Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2625

Chapter 2625: 2625

The scene resembled the devastation left behind by a tornado . The entire tree didn’t have a single part untouched and was nearly split in half as well .

The system suffered heavy losses due to the falling buildings crashing into the ground and breaking into bits and pieces .

The casualty wasn’t bad but the survivors had no home to return to now . They stared at the empty tree in a daze .

The strike silenced the top part of the tree right away . The aggressive divinity coming from the heavenly monarch earlier was nowhere to be found now .

“I can squash all of you like bugs, this is a warning . Feel free to come if you do not heed it . ” Li Qiye’s leisure voice came from his palace .

He directly provoked everyone nearby after fully humiliating Famed Bamboo System . However, the tree had no response . The monarch himself also closed his mouth like an obedient child .

Just one strike alone nearly annihilated the Adamantine Tree . Everyone was stunned because Li Qiye’s power seemed unfathomable . No one could have a good read of his true strength .

“The monarch hasn’t seen Fiercest in action before or he wouldn’t have made that mistake . His power isn’t comparable to the five merchants yet he still dared to provoke Fiercest? He asked for this humiliation . ” Someone from the last generation shook his head .

Sha Yucheng was a powerful master . He was considered one of the youngest Eternals in Imperial, being only a little older than Puresword True Emperor . This meant he had great potential in the future .

However, he still couldn’t match the Eternals from the previous generation, especially notorious ones like the five merchants . Thus, he obviously couldn’t take on Li Qiye .

“Everything else becomes meaningless after one reaches a certain power level . Background? Backing? Bloodline? All meaningless . ” An ancestor had a forceful smile on his face while reflecting .

Sha Yucheng was strong on top of having the resourceful Famed Bamboo behind him . He actually didn’t mind antagonizing people stronger than him because of this . His system had mighty ancestors and has never been afraid of anyone .

In an actual all-out conflict, they could handle anyone in Imperial outside of the three behemoths . But now, after witnessing the destructive strike earlier, the monarch realized that he had kicked a steel door . What they had here right now wasn’t enough to oppose Fiercest .

Thus, keeping quiet was a wise move . Otherwise, all of their disciples might die here and now along with further damage to the tree .

“So domineering . ” The spectators smiled wryly after seeing a lack of reaction from the monarch .

“Fiercest is causing trouble everywhere . ” One ancestor said: “Does he really want to fight against everyone?”

“Maybe he wants the immortal stone all for himself . ” Another ancestor’s eyes flashed brightly with greed .

In fact, virtually everyone came from the immortal stone . Li Qiye was just too big of a blockade .

They started hoping for the three behemoths to take action and break into Mingluo so that they could take advantage of the chaos .

Over to the Mu’s side, they were also intimidated by the attack earlier . Yang Tingyu had nothing to say . All they could do was wait for their emperor .

Even the gourd landing on the great plain earlier didn’t make a move . It looked like they weren’t in a rush to siege Mingluo .

A while later on the same day, a deer crossed through the sky ever so briefly . Nevertheless, it left hoofprints on the sky, looking just like blooming white flowers .

“What’s that?” Some didn’t know what was going on .

“Venerable Deer Merchant . ” An ancestor became serious .

“Buzz . ” A wooden stick flew over from the horizon and landed on a thicket outside of Mingluo .

The vegetation and trees there started growing at an unbelievable rate, tall enough to blot out the sky . The more magical part was these trees intertwining together to form houses and palaces . This bustling city had specific patterns just like a work of art .

One could hear deers playing around among the bushes and gurgling streams . A group began drinking near a stream . Some were galloping around while others were gathering little branches together to make a roost .

It didn’t take long before the area turned into a paradise filled with transcending energy . These deers became the guardian spirits of the thicket .

“That’s Venerable Deer Merchant . ” Another ancestor recognized this .

“Where is he?” The juniors looked around but didn’t see Venerable Deer Merchant .

“He’s already here . ” The ancestor explained: “In there . His location usually turns into a scene of paradise with spirit deers, hence his title . ”

The juniors observed the thicket with deers happily playing around . One disciple murmured: “That’s very surprising . He looks like an immortal with good taste . How could such a man do something evil like sacrificing several million lives?

These young ones were obviously unhappy with the blood sacrifice revealed a while ago .

“Shut up!” The senior immediately scolded and glared at him .

This disciple’s head shrunk down from fear and didn’t dare to say anything else .

Venerable Deer Merchant’s arrival surprised everyone . He was rumored to be the oldest being in Imperial, at least among the known Eternals .

His cultivation was great; some believed that it was on the same level as Gu Yifei . However, others claimed that he was old now with withering vitality, one level weaker than Yifei .

All in all, if one were to list the top three experts in Imperial, he would certainly be mentioned .

Moreover, he created the Trade Federation so he enjoyed great status and authority . Just one word from his could invite many Eternals and systems . Thus, though he was here alone, he represented a great force .

People immediately became more cautious in response .