Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2568

Chapter 2568

“Why not?” He chuckled and briefly answered .

Li Yuzhen looked at him and said: “Dao Brother, I can’t figure out your grand dao . It is as if I’m looking at the reflection of the moon on a river or trying to look at the flowers through the early morning mist . It feels intangible and surreal, may I ask what art you cultivate?”

She wasn’t trying to pry information out of him . This was sheer curiosity since Li Qiye appears normal yet was unbelievably mysterious . It seemed as if he wasn’t actually within the three worlds and had escaped the five elements . That’s why he seemed rather immaterial .

She wasn’t an arrogant person but she certainly believed in her own abilities . Alas, she has never met someone like him before .

In her opinion, no other youth in Imperial could match her . However, this Li Qiye came out of nowhere so she rightfully became curious .

“It is a unique grand dao, the only of its kind in history that will open an entirely new epoch and cultivation method . ” He said without a care .

She responded with a skeptical look . Many would consider this to be the ramble of a mad man .

Three Immortals World has produced numerous progenitors and dao systems . These progenitors wouldn’t dare to make this claim, not even the brilliant Gao Yang . But now, Li Qiye boasted without any hesitation .

She certainly didn’t look down on him but his big tone still stunned her all the same, leaving her speechless .

After a while, she regained her wits and asked: “A new cultivation system? What is it like?”

She became interested in his cultivation system, leaving aside her skepticism of his claim .

“You’ll find out when that day comes . ” He smiled mysteriously: “Not just Three Immortals but all worlds will turn to a new page . Alas, who knows if it will be a time of darkness or light? That’s up to the individual world . ”

“What do you mean?” The knowledgeable girl still found this perplexing .

He chuckled in response and didn’t elaborate . His expression remained normal and natural .

She was smart enough to not pry . People at their level had the right amount of propriety .

After a while, the two finally landed at the bottom of the pit . They looked around and saw nothing but darkness .

Of course, darkness couldn’t shield anything from their gaze so they were aware of everything in their surroundings . Alas, they found nothing but loose mud on the ground .

“It’s not here, such a big city nowhere to be found, this is unbelievable . ” Yuzhen became surprised .

White Apricot was a vast city but it wasn’t here now after falling down . No inhabitants were around either; no ruins or a single eave-tile . The entire place disappeared from thin air as if it had been swallowed whole by a monster .

“There should be a reason for this . ” Li Qiye grabbed a handful of soil and carefully pinched it with his other hand . Specks streamed down his fingers .

“Where have the citizens gone?” Yuzhen searched through the area with her divine intent but there was nothing here except the two of them .

“Even deeper . ” Li Qiye said: “Something has come here and took them away . ”

“Is it still nearby?” Her gaze swept around with lightning speed . There was no doubt that once she took action, the result would be quite impressive .

“Long gone now . ” He threw the remaining pile of mud on the ground and wiped his palms: “The time is ripe so it finally wants to take action . ”

“Dao Brother, so there is really something evil at work here?” She asked .

“I don’t know if it is evil or not, but it certainly isn’t a good thing after causing the collapse of this system . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

“What is it?” She inquired: “Stone Harmony was prosperous back then with a True Emperor around . Its power far exceeded the Mu and the Li . People said that unless it’s a progenitor, defeating this system would have been difficult . I’ve never heard of a great battle or anything before its decline . ”

“This is beyond the imagination of regular people . ” He walked around and surveyed the area carefully: “The only thing I’m sure of is that this thing is not from this world . ”

“Not from this world? A creature outside of Three Immortals?” She became startled .

“What worlds are outside of Three Immortals?” She paused for a moment before asking again .

Of course, the cultivators of Three Immortals didn’t know about the worlds outside of their own, such as the nine worlds and thirteen continents .

“Not that simple . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “Ordinary existence can’t cross to this place . To be more exact, this thing should be from above Three Immortals . ”

“Above Three Immortals?” Yuzhen’s eyes became serious: “I heard that above us is a place with immortality . ”

“No . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “Who knows the validity of that claim, this so-called world of immortality . All I know is that above Three Immortals is a place that can surpass the high heaven . ”

“High heaven?” She looked up towards the sky vault . Since they were at the bottom of an abyss, her gaze pierced through thousands of miles before seeing the blue expanse .

In fact, cultivators in this place had a very vague impression of the high heaven . They only believed that it was above the sky vault .

“Yes, you have no idea what it is because this place doesn’t suffer from tribulations . ” Li Qiye understood her reaction .

Back in the nine worlds and the thirteen continents, each breakthrough would end with a heavenly tribulation full of lightning arcs . The survivors there knew exactly what the high heaven was . Some even cursed and referred to it as villainous heaven or other derogatory names .

“I have heard of tribulations before . When the wise sages want to reach a higher level, they might have to face these tribulations . Are you saying that the disappearance of this city is due to a tribulation?” She said .

“The old villainous heaven isn’t that bored . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “Plus, if it wants to send down even just a tiny tribulation, it wouldn’t end with just this . ” 

“What kind of tribulation would it be then?” She knew nothing about this topic .

“An apocalypse . ” He casually answered .

“An apocalypse?” She was still moved despite her immense strength .  

After a brief pause, she continued on: “What is the power entailed in this apocalypse?”

Li Qiye looked at her and answered: “Someone like you is only an ant, same with the majority of progenitors . ”

She took a deep breath . Most would first become embarrassed then anger would be next . It sounded like an insult but she took it seriously .

She had confidence in her strength . Though she might not be the strongest, but if she was only an ant under that tribulation, just how strong must it be? That scene must be terrifying .