Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2582

Chapter 2582

The fire phoenix ravaged the sky with its flame . An imperial aura and divine glow emerged magnificently .

“A technique from an imperial art . ” A spectator roared .

“Can he win now?” An older cultivator also became shocked .

This was the only imperial technique in Stone Harmony .

The decline of the system heralded the end for many sects . Amazing techniques and weapons disappeared from the world as a result .

Later on, it had a single imperial law left in the possession of its strongest sect - Luo Faction .

However, few could actually cultivate it successfully . Yang Tingyu was one of them, also the youngest to have accomplished this .

This art allowed him to defeat many foes . That’s why he earned the title of being number one in Stone Harmony .

Yang Tingyu was a Grand True God but in terms of raw internal power, he was inferior to Wu Youzheng .

Alas, Youzheng didn’t have an imperial art so he lost immediately the moment Tingyu used his .

“Screech!” The phoenix flapped its wings and sent out waves of fire .

“Go!” Yang Tingyu roared and issued endless flame as well . He and the phoenix became one before flying straight for Li Qiye .

His flame incinerated the world - boiling the ocean and burning the sun and moon . This annihilative force wanted to completely swallow Li Qiye .

The domineering scene left people speechless . They believed that his art was unbeatable and could burn any master to ashes regardless of how powerful they were .

“Watch it!” Yixue was shaken and quickly warned him .

However, Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and simply raised his foot before stomping down .

“Boom!” Despite the surging flame filling the sky and his wondrous momentum, Tingyu was still suppressed by the stomp all the same as if he was an ant . His abilities and methods were rendered ineffective .

“Screech!” The phoenix wanted to soar again so its flame became even more radiant and hot . This was its final struggle .

Unfortunately, even a real phoenix wouldn’t be able to escape his stomp, let alone one made out of fire .

He slightly increased the strength and the phoenix instantly turned into smoke . The great bird was no different than a tiny spark of fire, so easily extinguished .

At the same time, Yang Tingyu’s chest was crushed while issuing horrific cracking noises . He naturally spat out blood .

“Ah!” He screamed in agony .

Time seemed to be frozen; everyone’s mouth was open big enough to fit in a goose egg .

An imperial art was peerless in the mind of these disciples - the very best of merit laws . In the past, whenever Yang Tingyu resorted to this art, it meant assured victory . However, this all changed today . His art was nullified completely and he was just as weak as anyone else below Li Qiye’s foot .

The crowd couldn’t utter a single word after seeing this . No one else in the system could have withstood this move since it was the strongest merit law utilized by the strongest master of their system .

Li Qiye’s murderous slash was already frightening enough, displaying his brutality in full . Now his stomp has crushed this imperial law . This took away the hope of the spectators and crushed the system’s pride into ashes just like that phoenix earlier .

The members of Stone Harmony felt unprecedented despair - a feeling of powerlessness .

They looked up at Li Qiye’s average frame and saw a giant wearing the sky and stomping on the earth . They were nothing in comparison so they dropped to the ground, becoming empty-headed .

Just think about it, even the strongest merit law was nothing to him . Their own merit laws and dao became even more insignificant in comparison . What was the point of cultivating then? They couldn’t rise above being an ant .

The brutal slash earlier was already traumatizing but this stomp would wake them up in the middle of the night for years to come .

The entire city became quiet . The spectators didn’t dare to breathe loudly . Alas, some couldn’t help but tremble .

“Told you but you didn’t listen . ” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “Some people won’t cry till they see the coffins . ”

“Kill me then! I’m a bitch if I let out even a little groan!” Tingyu yelled .

He was indeed courageous and didn’t bother begging for mercy after losing .

“No, killing you won’t increase my infamy . I’ll let you walk away with your life . ” Li Qiye smiled .

This naturally shocked the crowd . Some thought that he was joking .

Li Qiye raised his foot and kicked Tingyu to the side .

The man was bloodied and stared at Li Qiye in disbelief . He was ready to die but didn’t expect to be spared .

“Do you know why I’m not killing you?” Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “Since you’re Puresword True Emperor’s disciple, go tell him that Fiercest, the person who killed his little brother, is right here waiting for him . I’m too lazy to go to the Mu Clan so this will save me a trip . Tell them to all come with their neck ready for decapitation . ” 

Tingyu and the rest became horrified . This was a blatant and domineering challenge to both an invincible emperor and the monstrous Mu Clan .