Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2585

Chapter 2585: 2585

“Let the past be the past . The ancestral legacy can’t be defended . As long as you’re capable, rebuilding is always a possibility and not a bad choice . ” Li Qiye advised .

Youzheng smiled awkwardly: “Young Noble, please don’t laugh, but we have no abilities to speak of and can’t replicate the task of our ancestors . I’m only wishing for enough luck that our estate will survive the disaster . ”

He sighed and continued with a bitter smile: “I won’t live for much longer now and will return to the soil . While I still have some breaths remaining, I might as well try my best for future descendants and die without regrets . Plus, dying at home is all I can ask for . ” 

More often than not, it was a luxury for a displaced man to die and be buried in their homeland .

Li Qiye didn’t respond .

“But this child is so stubborn . The more I say no, the more she wants to return, only to die…” Youzheng looked over at Yixue and helplessly said .

“Master . ” She stared at the ground instead: “This is my home too, I want to stay… I’m not afraid of death if it’s here . ”

“Silly girl, you are still young with numerous opportunities in the future . ” Youzheng shook his head .

The girl remained quiet . She was someone who would never change her mind after making a decision .

“Mingluo City is no longer yours . ” Li Qiye said flatly: “Forget about defending your inheritance because if people want to take it, they can annihilate you with a single finger . ”

Youzheng knew that Li Qiye was telling the truth so he had no response .

In fact, he was startled earlier, thinking that he came to the wrong place . Mingluo has become so lively all of a sudden with numerous members of the big systems .

These experts consisted of True Gods at the very least with no lack of Ascenders . He felt his scalp tingling as a result .

It wasn’t hard for them to take over his sect . Those powerful Ascenders could kill him with ease .

“Stay here for now instead of suiciding outside . ” Li Qiye commanded .

The two had a surprised expression, not expecting him to actually take them in . After all, he has already shown enough mercy by saving their sect earlier . They were nothing but strangers .

“Thank you, Young Noble . ” The two bowed again . Yixue was especially ecstatic and stole glances at him, albeit with reservation .

Just being able to stay in the city was more than enough for her despite the rains and winds in this place . Of course, they decided to build a tiny wooden house instead, a temporary abode for the three .

Having a roof didn’t matter to Li Qiye . If he wanted to, he could have modified the terrain to establish a great palace .

Yixue was happy to have this wooden house and did a perfect job cleaning the place . She even decorated it with some flowers to make it presentable .

“Young Noble, why are these great powers here?” Youzheng asked inside the house, unable to restrain his curiosity .

He found Li Qiye rather easy to get along with despite his brutality in battle .

“Are the rumors about treasures true?” He heard these rumors while coming back and even saw cultivators excavating in his sect’s territory .

“Do you think there is a hidden treasure grove here?” Li Qiye smiled .

“Well…” Youzheng contemplated before answering: “Even if the city had any, it would have been taken away generations ago . ”

Stone Harmony has been declining for a long time . Cultivators in the past have excavated this entire place . Anything worthwhile had been taken long ago; nothing is left for them .

This was a reason why the top merit laws and weapons of Stone Harmony all disappeared . When the big sects wanted to leave this system, they either took these items along or auctioned them away .

The only thing left behind for future generations was the withered land .

“A few things aren’t that easy to take away . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“Hmm? The dao source?” Youzheng knew more than others because he was a top expert in this place .

“We still have a dao source?” Yixue was surprised since she thought that it had disappeared long ago .

“Yes . ” Youzheng nodded and said seriously: “The dao source is still here, we just don’t know where it is . I and several True Gods have discussed this matter before . If there’s no dao source, the system would have crumbled long ago to Myriad Lineage yet it is still here . This shows that the dao source is still around . It’s a shame we can’t find it . ”

“It’s not the dao source, just heavily related . ” Li Qiye nodded .

“Are you here for this thing too, Young Noble?” Youzheng blurted before rephrasing: “No, you’re here for the evil thing underground . ”

Li Qiye had talked about chasing an evil entity here so it was disrespectful implying that he was here for treasures .  

“It’s no secret, I am indeed here for both . ” Li Qiye said .

Youzheng smiled wryly with an awkward expression .

“Is it a supreme treasure?” Yixue stole a glance at him .

“Depends, it could also cause a disaster . That’s why your system declined in just one night despite having an intact dao source . ” Li Qiye replied .

“The evil thing is here for it too?” Youzheng was shaken: “No, that can’t be . It was probably here a long time ago and was probably the cause of our decline . Now it’s back again for this thing?” 

He had researched this before so he immediately understood after receiving some hints from Li Qiye .

“That’s one way to put it . ” Li Qiye nodded .

Youzheng continued: “Will you be able to eliminate it, Young Noble?”

“It’ll be a problem if I can’t, not only to Stone Harmony but the rest of Imperial . A big problem . ” Li Qiye said .

“It’s that scary?” Youzheng felt a chill .

“It doesn’t belong to this world . ” Li Qiye spoke while staring towards the horizon .

“But if, if you can get rid of it, doesn’t that mean . . . that our dao source will be restored?” Youzheng suddenly realized something and became ecstatic inside . This was great news for their system .

“Yes, your system will soar again with majestic grand dao returning, a new breath of life and great prosperity . ” Li Qiye stated .

“Really!” The elated old man got on the ground: “Young Noble, if you take care of this evil thing, you’ll be the greatest benefactor in the history of Stone Harmony . The system will worship you for ages to come . ”

“Don’t be so quick to thank me . If this doesn’t go well, just one wrong move will turn your system to ashes . ” Li Qiye sat in his chair and said .

Youzheng felt as if someone had just poured cold water on his head . Nevertheless, he remained spirited while still bowing: “But at least there is hope . Stone Harmony can’t escape destruction while going down this path anyway . ”

“You are very optimistic . ” Li Qiye chuckled .