Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2617

Chapter 2617: 2617

Finally, he became the size of an ant to the astonishment of the crowd .

In the beginning, they thought this mirror would release a destructive strike or a brutal method, perhaps even a curse .

Who would have thought that this ray would shrink him down to the size of an ant?

People glanced at each other, thinking that this mirror was too bizarre .

“This bloody mirror is frightening indeed . It looks like a curse, a sure-kill move . ” One expert commented with trepidation .

“It’s not just a curse but more like a seal . It wants to lock Li Qiye’s dao . Only by doing so would it be able to turn him into an ant . ” One ancestor slowly said .

“Not just that . ” A gray-hair ancestor added with a serious stare: “It looks like Lu Keweng’s experiment is a success . They will want to create an even more powerful forbidden weapon in the future . Don’t forget, they have plenty of systems to work with, an endless supply of materials . ”

The crowd was horrified since he was obviously referring to people when he said “supply” . The higher the number, the more powerful the weapon would become .

The five merchants rejoiced at the successful attack . Golden-horn Heavenly Merchant laughed happily and praised: “Brother Lu sure is amazing, he’s the only one who can come up with this idea . ”

“Yes, his vision is peerless . ” Whitebeard Heavenly Merchant added .

“We have nothing to fear now with this weapon!” A different one laughed arrogantly .

They glanced at each other and started celebrating . An even bolder thought appeared in their mind .

Li Qiye was very strong and could easily take down the five of them together . However, he was still sealed by this forbidden weapon .

However, they could even create a stronger one . People were right - they used several million lives to refine this particular one .

Many members among them protested this idea because it was a big deal . Plus, the product might not be that powerful . People at their level already had plenty of weapons .

Now, this success fueled their ambition even more . Not to mention the other systems, even the three behemoths would fear them if they could create something greater .

At that point, it was fine to use a hundred million people or so . After all, they were mere ants .

“Hahaha! All ants!” The group viewed the world with disdain after realizing the future potential .

Green-robed Heavenly Merchant sneered while looking at the miniature Li Qiye: “Who’s the ant now? You are! That’s what you get for opposing us . ”

“Kill him now, just an ant, can’t reach the apex . ” Golden-horn chuckled .

The five of them became relaxed and no longer cared for public opinion .

This made it clear to the crowd that they were planning for something more sinister .

“It’s over for Fiercest . He made fun of them earlier but now, he actually shrank down to the size of an ant . ” One spectator said .

Some people didn’t like him at all . One sneered: “That’s what he gets for being so arrogant, not understanding the unfathomable power of the federation . He can’t oppose such a monster alone, so suicidal . ”

“Boom!” A giant foot came down for Li Qiye inside the separate dimension . It heavily slammed on the ground .

“No!” Lin Yixue screamed . There was no need to look - one could imagine his fate right now, just a lump of flesh .

Tears flowed out but there was nothing she could do .

“That’s the end of a great genius . ” Some felt sorry for him while looking at the foot .

“He was too stubborn and aggressive . ” One expert shook his head .

“He was being unreasonable, the five merchants yielded already yet he kept on pushing them towards the edge . He deserved being crushed like an ant . ” One fella scoffed .

“Rumble!” A series of explosions interrupted the crowd . The kingdom was quaking, subjected to great pressure .

“What’s going on?” The five merchants were startled since this power didn’t come from them .

“Oh? Another development . ” The spectators were surprised .

“Boom!” The giant foot was lifted to the air, revealing Li Qiye beneath .

He grew back to his original size in the blink of an eye, but it didn’t stop there .

“Rumble!” He quickly turned into a giant .

In the beginning, he was the size of a hill . Next, the size of a mountain range, then his head was right below the firmament; his feet ravaged the earth…

A bloody light appeared around him - the one from the mirror earlier . They served as dao laws pulling on his body, causing it to grow larger . He eventually reached the size where one strand of his hair could fall down and crush a mountain range .

The dimensional kingdom couldn’t contain him any longer and started cracking .

Remember, this huge space was virtually an independent world . Alas, Li Qiye still overfilled it .

Everything inside was being crushed, including the bloody mirror .

“Run!” The five merchants ran with all of their might .

“A reversal is always entertaining . ” Li Qiye spoke . His voice was ten thousand times more sonorous than thunder, causing the world to tremble .

He reached forward, aiming for the fleeing merchants . Empowered by fear and desperation, the group was quite fast and made it many million miles away .