Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2590

Chapter 2590

The incoming ships heading for the ten main ones shocked the crowd . They were just killing their own allies .

“Boom!” These small ships gathered together and resembled a massive continent of steel carrying an unstoppable momentum .

It had great speed just like a meteor with enough force to destroy the world .

“Not good!” The generals and disciples on these ships yelled out but they could do naught but watch .

“Rumble!” The worst part was that these ships were still firing while surging for the main ones . Moreover, the firepower only increased as if they have added more ammunition .

The barrier of the great ships became unstable, on the verge of collapsing . It surely wouldn’t be able to stop the incoming fleet .

“Fire!” The ten main ships had no choice but to give this order and fired in unison .

“Boom!” The firepower of these ten ships was more than ten times stronger versus the smaller ones . Thus, the shots decimated space . The entire area shook back and forth like the end of days .

“We’re on the same side!” The troops on the smaller ships saw this and became aghast .

One small ship after another exploded . It didn’t take long before more than half of the fleet was destroyed . The soldiers there turned to ashes .

These main ships had no other choice . Collison was imminent if they didn’t do so . Not only would the barrier break down, but these smaller ships would also smash into them as well .

The only thing they could do was destroy as much as possible in order to conserve strength . Any damage to these main ships would reduce their might considerably .

“Boom!” in the end, the rest of the small ships smashed into the barrier .

“Boom!” The barrier completely crumbled, the same with the ships .

The remnants pieces flew and scattered everywhere among the sea of fire .

The only thing could be heard right now was the unceasing burning . The crowd was speechless with their eyes wide open, mouth agape .

Li Qiye patted his hands and critiqued: “So useless, can’t even make it to the main ships before becoming scrap metals . ”

The smaller fleet was done for . More than one hundred has completely been destroyed . The vicinity of Mingluo was filled with debris for thousands of miles, still burning .

Just imagine the magnificent devastation - there were enough of them to cover the airspace above Mingluo .

The natives here have never seen anything so shocking before so they became frightened . In fact, even the ancestors from the great powers in Imperial felt the same way . They didn’t expect this fleet to be defeated so swiftly .

“That’s one way to declare war against Hidden Gold Grotto…” One expert exclaimed .

“Declare war? You mean wanting to fight to the death . Those guardian warships were one-third of Hidden Gold Grotto’s fighting force and now they’re gone . It’s not just a slap, this is an irreconcilable feud . ” One ancestor said with a serious expression .

“Right, it’ll be a feud to the death . ” The experts in Imperial realized that mediation wasn’t possible .

This was still a great loss for the prosperous sect . It would be a miracle if they were to drop this issue .

“Who is he? Why is he so merciless and domineering? He’s pretty similar to Jade-break True Emperor . ” One expert recalled .

“Jade-break True Emperor wasn’t this cruel either . The emperor was murderous and prone to committing massacres but still didn’t have such a hot temperament, fighting so quickly after one disagreement . ” Another one stated .

“Jade-break True Emperor was really something back then, breaking into the Mu Clan and made that clan howl with anguish and agony, pushing towards the verge of destruction . In the end, they made many concessions or the emperor would have kept going . ” One knowledgeable ancestor said: “So we have another one just like the emperor right now . It’s amazing how the next generation will always improve . Old men like us will need to retire eventually . Now that I think about it, the title Fiercest is actually very fitting . ” 

Others glanced at each other . Defeating a fleet in one breath? That’s more than domineering enough . Someone like him was perfect for the word Fiercest .

“How strange, how come I’ve never heard of this Li Qiye before? It’s as if he appeared out of nowhere, maybe he’s from a big clan?” Someone murmured .

Everyone became curious about his background . How could such a powerful being be unknown before?

Keep in mind that in Imperial, the capable youths are very powerful, such as Jade-break or Puresword True Emperor . Even the masters from the previous generation felt suffocated by these two and became overshadowed .

“Maybe he’s from the lower world . ” An ancient ancestor spoke with a solemn expression .

“Lower world? You mean Myriad?” A response came with wide eyes and disbelief: “How could Myriad have such a powerful man? So young too . ”

“Nothing is impossible . It’s not like all of Myriad are weak; numerous masters have come from there . Some were enough to be remembered for the ages, even surpassing those from Imperial . ” The ancient ancestor said .

“There should have been some commotion if he came from Myriad, right? People should have noticed . ” A clan member said .

“Not necessarily, older lineages down there have secret passageways . After all, many of them were originally from our world or even Immortal . They still have some resources left . ” The ancestor replied .

“Maybe, or maybe he’s just a secretly groomed genius from a system in our world . There are plenty of hidden dragons and crouching tigers here . ” Someone didn’t want to accept that a being from Myriad could be stronger than their own .

This wasn’t surprising at all . Imperial has always been proud - referring to Myriad as a lower world . They considered the people there as inferior .

“It doesn’t matter since this is still going to be a big deal . Hidden Gold will go all out to destroy him, or they’ll lose all face . ” Another jumped in .

“Yes, they have been wanting to be among the top three and doing a great job at it . However, being trampled by someone now will kill their dreams, so they have no choice but to deal with Li Qiye . They want everyone in Imperial to know that their position is unshakable and that no one can challenge them since they possess enough power to be a behemoth . ” An expert analyzed Hidden Gold’s intent .

Many nodded in agreement after hearing this .