Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2602

Chapter 2602

“Kill them all!” Roars of battle emanated across Mingluo .

In the beginning, the corpses had the upper hand and killed many cultivators before they could react .

However, after the other side regained their wits, they held strong and quickly went on the offensive .

Of course, the natives alone would have been massacred . The influx of powerful cultivators from the big sects and systems allowed the living to reverse the tide .

It didn’t take long before the corpses were hunted down . A few didn’t get to do anything before being completely surrounded on all sides .

Strangely enough, even decapitation wasn’t enough to kill them . The body would try to find its missing head .

Seeing this scene left the spectators in horror, albeit on a brief moment . These battle-hardened cultivators instantly chopped them to pieces .

Some corpses actually fled successfully by digging into the ground and disappearing down there . The pursuers couldn’t do anything about it .

“Where did these creatures come from?” This question popped up .

No one could give a good answer since they appeared all of a sudden overnight .

“They, they’re the missing natives of White Orchid . ” A local quietly said after recognizing some corpses .

People exchanged glances after hearing this . One expert said: “Why are the missing citizens of White Orchid here on top of ambushing us?’

No one had an answer for this either .

“It’s coming at last . ” One ancestor said with narrowed eyes .

“Ancestor, what’s coming?” His junior asked curiously .

“The immortal stone of Stone Harmony . It seems to be coming out, I’ve waited long enough . ” His eyes pulsed with light .

“Immortal stone? Ancestor, is it really amazing and precious?” The junior was stirred .

The young ones followed their seniors here and actually didn’t know the reason . Only a few of them heard about the immortal stone by chance .

“It’s a stone with no written records . ” The ancestor solemnly explained: “According to the rumors, the founder of Stone Harmony found this stone, allowing him to prove his grand dao and become a progenitor . Later on, it was buried deep in the system and contained endless power relating to eternal life . ”

He paused for a bit and looked at his junior: “Because of this, other progenitors have come in search for it after the decline of the system but they couldn’t find anything . However, the fact that it can still stay in Imperial instead of falling down to Myriad shows that the stone is still around here . People think that due to recent events, this stone is about to emerge so that’s why these various powers are here . Otherwise, what’s the point of traveling so far just to visit this godforsaken area?”

“It’s that amazing and has mysteries about immortality?” The juniors nearby became emotional .

“Even if it doesn’t have anything to do with immortality, it should still be plenty incredible since it can provide enough power for the system to stay around . It might be comparable to a dao source in terms of power replenishment . ” The ancestor elaborated .

“Right, so possessing this stone is akin to possessing a dao source . ” One junior became excited .

Anyone would love to possess the power of a dao source, regardless of who they are .

In fact, this group wasn’t the only one with this realization . Other ancestors saw this scene and became excited . They made careful preparation for the stone to come out .

“Are you sure about this?” One ancestor asked his peer .

After all, they came specifically for this stone . If it didn’t show up, then everyone would have wasted their time . Remember, even progenitors have failed to find anything in the past .

“Don’t you see the corpses? Why did they come back to life? The most logical answer is the stone fueling them power . ” His peer said with conviction .

“So the rumor about its immortality effect is true . ” The ancestor took a deep breath while his eyes flashed with excitement .

This was the same scenario seen everywhere - old ancestors with withering vitality desperate to find something that can prolong their life . They would pay any price for it .

The appearance of these corpses became solid evidence for the effects of the immortal stone .


Back in Heavensound Ruins, corpses were crawling out of the ground and heading for the palace . They instantly surrounded Li Qiye’s group .

“What should we do?” The frightened Yixue didn’t know what to do because of her inexperience so she quietly asked Li Qiye .

He chuckled and raised his finger, shooting out refined flames towards the corpses .

“Poof!” The corpses didn’t even have the chance to squirm before turning into ashes scattering into the winds .

Youzheng shuddered after seeing this . The same fate would happen to him if these flames were to touch him at all .

Li Qiye purposely left one corpse alive . Before it could lunge at him, he spread out his palm to immobilize it .

He grabbed and brought it back into the palace .

The other two were afraid of more corpses showing up so they got back in and tightly shut the door .

“Young Noble, why are you catching it?” Youzheng asked .

“For a better look . ” Li Qiye’s eyes illuminated the corpse .

“What’s there to look at, it’s a corpse…” Yixue muttered to herself before backing off .

Li Qiye began moving his fingers, not wasting a single movement . The skin of the corpse started peeling, inch by inch . To be more exact, this was a flaying process .

The two were creeped out and quickly turned their head away .

It didn’t take long before the corpse was fully peeled from top to bottom . Only a dried mess was below, devoid of life .

“It’s really dead . ” There was a lack of life and vitality . The flesh and muscle became as dried as wood .

However, it still maintained its initial appearance without collapsing . Something must have drained all of its life force in the blink of an eye . This was a very bizarre occurrence .