Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2641

Chapter 2641: 2641

The group quickly glanced at each other and made up their mind .

“Excuse us then for initiating this battle to the death . ” Puresword True Emperor’s eyes became stern with murderous intent .

As an emperor, this eruption of power was quite impressive and overwhelming, seemingly unstoppable .

“Clank!” He summoned a snow-white sword and slowly raised it vertically in front of his chest with the firmest grip .

He became one with it; all of his power, dao, and techniques fused within .

The shiny sword pulsed with circular halos, seemingly cast from a million stars in the sky . It encompassed an incalculable weight and vastness, akin to an entire galaxy .

The central spine of the blade contained the sword dao of the emperor, looking resplendent with numerous powerful runes twisting together and then refined into form . [1]

The sword used the stars to form the blade and the dao to form the spine, resulting in an extraordinary weapon .

Everyone could feel that one slash could tear the world apart and slay the gods when used by the emperor . Of course, it still had cataclysmic and suppressive affinities in the hands of a novice .

It represented the supreme will of an emperor and his intent to kill . He clearly had crafted this weapon himself .

This combination looked unbeatable and successfully intimidated the crowd .

 “No weaklings have ever become a True Emperor . ” One older expert felt respect .

They realized that Puresword True Emperor was mighty indeed, exceeding everyone’s expectations .

In recent days, he has been overshadowed because his enemy, Fiercest, was just too strong and took away all of his radiance .

“Buzz . ” A light from outer space descended onto the Tree Observer, signaling the opening of a world .

“Rustle!” An Adamantine Tree of unimaginable size appeared right behind him, blotting out everything behind it . This world’s sole reason for existence was to gestate this tree .

One leaf rustling already created quite a wave . When all of them rustled, it became an ocean of tsunami of winds with continuous waves - an ocean of green as far as the eye can see above Stone Harmony .

“Boom!” The tiny Tree Observer grew to the size of a great mountain with trees all over his body, looking just like a treant .

Moreover, his muscles increased in size as well . His arms looked like two dragons brimming with power . Just one flip could turn the earth over .

“Wow…” The spectators were startled . Not only did he get a size increase, but his power also soared . His body was filled with endless might .

“That’s a Tree Observer for you . ” An ancestor said: “He’s the only person in Famed Bamboo who can borrow the power of the Adamantine Tree despite being so far away . This enraged state allows him to be the system’s guardian deity . ”

Famed Bamboo had an ancestral tree that has been around for ages . It contained massive power and its roots have infiltrated every inch of that system . A Tree Observer was able to borrow a portion of this force regardless of the distance between the two .

Keep in mind that this particular Tree Observer was already strong in his own right . This fusion took him to the next level, perhaps comparable to the deer merchant .

“Boom!” A loud drum was heard . The Four Esteemed King summoned a drum and mallet out of nowhere . The first bang suppressed the worldly dao and laws right away .

Everyone felt something banging their heart violently and robbing their breath away .

“What… is that treasure?” This danger made some turn pale .  

“Soulcall Drum!” An ancestor stared at the Esteemed King and said: “So the world thinks there are four kings but that’s not the case . The title is actually referring to the four treasures of Hidden Grotto . ”

“Back then, when the four ‘kings’ fought Gu Yifei, it was only the grotto lord using the four treasures to do so . People simply misunderstood . ” A knowledgeable expert shook his head and said .

This drum was one of the four treasures with the ability to assault the mind and soul, rendering foes helpless .

One suddenly heard the cry of a deer . Everyone looked over and saw a pair of antlers growing on the head of the deer merchant .

They were large with multiple branching sections, almost like two small trees . Despite just coming out, they didn’t look young at all . Even the tips have hardened and looked quite tough .

In fact, they looked more like dragon horns instead of deer antlers due to their impressive power, more than enough to pierce through everything .

“How strange…” The crowd was astonished because the white-haired old man looked very bizarre with these antlers .

“Is the merchant actually a deer demon?” A young cultivator asked .

“Do you know the meaning behind the character ‘deer’ in his title?” His senior looked at the youth and asked .

“It is an auspicious symbol for longevity . ” The youth answered .

“No . ” The senior elaborated: “That’s only when the subject is a regular deer . But when a deer becomes a demon, this is no longer the case . So how does a regular deer reach this next stage? Excessive sexuality . That’s why many deer demons rely on the dual cultivation and are looked down upon as being depraved . ”

“I agree with that, but the merchant was a blood deer . ” Another ancestor jumped in .

“What’s the difference?” The experts nearby didn’t know .

“A blood deer during the initial stage is more precious than the other deer species . ” The ancestor’s eyes became serious: “But once it becomes a demon… haha, do you guys know what it does to stay alive?”

“What, spill it already . ” Another said .

“Blood, human blood . ” The ancestor revealed: “The more it drinks, the longer it can stay alive . And though longevity comes greater powers and abilities . An inch of that antler means one hundred years, so look at how much blood he had consumed for it to be this large . ”

“ . . . !” The crowd became horrified .

All eyes turned towards the great antlers . Though no one actually had an exact measurement, it was at least nine feet long . Everyone shuddered at the cruel realization .

1 . The spine is the center of the blade that slightly protrude outward in a classical style