Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2645

Chapter 2645: 2645

“They all used the stones from the corpses before!” People caught on .

“Damn, the black stones were bait!” One ancestor regained his wits and said: “It’s that black octopus doing this! It released the corpses so people would consume the stones!”

He then took out his black stone and threw it away .

It didn’t take long before people realized that the monster was using cultivators to gestate the black stones . Those with the black stones on them felt worse and started throwing them away, no longer caring about the previous exorbitant purchase price .

Fishing required bait . In order to increase their power and life, numerous experts chose to eat these stones . They were dead now from the lightning bolts breaking out of their chest .

“Buzz . ” The maelstrom absorbed these black bolts and became resplendent - same with the black gem .

“Boom!” Something seemed to have exploded in this instant . The entire world shook as a result .

The black stone spewed out endless black lightning bolts towards Li Qiye in an unstoppable manner . It looked majestic and never-ending like an apocalyptic flood - capable of destroying everything in this world . Time and space, the grand dao, and the myriad laws would become poor victims .

There was no escaping or avoiding its onslaught so it instantly struck Li Qiye .

“Boom!” It smashed into his sacred light, resulting in a deafening blast .

“Rumble!” The light transformed into a boundless flame to stop the incoming waves of lightning .

This became a contest between fire and lightning . The dark light didn’t relent and continued to send more bolts to extinguish Li Qiye’s flame .

Moreover, the tiny particles from the bolts seemed to have a magnetic force . They attached themselves to the flame whenever possible and began drilling their way through his defense .

On one side was an ultimate beam of lightning and on the other, Li Qiye had a massive flame barrier . The latter wouldn’t fall despite the continuous barrages .

This stalemate continued since the bolts had no way of breaking down this line of defense in a short time .

Puresword True Emperor, Venerable Deer Merchant, Four Esteemed King, and the Tree Observer exchanged glances .

They have been tempted by this wonderful opportunity - Li Qiye being occupied with the lightning waves .

He was certainly at a disadvantage against any attack, utterly vulnerable . A third party could grievously injure or even kill him .

That’s why the group didn’t want to let this chance go by or the future would be quite grim for them later .

Li Qiye has shown his might so they have lost their confidence in beating him together .

“Clank!” The emperor’s sword hymned . Its ray shot to the sky and unleashed magnificent energy .

This naturally attracted everyone’s attention .

“Over there!” Some cultivators gasped after seeing the massive energy building up and the surging imperial aura .

Even a fool knew what the group wanted to do and could see why this was a necessary move .

“Forgive me, Fellow Daoist!” The emperor roared and unleashed a slash .

“Clank!” A million swords appeared in the air and issued their hymns . They rotated continuously to form a supreme world of swords .

“A sword domain!” A spectator shouted . This domain with unlimited blades could annihilate all existences .

“Die!” Strangely enough, the Four Esteemed King attacked even faster than the emperor .

“Bump! Bump! Boom!” He crazily smashed his drum and unleashed enough sound waves to drown the world . They headed straight for Li Qiye like a tsunami .

One star broke after another by the impressive attack .

“Boom!” The area around Li Qiye crumbled by the force before a direct hit .

“Clank!” At the same time, the sword domain instantly appeared above him . All the swords stopped rotating and pointed straight at him, ready to end this powerful foe .

“It’s time!” The Tree Observer and the deer merchant worked together .

The majestic force from the observer instantly channeled into the merchant’s antlers .

The latter then pierced through the sword domain and the sound waves to penetrate Li Qiye’s chest with his sharp antlers .

“How shameless . ” Jade-break True Emperor’s expression soured as she took a step forward .

However, an invisible hand held her by the shoulder . An ancient voice sounded behind her: “Don’t worry, his power far exceeded your imagination so he doesn’t require your assistance . Just watch the show . ”

There was no one behind her . It seemed that the speaker wasn’t actually here .

She hesitated for a moment before taking a deep breath and deciding to believe this person .