Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2633

Chapter 2633: 2633

“Boom!” Everything seemed insignificant compared to his vitality and power, akin to adding salt to the ocean .

“Boom!” This naturally frightened the spectators, rendering them helpless on the ground .

“Pop!” The four Eternals’ flames obviously couldn’t keep up with this rapid increase and became chaotic .

“Ah!” The flames engulfed their own masters, extracting their vitality and grand dao .

Their true blood, in particular, acted like the greatest feast for the flames so the heat became insane . The flames instantly incinerated the four Eternals into ashes scattering away to the wind .

Their eyes were wide open before death, full of unwillingness and despair . They have never thought about the potential of a backlash .  

His monstrous vitality moved on to assault and extinguished the flames . He then recalled this power and the world assumed its initial appearance .

Everything became soundless like the calm after total destruction . All beings have been destroyed; only ruins were left - that kind of silence .

Even the strongest masters here were speechless including Puresword True Emperor and Venerable Deer Merchant . They finally felt fear .

“How boring . ” Li Qiye broke the silence with another yawn: “What a waste of my vitality . Where is this daoist? Maybe he’ll be more entertaining . ”

Lu Weijun himself no longer dared to retort just like the rest of the crowd .  

“Alright, time to kill, let’s start with you . ” Li Qiye’s eyes fixated on the youth .

He started walking closer, causing the shocked Weijun to hastily retreat .

Meanwhile, the final and strongest Eternal next to him had no choice but to face Li Qiye in order to buy time for the youth .

“Sir, please be benevolent . ” The Eternal seriously said: “Opposing my master isn’t wise . ”

“Trying to scare me with one Everlasting? Scram . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

“My apology!” This Eternal roared, shackled by obligation and debts . He swung his heavy scepter straight for Li Qiye’s chest .

“Boom!” Li Qiye blocked with one hand, completely nonchalant . Though this scepter had immense weight, it couldn’t move Li Qiye’s hand at all .

He flipped his hand and pushed the scepter back towards the Eternal .

“No!” The guy could only scream . His bones started breaking down from the force exerted by his own weapon .

“Pop!” Only a bloody mist was left .

“Clank . ” Li Qiye threw the scepter away without bothering to look while heading straight for Weijun .

“Heavenly Monarch, save me!” Weijun ran to his closest ally, the Adamantine Tree .

“Sir, you’re truly going too far!” The monarch on top of the tree shouted .

He needed to answer the cry for help due to his ties with the Lu Clan .

“Too far?” Li Qiye smiled: “I’m going to kill all of you, wait till I’m almost done and you can say that again . ”

He created a gigantic palm in the sky that reaches for the tree . It didn’t contain any divinity or invincible laws but that didn’t matter at all .

“Boom!” The tree turned into a mountain of blades . All of its branches and leaves turned into various weapons - swords, sabers, spears, arrows…

“Boom!” They became resplendent and shot straight for Li Qiye’s palm .

This was an impressive move but wasn’t enough . His palm became bright as well, turning into an all-destroying grinder .

“Crack! Crack!” All of the leaves and branches crumbled, leaving only behind the barren trunk .

Li Qiye then grabbed the trunk and uprooted the tree entirely .

“Die!” The heavenly monarch descended and roared, unleashing his full arsenal of weapons .

The sky turned dark from the incoming treasures - a suppressive pagoda, an all-penetrating immortal sword, a banner sealing all directions…

He wanted to use his strongest technique to catch Li Qiye off guard and deliver a fatal blow .

“Move . ” Li Qiye’s great palm swung the tree into the treasures, crushing all of them .

The great trunk barely brushed against the monarch but it ended up with him screaming . Blood gushed out as he was blown away with numerous broken bones .

He instantly got up and didn’t care about his wounds; the only thing on his mind was running for the Mu’s camp .

“Don’t think about escaping . ” Li Qiye smiled and smashed the tree towards the fleeing combatant .

The monarch had never thought that this treasure tree would come for his life one day .

“Go, Brother Sha!” Puresword True Emperor joined the fray . His great palm grabbed the monarch and pulled him towards safety .

“We’ll see about that . ” Li Qiye sneered and turned the tree towards the emperor’s palm instead .

The emperor’s expression soured as he unleashed chaos from his palm . Imperial laws emerged and built a thick world around his palm . This allowed him to continue saving the monarch .

“Bam!” The chaos and imperial laws shattered . The tree smashed into the palm and left it bloodied . The emperor had no choice but to pull back .

The spectators knew that this was a serious injury . His hand was most likely mangled as a result .

The tree continued to break the wind and head for the monarch .  

“Ah!” A long and sharp branch suddenly sprouted from the tree and penetrated the monarch’s chest in a brutal manner .