Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2566

Chapter 2566: 2566

The night in Stone Harmony was peaceful due to a lack of cultivators present because of its decline .

White Orchid City had thirty thousand inhabitants or so . Of course, this could only be considered a tiny location for many systems . Even a village could have this many people .

Unfortunately, only one or two cities could match White Orchid in Stone Harmony .  

The night was quiet here as well . It looked serene like a blossoming orchid . Many residents were already deep in sleep, enjoying their sweet dreams .

“Boom!” A loud explosion woke everyone up .

“What’s going on?!” Someone shouted while more explosions ensued .

“No, the city is sinking!” People found that it wasn’t only themselves nor their houses that were sinking, the entire area was collapsing .

A large pit came out of nowhere and all of White Orchid started descending down the bottomless depth .

It was too late to react for those who have just woken up . All they could do was panic and shout .

“Clank!” The strongest cultivator in White Orchid unsheathed his sword and rushed to the sky, wanting to escape .

“Boom!” An invisible hand immediately snapped his sword in half . Large tentacles drilled out of the ground and coil around the man, pulling him into the pit .

“No…” His scream of horror gradually tapered off .

A bang eventually resounded as if the city has finally made it to the bottom of the depth . The ground shook for a bit .

Only a bottomless pit was left behind where the city used to be, resembling the bloody jaw of a primordial beast .

No one knew what happened to White Orchid . Its inhabitants disappeared just like that .

An aura suddenly emerged with the city’s disappearance . Few in the system could sense it, let alone outsiders .

However, Li Qiye who was cultivating in his palace immediately opened his eyes .

In this split second, they exuded a frightening ray crossing through the realms and illuminated Stone Harmony .

Southpeak Woodcutter became alarmed a bit later after Li Qiye . He looked over and murmured: “This aura… hmm, very familiar, I wonder what happened?”

Meanwhile, Li Qiye came out of his palace and continued his peering search towards the depth of the world .

“Young Noble . ” Ill Lord who was guarding the area became surprised .

Li Qiye told Liu Chuqing’s group: “I’m going to Stone Harmony Dao System and leaving this place to you, I’ll come back when I’m finished . ”

“What happened?” Chuqing became worried because of his sudden departure .

He gently stroke her hair while staring at the night sky: “I don’t know right now, but I’ll find out soon . It’s not a good thing, that’s for sure . But just stay here, no need to worry . ”

Chuqing obediently nodded .

“Young Noble, we will make sure Her Highness is safe . ” Ill Lord’s group bowed towards Li Qiye .

He nodded . Few in Imperial were actually strong enough to invade Nine Secrets with them around .

He took one step and crossed through space, disappearing into the starry sky .

The woodcutter was also interested in this aura but after noticing that Li Qiye had left his palace, he simply gave up .

“Hmm, if His Majesty is going himself, he can definitely figure out what’s going on . ” The woodcutter smiled and shook his head before blowing out a ring of smoke .

Li Qiye traveled through one system after another with peerless speed and finally made it to Stone Harmony System .

He took a deep breath to sense the aura of this place .

At this moment, he could tell that this vast land has been abandoned . The mountains and rivers were tattered . Both the great peaks and mighty oceans have lost their spirit energy - a world on the verge of death .

It wouldn’t take long before this place turns into a desert . The entire system would collapse .

However, he also noticed a vigorous life force within the withered aura . This strand of life force was powerful and rich, seemingly wrapping around a robust lifeform…

“Something’s wrong…” His eyes became serious after noticing this power; his expression soured .

He landed on the system and buried his hand into the mud . He closed his eyes to feel the land and the beat of the system .

The same outcome happened - a sensation of withering and desolation . The grand dao of this place resembled feeble spiderwebs, virtually undetectable .

However, he penetrated all the way deep to the core - the dao source of the land . He sensed a majestic power - one as vast as an ocean .

It meant that the system still had grand dao deep underground . However, something seemed to be enveloping and hiding this power . As a result, the dao source couldn’t provide for the dao land and the inhabitants .

This dao source was still the same as before . This was the reason why the one progenitor said Stone Harmony couldn’t fall to Myriad Lineage .

“A bit interesting . ” Li Qiye’s gaze pierced through the ground again .

After a while, he started walking towards the horizon . One step took him an incomparably far distance . It didn’t take long before he appeared above White Orchid City .

Of course, only a bottomless abyss remained . Only darkness existed as far as the eye can see .

He squatted down by the edge and touched the ground for a bit before grimacing .

This wasn’t a natural phenomenon . Something powerful akin to a devil had taken the entire city down underground .

He smiled and jumped down the abyss . Anyone else would be scared out of their mind at the disappearance of an entire city, let alone looking at this terrifying pit .

This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye . He was at nonchalant as ever .  

After reaching a certain depth, he landed on a section of rock sticking out of the side . He grabbed a handful of mud before letting it scatter downward . He managed to sense the rare and weak aura within this mud .

It was unique yet all-too-familiar with Li Qiye . The same aura existed on the Three Immortals Tree and the black soil .

“No wonder why that woodcutter said this aura was familiar . Such a lucky coincidence . ” Li Qiye smiled with a serious gaze: “The old man is really treating me as an errand boy . Does he want me to run across Three Immortals? Hiring me is not cheap, will you be able to pay?”

He was referring to someone else, not the woodcutter .