Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2593

Chapter 2593: 2593

The ten Vajras were mere dispersing clouds and falling leaves while Li Qiye was a violent gale . Just one blast and nothing would be left .

People didn’t see how Li Qiye did it, only the Vajras falling and breaking holes on the hills and grounds .

The area became quiet . The spectators were speechless as they looked up at Li Qiye with admiration . Nevertheless, fear and disbelief also permeated the area due to the devastation and blood .

The ten Vajras were top dogs in Imperial Lineage so their swift defeat took the crowd like a storm .

“Pinch me real fast so I know I’m not dreaming . ” One expert regained his wits and asked .

“Ah!” He screamed from the pain after his friend didn’t hold back . He realized that this was indeed happening and blurted: “I can’t believe it, how could someone be so strong? He took care of the Vajras like taking out the trash . ”

In fact, even the ancestors were frightened by this scene .

“They wouldn’t have lost so badly if they didn’t underestimate their enemy . ” One old ancestor said .

“Regardless of that, to be able to take these Eternals down so fast indicates his superiority . ” One expert took a deep breath .

This feat required massive power - one rarely attained by the beings in all of Imperial .

“Another master after the two recent emperors . He shouldn’t be inferior to Jade-break and Puresword at all . ” A powerful ancestor nodded approvingly .

“Wait a bit and see, ‘Buddhist Palm Scripture’ is the strongest technique from the ten . If he can block it, then he’ll prove himself to be just as strong as the emperors . ” An ancestor from another clan said .

“This arrogant brat came out of nowhere but has the power of a young emperor, a perform storm of trouble for those who provoke him . It’s a good thing we’re not one of them . ” A member of the group said while looking at Li Qiye .

“Rumble!” Explosions detonated with debris flying everywhere . Figures started jumping out of the pits .

The Vajras survived, albeit with serious wounds . However, experts of their level could fight until the very last breath .

They soared to the sky once more and surrounded Li Qiye . They still had an oppressive aura and the toughness of a mountain . Alas, the previous confidence and prestige were no longer there due to their bloodied and tattered appearance .

They glared angrily at him with murderous glint . They have once swept through the realms in an unstoppable manner . Numerous cultivators were intimidated after hearing their title but now, Li Qiye has done a number on their reputation .

They needed to kill him now in order to firmly reestablish their prestige in Imperial .

“Brat, you’re quite talented but we haven’t shown our real abilities just yet . ” Iron Vajra shouted as his eyes exuded a blinding divinity .

“Is that so? I’m waiting to see your real abilities then . Go ahead . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

“How bold, very well! Junior, I’m not trying to boast but once our Buddhist Palm comes out, only death awaits you . ” 

“Okay, okay, enough . ” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said: “I’ve heard plenty of boasting already . Ten Vajras? More like ten shameless braggarts . Make your move already . ”

The ten’s chest puffed up and down from anger . Alas, this awkward situation couldn’t be helped since he did sweep through them earlier . Winning was the only way to fix this humiliation .

They glanced at each other before forming a mudra and chanting: “Ma ni mi ba mou . ” [1]

“Boom!” One Buddhist gate appeared behind each of them and opened to pour out endless light .

The ten slowly retreated into the gates, disappearing from sight . The ten gates then became even brighter with enough brilliance to drown the whole world just like a primordial flood .

The boundless Buddhist light was all-encompassing and worked its salvation magic . Grains of light fell down . The world seemed to have a layer of golden sand, looking magical and profound .

This light eventually went away and was replaced by a gigantic lotus, looking just like a floating city .

“Buddhist Palm Scripture . ” Someone murmured .

“This is their strongest combination move with peerless power . Few in this world can break it . ” One ancestor emotionally said .

It was a scripture found by a wise sage of Hidden Gold Grotto . The text was profound and powerful, resulting in a powerful merit law and an exquisite combination attack .

Disciples from the sect in the past had a hard time exerting its true power until the generation of the ten Vajras . They were able to successfully cultivate this combination attack .

Some even believed that this particular move was the epitome of combination attacks .

“Its power is true . Jade-break True Emperor also attacked Hidden Gold Grotto once and defeated the ten Vajras . They had no choice but to resort to this move . ” One expert revealed .

“How did it go?” People became curious .

“I heard they successfully pushed the emperor out of the sect . Of course, the emperor still left easily . ” The expert said .

“That strong?” Many gasped in response .

“This is from a long time ago when Jade-break True Emperor was still young, far from being as strong as the present . Moreover, the battlefield was Hidden Gold so they had the help of their system as well . Because of the terrain advantage, they were able to use the move to its fullest potential . But this isn’t Hidden Gold today . ” The expert looked at the sky .

“Sure, this place isn’t Hidden Gold, but the technique is famous for being virtually indestructible . According to the rumors, at full force, it can stop one blow from an ancestral weapon . It will be very difficult for Fiercest . ” An ancestor said .

“Hidden Gold Grotto is strong indeed . Just the ten Vajras are scary enough, wouldn’t the four Treasure Monarchs be even more impressive?” A junior shuddered, feeling his hair standing on end .

This sect was indeed powerful enough to be a top lineage outside of the three behemoths .

1 . No translation here . Looks like a Buddhist chant