Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2635

Chapter 2635: 2635

“Boom!” The tsunami described earlier was actually made of vines soaring through the sky .

They varied in size - some were as big as dragons while others were as tiny as a human arm . All in all, they made up an impressive spectacle .

They came from the sky and from the ground like an unstoppable horde of howling dragons, intending on sweeping Li Qiye away . The merchant wanted to distract Li Qiye and save the youth by doing so .

Most importantly, buzzes resounded around Li Qiye . Tiny vine tentacles grew at a rapid pace on his body, wanting to tightly wrap him up .

“Let’s not be a hero, shall we?” Li Qiye unleashed a devastating finger strike in response .

Flame shot out from his fingertip and incinerated the sky . This seemed to share the same source as a heavenly flame and began to burn the area . When the flame touched the vines, they suddenly exploded like a volcanic eruption .

It didn’t take long before an ocean of fire overfilled the sky . This fierce flame continued to burn up all the vines in its path without leaving anything behind .

“Icebound!” The deer merchant had no time to care about Lu Weijun since this flame was coming for his forest . He roared and released the power of ice to halt the incoming assault .

“Okay, goodbye now . ” Li Qiye looked at Weijun and smiled before stomping down on his head .

“No, save me, Ancestor!” Weijun bellowed in horror .

His forehead suddenly became bright . Inside his ocean of memories was a strand of divine light that shoots upward .

“Boom!” A monstrous aura descended and froze time itself .

A figure appeared inside the light emanating from the youth’s forehead . He wore a daoist robe with solar eyes capable of swapping yin and yang .

His laws appeared and exerted pressure on the crowd . The Eternals nearby shuddered from this aura of an Everlasting .

“Hundred-days Daoist!” Someone shouted .

This figure lifted up Li Qiye’s foot, not allowing him to kill the youth . Though this wasn’t his true body, this divine intent still had a tiny portion of his might . It wasn’t overly large but it gave off an unsurpassable feeling of a towering mountain .

“The aura of an Everlasting . ” Someone took a deep breath to get a good sense of this crushing pressure .

Just one divine intent from the daoist was already this frightening . What about his true body?

The figure looked capable enough to shoulder the firmaments for the myriad ages . A million years only lasted for a blink of an eye for this awesome being .

Because of this figure’s temporal mastery, time became frozen due to its appearance, on the verge of no longer existing .

“The daoist must really like Lu Weijun . ” One ancestor commented since he left behind a divine intent to save Weijun .

“Just one strand of intent, I’ll kill your real body when you get here too . ” Li Qiye’s eyes focused . He became shrouded in a divine flame after a loud explosion .

“Boom!” He stomped again, seemingly destroying the entire world .

However, only the figure and the youth were affected . The former became flattened and shattered into nothingness .

“No!” Weijun had already heaved a sigh of relief but the sky suddenly turned dark above him .

“Crack!” Li Qiye flattened his skull as well . Blood started flowing outward .

The atmosphere became tense for the spectators were astounded .

The daoist was an untouchable Everlasting in everyone’s mind . They were scared of just hearing his title and would acquiesce as a result .

If his divine intent were to show up, his enemies would give him face and spare Lu Weijun . Alas, this wasn’t the case here .

The stomp destroying his divine intent was ferocious - a move more impressive than stomping another Eternal to death .

The crowd couldn’t calm down at all while staring at Li Qiye in a daze .

“He’s fiercest in all of history…” One expert smiled wryly .

“The incoming battle will tear the heaven asunder . The daoist will definitely fight Fiercest to death after this . ” One ancestor murmured .

This act from Li Qiye had resulted in an irreconcilable feud . It wasn’t just about Lu Weijun but rather, the daoist’s prestige . He has been challenged publicly by a junior so there was no way he could let this go . This was virtually akin to Li Qiye stomping on his face .  

That’s why everyone thought that an incredible fight between these two was inevitable .

“Alright, one more down . ” Li Qiye smiled and clapped once before looking around again: “Who’s next in line?”