Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2627

Chapter 2627: 2627

Venerable Deer Merchant’s attitude took the crowd like a storm . Who in Imperial was worthy of this polite act from him? They racked their brains and couldn’t come up with anything .

“Senior, the ancestor is doing well . He has been relaxing at home and teaching us after leaving his isolated cultivation . ” Lu Weijun smiled .

His expression became smugger as he arched out his chest after bringing up his ancestor .

“Hundred-days? Last name Lu…” An old Eternal carefully pondered and finally recalled something: “It can’t be? Hundred-days Daoist?” 

He was alarmed because this was a legendary character .

“Hundred-days Daoist? Who?” It was surprising to see this old Eternal acting so shocked . In fact, this title was unfamiliar to everyone .

“He’s from several generations ago . ” The Eternal put on a solemn expression: “When he was around, if we were to pick the strongest person in Imperial, it wouldn’t be Gu Yifei . Hundred-days Daoist was invincible back then . The current Gu Yifei might not be his match either . ”

“That strong?” This gave the crowd a jolt .

“Very, he was an Epoch Eternal back then and swept through Imperial, unmatched . ” The Eternal said: “Several True Emperors working together from Nine Secrets still lost to him . ”

He was from that period so he became emotional while digging through his memories .

“An Epoch Eternal from that long ago?” The crowd was amazed since not many of them were around in Imperial . Gu Yifei was one of these rare beings .

“Later on, his lifespan came to an end so he sealed himself for a final cultivation, wishing to break through the limit to reach the apex . Alas, no news came later, everyone thought that he died in this attempt . But for him to come out now? Did he come back to life?” The old Eternal elaborated .

“We have nothing but admiration for Senior Hundred-days’ achievement . ” A distant voice came from the Gold Gourd .

This caught the crowd off guard . Everyone thought that it was only a treasure but it turned out that there were people inside .

“His becoming an Everlasting is wondrous, far beyond what we can do . It’s a shame we couldn’t congratulate him back then . ” The voice continued .

“You’re too kind, Esteemed King, we welcome you as a guest at any time . ” Lu Weizheng laughed .

“What?!” Both the normal cultivators and invincible Eternals got chills .

“Everlasting?! The daoist has become an Everlasting Eternal!” One old man acted like a cat with its tail stepped on: “He has successfully broken through the death tribulation and became an Everlasting!”

“Everlasting… an existence capable of fighting against a progenitor…” Gasps and wows could be heard .

This news shook the crowd to the core . An Everlasting was a being comparable to a progenitor . This was the apex of all True Gods, the ultimate goal .

“Since when does Imperial Lineage have an Everlasting? The last time an Everlasting left Imperial was several generations ago . ” One ancestor murmured .

Imperial Lineage had no lack of brilliant Eternals in its history . However, after reaching a certain power level, they would leave for Immortal Lineage since it was far easier to become an Everlasting there .

Plus, staying behind would create a huge burden for their sects . That’s why all Everlastings in Imperial Lineage were heaven-defying for being able to stay behind .

“A real Everlasting, this position has been empty for so long in our world…” An Eternal regained his wits and said .

It didn’t take long before people found out that Lu Weijun was Hundred-days Daoist’s distant descendant . His bloodline was the same as the daoist so he was considered to be part of the orthodox branch .

As the descendant of an Everlasting and the successor of the Lu, Weijun obviously had an important and prestigious position .

People understood why the deer merchant and the four kings acted politely towards this junior . It was all due to Hundred-days Daoist . As the adage goes - one can ignore the monks but be mindful of Buddha .

Needless to say, no one would want to offend Weijun because of his ancestor .  

“The number one expert of Imperial is no longer Gu Yifei, it’s the daoist again . ” Someone commented .

Gu Yifei wasn’t a match for the daoist who had successfully become an Everlasting through his final cultivation attempt .

The former was undoubtedly strong but the gap between an Eternal and an Everlasting was impossible to cross . The power disparity couldn’t be overcome .

The area outside the city became lively . Everyone wanted to make connections with him .

Of course, the guy was too arrogant . Even tributes and gifts were looked down upon . Nevertheless, his ship was as busy as a marketplace with visitors coming nonstop .

Remember, befriending or making connections with an Everlasting was very important for any individual or sect . It would greatly affect their future .

“Buzz . ” A boundless imperial aura rushed out of the Mu’ camp and illuminated the sky .

“Rumble!” A True Emperor has arrived, evident by the surge of majestic power .

“Puresword True Emperor is here!” Someone shouted .

All eyes turned towards the camp . Though they couldn’t see him, they knew he was there .

“An emperor is finally about to show his stuff . ” Another commenter said .

Everyone knew the famous emperor since he was a brilliant genius . They couldn’t wait to see him in action .

“Who’s stronger between the emperor and Fiercest?” Someone said softly .

The crowd pondered . Fiercest came to their mind first because he was simply unfathomable even now .

However, the famous emperor wasn’t a weakling either . No one could be sure .

“Boom!” Violet radiance emitted from the gourd . This artifact seemingly wanted to suppress the firmaments .

“Are the four Esteemed Kings joining too?” People shuddered at the gourd’s destructive power .

The deer merchant’s forest also started glowing green like an endless ocean . Waves of green light drowned the world after loud explosions .

“Same with Venerable Deer Merchant . ” Another became startled .

“Rumble!” The Adamantine Tree’s branches swayed back and forth, sending out a resonating force .

“Mingluo City belongs to the world, any attempt at monopoly will be swiftly met with retribution . ” Lu Weijun announced, clearly aiming at Li Qiye . His stance represented the intent of Hundred-days Daoist .

Everyone stared nervously at Mingluo, waiting for Fiercest to show himself .