Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2574

Chapter 2574

Li Qiye enjoyed his time with a smile on his face while walking on the busy street .

Everyone else seemed to be in a hurry but he walked with a slow and leisurely pace .

“Benefactor!” Suddenly, an old man shouted and got on his knees in front of him .

Li Qiye had no impression of the old man who took his time showing respect before standing up .

“Young Noble, you forgot me? You saved me from the tree demons in the valley . ” The old man hurriedly said .

Li Qiye remembered and nodded: “I remember, your name is Wu Youzheng . ”

“Yes . ” The old man was ecstatic to hear this: “I am Wu Youzhheng indeed . I will never forget your kind act . ”

“It’s no big deal . ” Li Qiye said flatly and continued on forward .

Youzheng followed his step with a happy expression: “I didn’t expect to see you here, Young Noble . You are a true master, so to be able to see you again is a blessing of three lifetimes . My sect, Stoneclearing, is located right here in Mingluo . If you don’t mind, how about going there so I can show you my hospitality?”

“Maybe later . ” Li Qiye responded .

“May I ask what you’re here for? I’m very familiar with this place so if you ever need assistance, just say the words . ” Youzheng said .

Li Qiye smiled and looked at the old man: “If you really want to help, I actually have something you can do . ”

“What is it? I will not refuse, Young Noble . ” Youzheng became spirited .

Li Qiye calmly said: “It’s not hard, but if you have enough influence, then tell the citizens of Mingluo to evacuate quickly . ”

“Er…” Youzheng didn’t expect this order from Li Qiye .

“May, may I ask why?” He couldn’t come up with a reason .

“Because your city is about to be destroyed, run as far away as possible if you want to stay alive . ” Li Qiye said .

Youzheng became stunned . This wasn’t his first time hearing this .

“You again, Li!” A sharp and clear voice resounded . A girl with a sweet fragrance blocked Li Qiye’s path .

“I warned you yesterday and here you are again, spreading this nonsense! You’re really asking for it!” She angrily threatened . It was none other than Lin Yixue .

She just happened to hear his voice while shopping and couldn’t help rushing over to yell at him, just a bit short of pointing straight at his face .

“Yue’er, don’t be disrespectful!” The old man regained his wits and saw his disciple being so rude to his benefactor . He became frightened and started yelling .

“Master?!” Xiyue was startled as well, not expecting to see her master here . She didn’t see him at the start because she was so hellbent on Li Qiye .

“Apologize to the young noble already . ” Youzheng sternly said .

“Master, he’s clearly spreading rumors everywhere with nefarious intents towards our city…” Xiyue indignantly said .

“Absurd! The young noble is a hidden master who saved my life in Crescent Moon Valley . I would be food in the tree demons’ stomach right now if it wasn’t for him . ”

She stood there, frozen, before taking another look at Li Qiye . This guy was a hidden master?

Her master told her about being saved by a youth once he returned . She thought that this youth would be transcending and flawless - the opposite of Li Qiye .

Nevertheless, she lowered her head and cupped her fists: “My mistake for being rude, and thank you for saving my master, Young Noble . ”

Xiyue and Youzheng weren’t only master and disciple, but also father and daughter . She was truly grateful .

“However… even if you are our benefactor, you can’t spread these rumors to the detriment of our city . ” Her last line showed her unyieldingness .

“Brat, I must have been too doting on you!” Youzheng cupped his fists towards Li Qiye and apologized: “Young Noble, I’m sorry about my ineffective education . I will be stricter on her in the future . ”

“It’s fine . If it’s really a rumor, no wise men will take it seriously . ” Li Qiye looked at her and smiled before going forward .

Youzheng followed right behind him, the unwilling Xiyue as well .

“Where are you staying, Young Noble? I wish to visit and hear your guidance…” Youzheng hastily said .

“Here . ” Li Qiye stopped before the old man could finish since he was back to the entrance of the ruins .

“Heavensound Ruins…” The old man was surprised but still walked inside .

Li Qiye got back to his spot and sat down, cross-legged . He was as calm and natural as always regardless of whether he was inside a palace or ruins .

“You are staying here? But it’s outside . ” Youzheng said . He assumed that Li Qiye would be inside a broken palace or something, but after thinking about it again, hidden masters are always eccentric .

“Being outside is just fine . ” Li Qiye replied .

“Excuse me then . Being exposed to the weather is also a type of cultivation for true masters . ” Youzheng smiled awkwardly .

Li Qiye didn’t respond and closed his eyes .

Youzheng looked around the desolate place and became emotional: “This used to be the divine temple of Heavensound . During the golden age of our system, Heavensound used to give orders to the world here, but look at it now… prosperity passed by like ephemeral clouds . ”

“Isn’t Heavensound our original sect?” Xiyue asked .

Youzheng nodded: “Yes, Stoneclearing was only a side branch of Heavensound back then . The decline of Heavensect was swiftly followed by the decline of the system . ”

“Master, what was the reason behind its decline? You said that it was peerless during its reign . ” She said .

“No one knows . It used to have three True Emperors at the same time, that’s matchless . ” Youzheng spoke with pride .

“They also turned into ashes in just one night . ” Li Qiye casually said .

“ . . . ” Youzheng stopped and looked at Li Qiye with astonishment: “You know about this secret history, Young Noble?”

“It’s no secret since the story is in many ancient scrolls . Any avid reader knows about it . ” Li Qiye replied .

“I see . ” The old man couldn’t do anything but nod his head: “Yes, our sect’s records state the same . Heavensound and Stone Harmony fall from grace in just one night . ” He sighed disappointedly .

“Really, Master?” This was Xiyue’s first time hearing this: “Who could actually take down Heavensound when there are three True Emperors around? And in one night?”

“It’s a mystery . ” Youzheng shook his head: “Heavensound was ridiculously strong back then . It had plenty of Eternals, not just three emperors . How could they rule the world otherwise? Nevertheless, it still only took one night . ”

She was in disbelief . Not to mention Eternals and True Emperors, one would be hard-pressed to find an Ascender in Mingluo .

Youzheng continued: “This is the central location of Heavensound, look carefully, do you see anything different?”

“Not really?” She tilted her head in contemplation . After all, there were plenty of ruins in Mingluo City since it wasn’t as prosperous as before .

“The other ruins are because of abandonment, the architectures are still around . However, this place suffered something incredible . The impact crushed everything down to pebbles . That’s why you don’t really see any slightly-broken building here . ” He explained .

“You, you’re right . ” She took another look around and this was indeed the case . No intact building could be found .

She didn’t realize this little detail before despite growing up here .