Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2606

Chapter 2606

A clear shift happened overnight where the corpses were no longer frightening and scream-inducing .

Actually, people were still screaming, but out of excitement instead of fear . The appearance of these corpses meant a fortune was coming their way .

Because of this, people’s eyes lit up after hearing about potential spotting and they ran there like addicts .

Initially, these corpses still weren’t that precious even when their black stone’s power-boosting potential was known . It had a negligible effect on masters so the demand remained low .

However, the paradigm shifted when systems started paying a high price for them . The black stones became a hot commodity with increasing prices . Some eager masters actually paid a ludicrous amount for them .

“I heard these black stones have a strong connection with the rumored immortal stone . ” This piece of information quietly traveled across Mingluo: “The black stones inside the corpses are broken pieces from the immortal stone . Somehow these corpses had these stones inside them, managing to come back alive . Rumor has it that the original stone was left behind by an immortal and it can grant everlasting life…”

The city became crazier after hearing these rumors . Even the spectating ancestors joined the hunt for corpses .

The influx of these old men only exacerbated the demand and price for the black stones . It had reached an unreasonable amount .

Competition always followed right after a clear benefit . Thus, conflicts were inevitable as people hunt for the black stones .

Another rumor came out: “Using a large number of black stones can have a life-prolonging effect…”

All in all, people went crazy and hunted the corpses like crazy in Mingluo City .


Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t pay attention to anything back in his palace . He closed his eyes and meditated, only to crack a smile after hearing about the black stones’ effect: “Ignorant fools, they’ll come to find how helpless they are soon enough . ”

“Do you mean those stones are poisonous?” Youzheng found this plausible after seeing the nefarious nature of the stones .

“We’ll find out soon . However, the positive properties are indeed true . ” Li Qiye said .

“So what are the side-effects?” Youzheng wondered due to the high price the stones are fetching right now .

“Do you need baits to fish?” Li Qiye looked at him and answered .

Youzheng took a second before understanding Li Qiye . He blurted out: “You mean, these black stones are…”

Li Qiye closed his eyes again, seemingly asleep .


There weren’t enough black stones to go around . Whenever a corpse appeared, masters would head there right away . The weak couldn’t find anything .

For some unknown reasons, perhaps too many have been killed and that the corpses have fled, it became harder to find corpses in Mingluo . Even one or two became a rare sight in just two days .

“Looks like we’ve killed them all . ” One person sighed in disappointment after wasting half a day searching .

All they could do was lament the situation . It’s not like more corpses would spawn .

Just when everyone thought that this was the end of this story, a command was issued inside the city .

“Seal the city off, bring all the natives here . ” A powerful Eternal commanded .

The native citizens and cultivators from Mingluo were herded together by stronger experts .

“What are you doing?! How lawless!” It didn’t take long before the natives were imprisoned . It was too late to escape . Resistance was futile because they were simply too weak .

“What’s going on?” The neutral outsiders found this strange .

“Hey, you all are being unreasonable here . ” One outsider spoke on the side of justice . After all, they were only guests at Mingluo . Suddenly capturing the natives was too extreme .

“Hmph, what are you going to do about it?” The jailers didn’t play nice and barked back at the protester: “Don’t mess with the Trade Federation’s business . ”

“You!” The protester became angry but his friend immediately pulled him back .

After the group of experts left, his friend quietly reminded him: “It’s best not to mess with the Trade Federation to avoid being killed . They aren’t as imperious as Hidden Gold Grotto but once they choose to do something, they’ll move with lightning speed and great destruction . ”

Though the kind-hearted protester felt indignant, he really couldn’t afford to mess with the Trade Federation . Even the strongest sect in his system couldn’t do so either .

Another message eventually spread across the city - that the Trade Federation will execute people by the city gate .

“Execution? Why are they doing that to the natives who are too weak to provoke them in the first place . ” People became confused .

“Using them as bait, of course . The corpses want to suck blood so the federation wants to use the natives’ blood to lead them out . ” One expert immediately realized what was going on . His expression soured .

“I see, it’s another type of blood offering . ” Many took a deep breath and muttered, unhappy about the development .

The words, blood offering, made people uneasy . This was a taboo considered to be part of the heretical and evil dao .

But now, the trade alliance was resorting to this method .  

“How can they do this?!” One visiting cultivator shouted with indignation .

“Benefits move the heart . ” An ancestor shook his head: “This might be an order from the higher-ups in the federation . Ordinary members can’t give this command . Remember, Venerable Deer Merchant is very old now, few in Imperial is as old as him so he doesn’t have long to live . If these black stones can really prolong life, then the federation won’t mind…”

Venerable Deer Merchant was the leader of the Trade Federation .

“They’ll invite the fury of the crowd by doing this taboo act . ” One expert said .

“That’s why they’re using the natives of Mingluo . ” An ancestor replied: “This entire system doesn’t even have a single Ascender, so how are they going to oppose the federation? Outsiders won’t want to step up for their sake either . ”

“That’s true . ” Many smiled wryly at the sad circumstance .

No one in this declining system could help the natives here . The system had no allies to speak of either . Who would stand up for them?

The Trade Federation wouldn’t dare to do this against a powerful system, but Stone Harmony was only a fish on the chopping board .