be a terrible system down in Myriad Lineage, on the verge of destruction .

The strange part was that after millions of years, this system continued to stay in Imperial Lineage . There was no sign of it falling down to the lower realm .

People couldn’t come up with an explanation for this unique phenomenon . Later on, one progenitor observed the system . This great being concluded that its dao source was still as vibrant as ever . That’s why the reason why it could linger in Imperial .

This only further confused everyone . If the dao source was still powerful, then why did the system decline so rapidly?