Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2572

Chapter 2572

She actually thought he was praising her until she heard the second part .

“What did you say?! I dare you to say it again!” She stomped the ground and glared at him ferociously, seemingly wanting to eat him alive . A girl like her certainly wasn’t his match .

“Nothing . ” He shrugged and smirked .

“Hmph, that’s what I thought . ” She said while making a fist: “I’ll teach you a lesson if you keep on running your mouth . ”

“Okay, little girl, I’m not interested in you, go play somewhere else . ” He smiled .

“Bah!” She made a face at him: “Such shamelessness, I’m not interested in you either, don’t even dream about it . ”

“Where is your mind wandering off to, little girl? You either have a rich imagination or are actually interested in me . ” He looked at her and teased .

She didn’t hold back: “Nonsense! No one can like someone as annoying as you…”

She was actually angry because she was a famed beauty in Mingluo with plenty of suitors . But now, this unknown person was messing with her?

“I’m done speaking to you . ” She took a deep breath and scowled: “I’m here to teach you a lesson . ”

“Teach me a lesson? Why? This is our first meeting so we can’t have any prior grievances . ” He shrugged .

“Because you spouted nonsense . ” Her expression became serious: “You need to accept responsibility and pay the price for your words . ” 

“Oh? What did I say that warrant paying a price?” He wasn’t nervous at all .

“You told those beggars to spread crazy messages!” She glared at him .

“So that’s what you’re here for, why do you think it is crazy?” He smiled .

“What else can they be? You told those beggars to tell people about the destruction of the city and that the citizens should run away…” She coldly uttered .

So it turned out that she has heard of them as well . She naturally became startled about this ominous prophecy that sprung up overnight all over the city . After a careful investigation, she found out the source and came here with a mission .

“I’m simply telling the truth, it’s your problem that you don’t believe it . ” He chuckled .

“The truth? Don't you mean mere fabrication? Our city is standing strong and bright, a beacon of prosperity, so what destruction are you speaking of? This is only to incite chaos!” She retorted fiercely .

“That’s only for now . ” He smiled .

“Speak, who sent you here, and for what purpose? Be truthful or face the consequence . ” She pushed it further .

“You come to question me while representing the city?” He looked at her and said with interest .

“ . . . ” She was only a disciple and couldn’t represent the entire city . She glared at him and proudly raised her chin: “Everyone is responsible for keeping the peace at Mingluo . Just you wait, our system will rise again . ”

Li Qiye clapped as if he was watching a play: “Well said, but that’s only a pipe dream right now . ”

She became unhappy right away and scowled: “What are you saying? We used to be the strongest system in Imperial Lineage . My master once said that as long as we can protect the embers in Mingluo, our system will rise again . That’s why we protect this place at all costs . ”

“It’s good to have a dream . ” Li Qiye nodded approvingly . He didn’t tease her this time after seeing her determination despite her tender age .

She continued: “It’s not too late to tell the truth . If my master or the city gets a hold of you, it won’t go well . Spreading rumors that negatively affect the peace of the city is a serious crime . ”

“Little girl, this isn’t a rumor . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “You better start running if you want to survive . Hope and dreams are useless when you’re dead . This city will disappear soon enough . ”

“I’m warning you one last time! Stop spouting your nonsense!” She glared at him while stomping on the ground, vexed .

“Why do you not believe me?” He smiled .

“Hmph . Our city has defensive walls and vigilant sentries . Moreover, the Luo and our Stoneclearing Sect are working together . The city will definitely enjoy peace and prosperity, so how could it head towards destruction?” She strongly disagreed .

She had nothing against Li Qiye . It’s just that she grew up here and considered the city as her home . Moreover, her master has always taught her about keeping the city safe and revitalizing the system . This education instilled a deep sense of responsibility in her .

That’s why she couldn’t sit still after hearing about the rumors and immediately came here to confront Li Qiye .

“It’s whatever, think what you want . ” He waved his sleeve and said dismissively .

“You!” She didn’t like his carefree attitude and gritted her teeth: “Your lies are negatively affecting our city, so you need to take responsibility!”

“Affecting your city?” He chuckled: “I thought you just talked about how unshakable it is . If that’s the case, why would a few rumors do anything to it? Are you sure it’s not just a castle in the sand that could be taken down with a single wave?”

She naturally couldn’t keep up in a verbal fight . Her finger pointing at him trembled as she tried to retort: “I’ve had enough of your fallacious arguments!”

“Okay, let’s not point fingers and accuse each other here, if your city doesn’t take it seriously, that’s just fine . They’re nothing more than rumors . ” Li Qiye was losing patience .

The girl turned red and didn’t know what to say . She came ready to confront him but didn’t expect him to neutralize her questions so easily . It was akin to punching with full force but ending up hitting the air - no satisfaction could be found by doing this .

“You’re just good at sophistry . ” She begrudgingly concluded .

“Why do you care so much about the rumors? No one will take them seriously . ” He looked at her and said .

This indeed jolted her . Now that she thought about it, she got angry over nothing . Though it has spread all over the city, people considered it to be nothing more than a fun conversational topic .

On the other hand, she took it so seriously and wanted Li Qiye to take responsibility .

“Maybe, just maybe, deep down in your heart, you do believe that the city will face destruction one day . This fear makes you sensitive and afraid of the most insignificant rumors . ”

“ . . . Nonsense…” The flushed girl had nothing else to say .

“Go now, stop bothering me . ” Li Qiye waved his sleeve again and smiled .

“Anyway, no more spreading these rumors . If I hear them again, I’ll really let you have it!” She stomped on the ground and left .