Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2578

Chapter 2578

Both Wu Youzheng and Xu Yingjian felt their hair standing on end, frozen on the spot with their mouth agape .

Even Lin Yixue was scared out of her mind . This was her first time seeing a person so easily rendered into a mist of blood .  

All three were speechless while watching the mist of blood scatter to the wind .

Youzheng and Yingjian blanched at the result, fearing for the future . The youth was a member of the Mu, and not just a regular disciple . He was the grand-disciple of a True Emperor, so his status wasn’t shabby in the clan .

But now, he has been killed in Mingluo City . Just imagine the consequence if the Mu were to find out .

They would certainly investigate a death when it’s a regular disciple . As for the grand-disciple of the emperor? Their fury might result in the destruction of Mingluo .

Either the clan itself or the emperor alone could annihilate the city without any problem .

“You… you… really killed, killed him…” Yingjian stuttered .

He hoped that this was only a bad dream because he led Chengjie here . How could he respond to the guy’s master and the Mu?

“Yep . ” Li Qiye nonchalantly said .

“Don’t, don’t you know that he’s a Puresword True Emperor’s grand-disciple, a favored member of the clan?” Yingjian was louder and impolite at the start before realizing his impropriety . He staggered backward and started speaking softer towards the end .

Li Qiye could easily kill Chengjie and he wasn’t necessarily stronger than Chengjie, so Li Qiye could also do the same to him .

Fortunately enough, Li Qiye seemed to ignore his indiscretion .

“Young Noble, I’m, I’m afraid trouble is coming . I heard the Mu is very protective of their own, they won’t drop this . The emperor himself might get involved . ” Youzheng said, aghast at the fact that they have provoked an emperor .

“Just one True Emperor . Don’t waste your breath talking about this, I’ll just need to kill him when he’s here . ” Li Qiye said .

Youzheng and Yingjian were astounded . Li Qiye said “kill him” in such a casual manner when he was talking about an emperor .

“You, you have done it now, this is the end of Mingluo . ” Yingjian murmured .

“Scram . ” Li Qiye ordered insipidly without looking at the youth .

Yingjian shuddered in fear and immediately ran away, not daring to utter a retort .

Youzheng sighed after calming down . This whole thing seemed like a nightmare; he had never experienced so much anxiety before .

“Go now . ” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the two before waving his sleeve: “Leave the city now . This is a troubled place that can go down at any moment . ”

Youzheng knew that someone of Li Qiye’s power wouldn’t need to lie to him . If he said that Mingluo is going down, it’s going down .

“Thank you for your help, Young Noble . I’m ashamed that I can’t offer my assistance due to my shallow cultivation . The only thing I can do is forever be grateful for your kindness . ” Youzheng got on the ground and said .

Li Qiye accepted the grand gesture; his eyes still closed .

The master-disciple duo began to leave . Yixue couldn’t help staring at Li Qiye and opening her mouth . Alas, she didn’t know what to say . In the beginning, she thought that he was a normal cultivator due to his appearance .

After leaving the ruins, her master sighed and said: “Xue’er, go tell your parents and clan members to gather their valuables and start evacuating the willing . We’ll be leaving Mingluo City . ”

“We’re really leaving, Master?” She stopped walking .

“Yes . ” Youzheng put on a serious expression: “As fast as possible . We need to be out of here in three days at the latest . Our sect’s disciples and their family members, as well as any willing citizens, will be leaving . ”

“But… but this is our home . We have been here for generations, Master, are we really abandoning it?” She couldn’t accept this .

“I know . ” Youzheng said helplessly: “Everyone in the sect has grown up here, but we have no choice right now . ”

“Master, is there really no other way?” She knew each blade of leaf and tree in this place . Suddenly leaving her home was too much to handle .

“None . ” Youzheng said: “A disaster is coming and the city will be just like White Orchid . Only a dark pit will be here . ”

Yixue stood petrified . Leaving the safest and most prosperous place in her mind wasn’t easy .

“Where should we go then, Master?” She eventually asked . Despite her unwillingness, she had to follow her fellow sect members .

“Hmm…” Youzheng didn’t have a clue because Mingluo was the top city in Stone Harmony .

There were several other cities beside White Orchid, but they were on a smaller scale compared to Mingluo . Moreover, some of them were very far away .

Leaving the system wasn’t quite possible . Not to mention whether other systems would take them in or not, just getting there was the real challenge .

Their cultivation was too shallow and couldn’t fly across the long distance . A portal was required but their entire system had no such thing .

There might be portals left in the ruins . Alas, they were too weak to activate them .

One possibility was having another system activate these pathways for a fee . The question was - could they afford the payment?

Perhaps the entire Stoneclearing Sect could muster up the sum for him alone . However, bringing anyone else was impossible due to the fees .

Youzheng thought of one particular place - the area he went in for medicines . It was remote and safe in the mountains on top of being very large .

“I know a place . We’ll move there for now until the storm is over, then we’ll decide whether to rebuild or do something else . ” He comforted Xiyue and more importantly, himself .

“Okay, let’s go . ” Xiyue didn’t wallow in despair since there were many things to be done .

“Yue’er, leave Stone Harmony if you have the chance later . I’m sure our sect can muster the travel fee for you . ” Youzheng said while looking at the disciple he loves like a daughter .

“Why do you want me to leave?” She asked .

“It’s over for Stone Harmony, people only await death here . Your talents aren’t bad so you will have a chance to prove yourself and shine . The sect can actually gather enough money for one person . ”

“I…” She didn’t know how to respond .