Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2592

Chapter 2592

Iron Vajra became infuriated since his group has never been shown such disdain during their conquest .

He eventually laughed sarcastically and said: “I see, I see! We have traveled the four oceans and reigned supreme . This is the first time someone dares to talk about destroying us!”

“That’s quite a boast . ” Li Qiye said: “People didn’t talk about destroying you in the past because you were too weak, not enough to get into their sight, so they didn’t want to stoop down to your level . ”

“You!” Iron Vajra became red, not expecting this particular retort .

The crowd naturally enjoyed this . These ten have always been arrogant and haughty but they have, unfortunately, met their match today .

“Junior, never go to the extreme since there is no redo once you court death . At that point, it doesn’t matter where you are from or what backing you have, no one will be able to save you from falling down the abyss . ” Iron Vajra chillingly said .

“No . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “I don’t need any protection and I enjoy going to the extreme . So what if I destroy your sect? It’s no different from crushing an ant and not worthy of engaging in introspection . ”

Iron Vajra was furious from losing the verbal game since Li Qiye always managed to come up with a retort .

“Ignorant fool, I’ll send you to hell then . ” Another cold voice came about while Iron Vajra trembled with rage .

A different figure appeared above another main ship, looking just like a golden Buddha .

“Gold Vajra . ” A spectator revealed .

This was another famous ancestor of Hidden Gold Grotto .

Li Qiye didn’t care for them: “Iron, Gold, whatever, all scrap metals . You got anyone else? Bronze, Silver, Stone, whatever, all come out now to save me some time dealing with you one by one . ”

The crowd smiled wryly after hearing this . This Fiercest character would not drop the imperious act while looking down on everyone, including the ten Vajras .

Gold Vajra’s expression also became unsightly with a murderous glint in his eyes .

“Buzz . ” The main ships lit up one by one as more figures appeared . There was no doubt that all ten Vajras were present .

“Boom!” A terrible aura took the world like an oncoming tempest .

When they made a circle, their torrential aura ravaged the world, tearing it apart .

“These ten rarely took action together, there aren’t that many in Imperial justifying this level of response . ” A spectator said .

“It’s scary indeed . I heard Lucidity King exercised prudence when dealing with these ten back then too . ” One ancestor quietly said: “It’s tough dealing with all ten . ”

The ten stood there like divine mountains, virtually impossible to get across . People couldn’t help but look up with respect .

One of them stared at Li Qiye and said with an awe-inspiring tone: “Confidence is a good thing, but too much of it results in foolishness . ”

Li Qiye shook his head: “I’m not here to chit-chat, let’s get started since you ten want to loom above all others . ”

Having said that, he suddenly flashed into disappearance .

The ten Vajras were surprised . The one who spoke earlier shouted: “Such impudence, down with you!”

Mantras spewed out of his mouth and formed a whip lashing straight down .

“Bam!” This whip made out of laws could destroy the mountains and rivers .

“You’re the one going down . ” Li Qiye appeared right in front of this Vajra and reached forward to grab the whip .  

He turned his hand and wrapped the whip around his wrist several times before pulling with force . He was too fast and the Vajra couldn’t react in time before being thrown away .

“Boom!” He flew through several peaks and slammed on the ground .

Iron Vajra roared and summoned two cymbals . He clapped and a soundwave resembling a tsunami rushed forward in an apocalyptic manner .

However, Li Qiye easily teleported to his location and used two fingers to hold the cymbals together, preventing further soundwaves . Iron Vajra’s face grew red but he couldn’t move the cymbals at all . It was as if roots have grown from Li Qiye into his treasures .

“You can have it back . ” Li Qiye flicked his finger .

“Boom!” Iron Vajra couldn’t block and was blown into the horizon while vomiting a mouthful of blood .

“Die!” Gold Vajra joined the fray and summoned a Buddhist knife with a yellow color . Saber energy filled the air before wrapping around Li Qiye like a tornado . [1]

“Scram!” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking back and simply released a palm strike .  

The knife shattered and its master became bloodied while flying through the air .

“!!” The other Varjas were shocked .

Li Qiye shifted his position to the closest Vajra . This person instantly reacted but it was too late because Li Qiye’s speed was extraordinary .

He kneed the guy right on his chin, resulting in bone-breaking noises and another trip through the air . The blue sky had shades of red .

“Take him down!” The rest of the Vajras all joined in . One of them formed a supreme Buddhist seal . It carried a destructive Buddhist affinity while pressing down .

“A fake monk claiming to be Buddha . ” Li Qiye chuckled and pointed straight at the incoming seal .

“Ah!” The finger ray penetrated this seal and left a bloody hole on this Vajra’s chest .

“Stop!” One more Vajra reached out, capable of grasping the moon and stars . His gigantic palm looked like a great prison sealing everything .

“Child’s play . ” Li Qiye retaliated by grabbing and twisting this Vajra’s fingers . All five became broken and bloodied, prompting the guy to scream .

In the meantime, one more Vajra was right behind Li Qiye for an ambush . He was met with a vertical kick right in the chest, ending with him falling to the ground and leaving a large pit .

“Boom!” In the next split second, Li Qiye slapped and destroyed a treasure pagoda of another Vajra…

He was as fast as lightning and subdued one Vajra after another . Screams and blood filled the air .

Finally, the remaining Vajra leaped into the air only to find Li Qiye right above him . The latter delivered a merciless stomp to the back .

“Boom!” This last Vajra fell straight down on a mountain . It started to crumble from the peak down to the foot before collapsing altogether .

This was a clean sweep in such a little amount of time .

These Vajras fell to the ground like boulders . Their blood stained the sky while their screams lingered, accented by the sound of bones breaking .

The only one left standing was Li Qiye . His sleeves fluttered in the air as he stood there nonchalantly . He didn’t look like he has been in a fight at all, more like a relaxed gardener fixing up his flowers . He made these ten Vajras seem like ants in comparison .

1 . A knife not meant for killing, only for cutting items