Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2615

Chapter 2615: 2615

“Boom!” The figures exuded powerful forces to deal with the intruder .

They instantly surrounded Li Qiye while forming a great formation . All had a shining glow of an Eternal, especially the five merchants . Their radiance was brighter than the others as if they were sanctified, seemingly made of gold .

‘Buzz . ” Pillars of light from above descended on the figures inside the kingdom . With this infusion of power, it seemed that these beings were actually here in person .

“Kill!” These figures began to rotate in a circle with increasing speed until they became mere shadows .

This torrential movement caused nonstop explosions . Weapons and treasures, incredible laws and techniques; all of these aimed for Li Qiye at the same time .

The five merchants and the rest disappeared and turned into a god with countless hands . Each hand had a different treasure and used a different technique with great profundity .

Li Qiye fell into this trap . All of his weak points became targets while his movements were sealed .

Moreover, it wasn’t a random attack either . Each hand was perfectly coordinated and left no openings . It sealed all of his escape paths while aiming for the fatal meridians .

This was an ultimate blow resembling a tornado surrounding Li Qiye .

The spectators gasped in horror . No one could stop this barrage . Even ancestors would turn to ashes .

“All angles and coordinates are under siege . If Fiercest makes a move, he’ll expose himself even more and the torrential forces will take advantage of this situation, turning him into a sieve . He needs to stay still . ” One ancestor knew that he couldn’t stop this move .

“Buzz . ” Li Qiye remained motionless . A golden glow emerged around him .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The hands didn’t wait and struck him at the same time . The entire dimension started trembling chaotically .

The unbelievable happened . All the moves and weapons connected but Li Qiye remained unharmed .

The sharp swords, heavy axes, and domineering punches… everything failed to harm his seemingly-cast-from-gold body . It was akin to a thousand eggs being thrown at a man adorned in full iron plates .  

Li Qiye didn’t vomit blood; his chest wasn’t penetrated . He stood there, relaxed . Not even a strand of hair went missing . Moreover, the onslaught didn’t manage to move him by an inch .

“How, how can this be?” The crowd became slack-jawed at his display of might again .

“Is this the mythical indestructible diamond form?” Some couldn’t believe their own eyes .

Indestructible diamond form was a well-known belief yet impossible to obtain . Even the toughest beings could be hurt when meeting a stronger foe .

But now, Li Qiye was truly displaying this notion against the onslaught .

“My turn . ” He smiled and moved his palms together, gathering a blinding light .

There seemed to be a million suns within his palms, culminating into the most dazzling brilliance .

“Boom!” The suns exploded at the same time and emitted a destructive shockwave .

“Rumble!” Cracks began to appear in this kingdom of the gods from the impact .  

When people could see the inside of the kingdom, they saw figures being turned to scattering specks of dust .

The five merchants were blown flying with blood gushing everywhere . The shockwave nearly turned them into bloody mists .

“That’s insane . ” The crowd trembled with fear .

“That move can easily destroy a sect, or even pierce through an entire system . ” One ancestor turned pale .

“Ants have no great moves to speak of . Your attempt was futile . ” Li Qiye patted the dust off his robe in a casual manner .

The merchants had nothing but fear and shock on their face . They didn’t expect to lose so fast in their independent dimension, and in such an utter manner as well .

“Damn it all!” They roared and started risking their lives .

“Buzz . ” A mirror appeared inside the kingdom . It looked like the surface of a lake, only filled with blood instead of water .

Lost souls hovered around this mirror and wouldn’t dissipate . Thus, the mirror carried immense grudge and hatred, enough to tear the world apart .

”What is that?” Many shuddered before this terrible mirror .

“So many lives must have been refined to create this monstrous, no, forbidden weapon . ” An ancestor saw the hint; his expression darkened .

“Your Trade Federation deserves death just for creating this mirror . ” Li Qiye coldly uttered .

“We’ll see if you can survive to say that again!” Green-robed Heavenly Merchant roared .

Their vitality materialized into arcs streaming straight into the mirror .

“Zzz…” Their vitality naturally depleted, resulting in their body drying up . The mirror seemed to be sucking them dry .

“The merchants are using their lifespan now, gathering their longevity blood into the mirror . Looks like they won’t live for long even if they manage to defeat Fiercest . ” An older master murmured .

This group was determined to take Li Qiye down with them .