Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2621

Chapter 2621: 2621

The group didn’t march with loud fanfare nor put on an ostentatious show . Nevertheless, the atmosphere became tense right away .

They were virtually silent walking out of the portal in an orderly manner . This style actually made them feel invincible, capable of knocking down all obstacles - cutting through the mountains and earth, slashing through the lakes and oceans .

One particular person stood out in this group . He certainly commanded the spotlight wherever he went .

He was very young and dressed in all white with a cool attitude while holding a long sword . There was no aggression, pressure, and arrogance in him .  

Alas, just his presence alone made people stagger backward with fear - enough to make them tremble . In fact, his glare could cause pain like a thrust penetrating the heart or the neck- a fatal sword move . People gulped and wondered if there was a hole in their throat with blood oozing out .

“Lightning Sword God, Su Mobai!” Someone shouted .

“He rarely leaves the Mu Clan . If he’s here, the emperor is definitely coming . ” The crowd was surprised .

“Yes, it’s always with the emperor when he leaves the clan . ” People felt dread .

Su Mobai was Puresword True Emperor’s First Disciple, also the master of Mu Chengjie who was killed by Li Qiye . Of course, Chengjie was only one of his disciples .

After hearing his name, the first reaction was thinking that he wasn’t from the Mu Clan . However, he actually had great status in the clan .

He had a different last name because he wasn’t born in the clan . His actual background was very humble and he had no noble bloodline to speak of .

His father was a worker on a farm, an untouchable of sorts . However, Mobai displayed incredible talents with the sword dao at a young age .

The emperor took note of this and brought him to the clan . He definitely didn’t let the emperor down . Under the emperor’s guidance, his cultivation soared greatly . Few youths in the clan could actually match him .

Remember, the Mu was ancient and vast with plenty of experts . This particular clan cared immensely about bloodline and background .

In spite of this, an untouchable like Mobai was able to rise through the ranks and eventually became Puresword True Emperor’s First Disciple . This was indicative of his excellent talents .

Some even said that he was just as talented as the emperor .

“Lightning Sword God is peerless due to his quick draw . ” A youth was a big fan of Mobai instead of Puresword and Jade-break True Emperor .

“Yes, his cultivation isn’t a match for his faster, but in terms of speed, no one can compare to him . His quick draw will slit the throat before people know what’s going on . ” Another youth lamented .

Mobai had plenty of fans in Imperial . The cultivators from small sects or had a humble beginning viewed him as their role model .

Though the two emperors had many admirers, they didn’t represent every cultivator, not the ones at the bottom of the social ranking .

They were born in the strongest systems and had a noble bloodline, blessed with extraordinary advantages from the very start .

Their current achievements were indeed due to their own talents and efforts . However, they were destined for greatness, not something the bottom-tiered cultivators could relate to .

This wasn’t the case for Mobai . An untouchable like him was basically an ant . Nevertheless, he managed to become one of the best cultivators in Imperial and overwhelmed his peers in the Mu Clan . People couldn’t help but praise him for this .

Ultimately, his background and achievements earned him sympathy and respect from weaker cultivators . They thought that they could become as famous and strong as him one day through sheer effort and determination .

“He chose an unconventional yet effective path . If he had only followed the footsteps of his master, then he would be shackled to that path, doomed to be inferior to his master . However, his quick draw is impeccable right now, perhaps surpassing the emperor himself . ” An old expert said .

An old man who had fought against Mobai agreed: “Yes, his speed is unrivaled . True to his title, his comprehension of the sword dao is very unique, maybe not on the same level as the emperor but far above the other youths . ”

Both the lowly cultivators and noble masters praised and admired Su Mobai for his current achievements .

Mobai didn’t enter Mingluo right away but decided to stay in a palace on the mound .

This mound has been blessed by Puresword True Emperor’s grand dao so it became a formation of sorts, capable of both offense and defense . This was a perfect place for an encampment .

He didn’t show himself again and without his orders, the Mu disciples didn’t dare to do anything on their own volition . Once again, this showed his high status in the clan .

Plenty of these disciples were part of noble bloodlines - descendants of emperors and even progenitors . But now, they still listened to someone with a different last name .

“Whoosh!” A green branch crossed through the sky a while later, also pinning on another mound outside of Mingluo .

“Rumble!” The branch started growing at an incredible pace .

The crowd couldn’t believe it . It was only as thick as a finger earlier but now, it has turned into a sky-blotting tree .

It continued to grow with nonstop detonations . Its thick roots looked like true dragons and drilled deep into the ground while roaring, fortifying the tree .

It began to absorb the spirit energy and water of this area, drying the whole place out . This crazily spread until only barren land was left .