Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2608

Chapter 2608

The departure of this ancestor silenced the scene . Dissenters could only keep their mouth shut before the might of the federation .

This blood offering would stain the reputation of cultivators and break the unspoken law of not hurting mortals . Alas, they were powerless despite wanting to help .

Cloud Crane was quite powerful and came from a strong system . Unfortunately, all five Heavenly Merchants were present in Mingluo .

The federation’s strongest fighting force was here with the exception of their leader . Anyone would need to weigh themselves before interfering with this injustice .

Losing would mean death on top of implicating their own sect and system .

That’s why this ancestor had no choice but to begrudgingly leave .

The only ones that could pressure the federation were the three behemoths . Anyone else would just be courting death .

“Do it . ” Green-robed Heavenly Merchant wore a cold expression and raised his hand, personally presiding over this event .

Everyone felt a suppression in his presence because of his everpresent aura as an Eternal . People felt out of breath as a result and didn’t dare to act recklessly .

The executioners raised their blade after receiving the command .

“No…” The chained captives cried out but it was too late .

“Whoosh!” The blade glinted before coming down . Blood gushed out and heads fell to the ground .

The blood poured into the grooves and stained the ground .

People held their breath at this sight . Some were curious whether this method would work or not .

Rustles happened underground and the soil became loose . Finally, hands started reaching out of the ground and several corpses got up .

“It’s them, this method does work!” People became surprised .

Everyone forgot about the blood offering and the decapitated natives . All eyes were on the corpses .

Some even thought that the federation’s choice wasn’t a waste of time, truly effective .

The reality was that for many of these experts, regular people were only ants . Their heart started beating faster at this development .

Of course, some didn’t appreciate the injustice but since there were benefits and tempting things up for grabs, justice and morals became worthless .

With this new knowledge, someone else would have carried out the blood offering even if the Trade Federation didn’t do so .

Some might be spewing justice from their mouth but they would secretly carry out this measure .

“Rumble!” The disciples from the federation were prepared . They instantly defeated the corpses that got out of the ground and pinned them down .

They took the black stones from the corpses . After losing this essence, the corpses squirmed for a bit before dying for real .

These disciples were fast and skilled to the astonishment of the crowd . Perhaps this wasn’t the first time the Trade Federation has used this blood offering method . They just chose to be blatant this time around .

“Another group . ” Unfortunately, no more corpses came out of the ground so Green-robed Heavenly Merchant gave an order without batting an eye .

The second group of natives were brought over - paled with trembling legs .

Several more were decapitated which yielded a few more corpses . Green-robed Heavenly Merchant finally said: “That’s it for today . We’ll continue tomorrow . ”

He then left along with the experts from the federation . A stench of blood permeated the air and the soil .

The spectators had different thoughts . Some had fiery eyes, seemingly wanting to try the same thing for the black stones .

After all, they were selling for a sky-high price . Just one could make many risk their lives over it . If they could harvest more with a single attempt, why not resort to a blood offering?

The creed of not involving mortals was thrown out the window right away . However, all the natives were captured by the federation right now . No more baits were available even if they wanted to try .


Li Qiye was still meditating inside his palace, looking just like a statue .

“Young Noble, please show mercy and save the citizens of Mingluo, they are being used as blood offerings right now . ” Lin Yixue beseeched .

Li Qiye didn’t bother opening his eyes . After a while, he said: “Only the strong can control their fate . ”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” She was on her knees and repeatedly slammed her forehead on the floor without holding back . Blood began to drip down .

“Please show mercy, Young Noble . ” Youzheng performed the same act .

Yixue continued this process until blood spilled all over the floor, eventually staining her dress .

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes and saw her bloody face . He sighed and waved his sleeve to concede: “Fine, I shall save them out of consideration for you . ” 

“Thank you, Young Noble . ” She bowed her head again as tears flowed out . The bloodied Youzheng did the same .

“Go put bandages on . ” He said: “I can’t save them forever . You need to rely on yourself in the future . The system needs you to grow stronger, or it will always be bullied by others . ”

“We will do our best . ” She clenched her fists .

She has always found herself blessed with happiness - adored by the entire sect . Moreover, Mingluo City enjoyed peace as well . Being weak didn’t deter them from enjoying life .

But now, this feeling of helplessness during a time of crisis overwhelmed her . She couldn’t protect her home and her loved ones . If it wasn’t for Li Qiye, their sect would be gone right now . They wouldn’t be here to talk about protecting the city and its natives .

“The path towards the dao is arduous, I hope you will strive unremittingly with your head held high . Become strong to protect the ones you wish to protect and uphold your ideals . ” Li Qiye said .

“I will always bear this in mind, Young Noble . ” She trembled, feeling all kinds of emotions . Li Qiye was the only one in the entire world who would stand up for them at this moment .