Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2569

Chapter 2569: 2569

Li Yuzhen glanced at the sky for a second before speaking: “Will this apocalypse come here?”

She couldn’t imagine the gravity of the situation at all .

“Three Immortals World is very lucky . ” He chuckled: “Generations passed by on the river of time and it has escaped the terrifying years . This required perfect luck and the effort of the old sages . ”

She quietly listened . Though she didn’t have a full grasp of all the information, she was still shaken by this revelation .  

She found out about the worlds outside of Three Immortals and the darkness plaguing them .

“So what’s the reason behind these apocalypses from the high heaven?” She asked .

He only answered with a smile . He then stopped and squatted down, picking up pieces from the ground . They seemed to be sticky skin fragments as if a tentacle has fallen down from above .

“A bit interesting, how did this devious thing come here? It doesn’t make sense . ” He stared intensely at it .

“Pop!” A tiny tentacle emerged out of the piece of skin and tried to dig into Li Qiye’s body - quite a nauseating sight .

He smiled and ignited a plume of fire in his palm with an indigo shade .

“Buzz . ” The fire burned the pieces into ashes scattering away .

Next, he gazed at the sky once more in an investigative manner .

“It doesn’t make sense… how did it come down? Looks like no place is safe anymore . ” He himself became startled and murmured .

He recalled the skeleton found in the heavenly prison and contemplated . These events weren’t that simple . An underlying current has started, issuing changes in the depths . This world just didn’t know about it .

“Could you elaborate on the world above?” She quietly asked .

“It’s full of terrors beyond your imagination . ” He looked back and said seriously .

She inquired: “How so? The people there are incomparably strong?” 

“It’s just one way to describe it, akin to how immortal is just another description . Do you know what immortals look like?” He chuckled .

“Immortals?” She has never seen one before .  

Who has actually seen a true immortal? Probably none in history . People simply didn’t have a good idea about these beings .

“Why are you bringing up immortals right now?” She had a bad feeling about this and stared at Li Qiye .

“People have two reactions to the unknown - fear and curiosity . ” Li Qiye looked at her and said: “Fear stems from invincibility and power while curiosity stems from ignorance . The latter also encompasses desire and hope . For example, some yearn for the light while others are afraid of darkness . ”

She quietly contemplated .

“If you could be granted any wish, what would it be?” He smilingly asked .

“Immortality . ” She answered without needing to think .

This response was quite common . Many top experts chased after everlasting life . After all, obtaining this would solve many problems . Infinite time would allow people to do many things .

“What about after obtaining immortality?” He continued .

Now this question finally stumped her since she has never thought about it before .

Immortality was unreachable, only a dream . If the dream itself was impossible to obtain, why would anyone think about what comes after?

She thought about it and couldn’t answer the question .

He began again: “Immortality in the truest sense of the word doesn’t exist in this world . To overcome this requires paying a great price . If you ever see a real immortal in the future, you need to start running as far away as the world allows . ”

“Why?” She slightly grimaced, having a good idea of the bad implication .

“Because he’s an immortal with everlasting life . ” Li Qiye said with a profound gaze .

Yuzhen shuddered since she grasped several things so far during this conversation .

For many people, meeting an immortal would be a once-in-the-ages opportunity, the greatest of luck . No one would miss this chance to ask many questions .

But now, Li Qiye proposed to do the opposite - run as far away as possible .

Going against conventional wisdom sounded insane to others, but not to Li Yuzhen .

He stopped then looked around and said: “This is only the beginning of a hunt, that’s all . ”

“Dao Brother, other cities might meet the same fate?” She stopped as well .

“Yes . ” He nodded: “Attacking White Orchid is akin to using a butcher’s blade to kill a chicken . It will grow stronger and hungrier . ”

“Dao Brother, could you find it so we can destroy it together?” She took a deep breath and powerfully said .

Though she didn’t want to play the role of a savior all the time, she would never stand and watch when evil was happening in front of her eyes .

“It’s not easy to chase after it . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “Let’s leave this place first . ”

He flew to the sky after saying this with Yuzhen right behind him . The two of them returned to the edge of the abyss .

At this moment, more people were coming from the horizons . The sudden disappearance of White Orchid finally attracted other masters who rushed here to figure it out .

“Dao Brother, unfortunately, I have some other tasks to deal with and will have to leave for now . See you another day . ” Yuzhen cupped her fist, aware that it was time to leave after seeing other people arriving on the scene .  

He nodded: “See you later . ”

Her figure flashed into nothingness . It wasn’t hard for someone at her level to be untraceable .

Li Qiye sensed the beat of the world and narrowed his gaze towards one particular direction: “Looks like chaos is coming . Are the sages of Three Immortals ready?”

He stepped into the sky and rushed forward with a clear path in mind .

He traveled through multiple mountains before stopping in a valley since he heard shoutings .

An old man was imprisoned by tree demons in this valley . They raised their vine whips, preventing him from leaving .

He tried multiple times to escape but couldn’t, only gaining more bloody wounds in the process . His vitality gradually depleted so he put up less of a fight .

The tree demons pushed further in with a ferocious expression - ready to drink blood and consume flesh .

He lost hope and lamented loudly: “This is the end for me!”

“Pop!” Li Qiye interrupted his moment of despair by casually piercing through several tree demons with one finger strike . The rest became afraid and ran away .

He regained his composure and became ecstatic after being saved .

“Thank you for saving me, Young Noble . ” He bowed his head after seeing his rescuer .