Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2597

Chapter 2597: 2597

Destruction of Stone Harmony appeared imminent and Li Qiye was done for, or so the crowd thought .

However, time and sound came to a halt . No one dared to breathe loudly regardless of their strength after seeing this scene .

They saw Li Qiye easily stopping the gigantic foot with a single hand .

Keep in mind, Li Qiye was far smaller than its foot, let alone the entire entity . It looked like the entire sky was caving down . To paint an image, he was a mosquito trying to shoulder the sky, except a million times or so smaller .

Normally, people would find this hilarious, akin to a mantis trying to kick a carriage - a full overestimation of one’s abilities .

Alas, the size discrepancy didn’t prevent him from stopping the stomp in such a relaxed manner . The crowd was completely shocked .

“Raa!” The steel giant roared with a star-destroying intensity, causing continuous explosions .

Its body quaked as it mustered more force down towards Li Qiye .

“Rumble!” Space was instantly crushed along with various dao laws .

“Scram . ” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye before the incoming devastation . He slightly lifted his hand and flipped his palm .

Something unbelievable happened . The giant was instantly pushed off its feet by Li Qiye’s invincible power . It flew towards the starry horizon like a gargantuan planet .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Stars were victimized and instantly exploded, resulting in many colorful explosions .

The stunned crowd didn’t know what to think and just stood there in a daze . They had no words to describe this unreal physical force .  

“He’s as strong as a true dragon…” It was astonishing to see how normal his arms were, not muscular in the slightest .

“He could lift up the entire world if there was a suitable handle . ” An ancestor said: “Strong enough to flip back a toppling firmament . ”

“Truly invincible . Only a few is at this level in Imperial . ” Everyone became impressed .

“Die!” The steel giant roared and rushed back, capable of traveling through one domain after another in just a short time .

The wings behinds its back came together to form a divine sword spanning for ten million miles . Its pulsing glint illuminated the world .

“Boom!” The slash instantly destroyed the stars along the path . Many Eternals wouldn’t be able to stop it .

“Supreme Divinity!” The giant roared; its body surged with great divinity . This slash looked like the judgment of the high heaven .

The area became engulfed in a terrible tribulation of lightning . Everyone turned pale, knowing that direct contact would end Stone Harmony .

“Oh lord, is this a tribulation in the legends?” Someone screamed and started running .

“It’s not a tribulation but rather a full-blown heavenly punishment! It carries the power of the high heaven, one that surpasses the Eternals . How did it muster this much force?!” One ancestor bellowed .

The slash buried everything . Numerous rivers of stars evaporated as if they had never existed in the first place .

“It’s your doom today!” Li Qiye’s eyes became serious . He became resplendent and made a fist . Just this slight movement made the world tremble .

“Break!” He leaped into the sky and punched upward .

His fist was naturally minuscule compared to the great sword . It shouldn’t be a match at all .

“Is he insane going barehanded? Only an ancestral treasure can match this sword!” An Eternal commented, feeling that Li Qiye was being irrational .

However, Li Qiye’s shiny punch represented annihilation, peerlessness, and unyielding tenacity .

Blinding explosions detonated like the eruption of numerous suns up in space, temporarily blinding the capable spectators .

Once they regained their vision, they saw the punch crushing the sword into pieces that eventually caught on fire .

This wasn’t the end . His punch continued in an unstoppable manner and unleashed a flame capable of incinerating three thousand worlds .

It penetrated the giant’s chest, leaving a black hole . Though its chest was thicker than the earth, it still wasn’t enough to stop this power .

“Ahh!” The Vajras and numerous disciples from Hidden Gold screamed . They were crushed as a result; their blood started gushing out .

“Rumble!” Crumbling noises echoed in the area .

Li Qiye went up to space and separated the giant into eight pieces .

“Bang!” He started by ripping out the skull .

“Bang!” The legs were next .

“Bang!” Then the hands…

The steel giant that seemed to be unbeatable earlier has been torn apart in full . Remnant pieces began floating around in space .

The crowd became frozen as if their mind has left their body .

“ . . . You can do that? . . . ” An Eternal stammered . He has never seen this level of dismantlement before .