Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2588

Chapter 2588

The destruction of these world-renowned warships left everyone in a daze . Even the smaller type was fashioned with extremely precious divine metals . Eternals or even True Emperors personally cast them .

The creation process was arduous and meticulous . Each of these ships has been blessed by the aforementioned powerful beings before . They contained extraordinary power, similar to an imperial or Eternal weapon .

These ships have participated in many famous expeditions across Imperial and earned numerous merits . They were the harbingers of doom for one sect after another .

This group only suffered minor losses in the past . Thus, losing one or two ships was a big deal but today, Li Qiye destroyed a dozen or so already .

“Who is this guy?” Many ancestors were at a loss for words after seeing this .

Li Qiye was too unfamiliar with this crowd . People had no idea about his identity .

“I heard he called himself Fiercest or Li Qiye, but who knows where he’s from . ” An outsider heard news about Li Qiye from the natives here .

“Fiercest?” This was their first time hearing this title too, almost like a newcomer .

“He’s a new genius?” Someone said: “That’s incredible, the future generation will surpass us in time . First, there’s Jade-break True Emperor and Puresword True Emperor, now there’s Fiercest too . ”

“Buzz . ” The armada suddenly turned directions, aiming all of their cannons straight at Li Qiye to deliver a fatal blow .

Perhaps there were more than two hundred ships here and too many cannons to count . The crowd naturally became afraid .

“Full firepower . ” One person whispered: “They have used it once together and crippled a system . It never recovered afterward . ”

“That’s too much . Do they want to sink Mingluo City?” Older experts became startled .

“We better get far away because a real fight will end with the city being penetrated completely . ” One experienced master yelled before rushing out of the city .

In fact, chaos ensued right after the cannons aimed at Li Qiye . A horde started leaving the city, afraid of the consequences .

“State your name . Hidden Gold Grotto does not kill nameless juniors . ” A general appeared on top of one ship and shouted at Li Qiye .

“Never heard of Hidden Gold Grotto . ” Li Qiye stood there and leisurely responded .

This general slightly grimaced while the crowd exchanged glances .

“This brat is so haughty, talking like that to the grotto?” One spectator said .

Who hasn’t heard of Hidden Grotto in Imperial Lineage? In fact, people would shudder after hearing its name because of its domineering style .

“So you want it the hard way, huh?” The general’s eyes turned cold as he threatened: “I don’t care what your background is, don’t blame anyone for dying today since you’re asking for it . ”

“Do your worst while you still have a chance . ” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively .

“Move up, full power, don’t leave a bone behind!” The general commanded with murderous intent .

“Buzz . ” The smaller ships left the formation and went to the front, acting as a wall .

They loudly moved around and formed their own battle array before becoming bright . The wings in the back began to line up so these ships seemed to be connected .

“Buzz . ” Space trembled as a result of the successful connection .

When everyone took in the whole picture, they found that the ships have surrounded Li Qiye . They looked like a golden net trapping Li Qiye’s area . Their lights continued to spread until a golden sphere emerged around him .

He was at the very center so there was no blind spot at all for the cannons . They have locked on completely and would open fire the moment he shows any opening, completely burying him with barrages .

“It’s starting . ” A spectator murmured while looking at the ships . Around one hundred or so were surrounding him .

“Buzz . ” At the same time, the ten great ships emitted a blinding light .

“The ten monarchs are joining too?” Someone gasped at this sight .

“That’s enough to cripple a system, isn’t this too much for a junior?” One expert became surprised .

“Fire!” An order resounded . All the small ships fired at once .

“Boom! Boom!” The entire city quaked as a result while shots drowned out the sky .

The citizens lay down on the ground, paled . This was the most terrifying display of firepower they have ever seen . It looked like a raging inferno from hell pouring down on the city .

“Rumble!” Continuous detonations hurt the eardrums . These flames coming from more than one thousand cannons directly engulfed Li Qiye .

The space around him began to crack and melt . That’s why everyone could feel the searing temperature and become parched .

The city itself seemed to be melting; the inhabitants had a hard time withstanding the increasing heatwave .

“Is he dead? An Eternal might not be able to withstand that firepower . ” One person murmured while looking at the ocean of flames .

“He’s fine?!” A master could see through the barrages and shout in astonishment .

“Really?!” Everyone became startled and focused their gaze towards the center .