Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2651

Chapter 2651: 2651

“Boom!” The emperor took one step forward and crushed the void along with the laws in the world . Everything beneath his steps became ashes and insignificant .

The celestials were shaking with everything else . The world couldn’t handle his power . Just one remnant strand could take down all .

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the land they were on would be crushed by a strand of his hair falling down .

He had unlimited vitality and invulnerability - a truly frightening state just like a progenitor .

People shuddered after seeing his slow yet destructive pace .

This was his peak form - something more than just the four of them added together . This peerless combination move made him look invincible .

“Who can stop his slash now?” The strongest Eternals present right now felt doubt .

The first person that popped up on everyone’s mind was the Everlasting named Solar Daoist, at least in Imperial Lineage .

“A True Emperor just has too much potential . ” Another Eternal said enviously .

Among the four, the emperor was the youngest and also the weakest in terms of cultivation .

However, he became the primary force of this team . The rest could only aid him instead of directly going against Fiercest .

These were the advantages of being an emperor . His potential far outweighed even those stronger than him .

“Clank!” He pointed his Purecloud at Li Qiye . This alone was enough to make the crowd tremble . They felt as if their souls were being torn apart .

“One of us is going down today!” The emperor declared in a powerful manner, seemingly in charge of Li Qiye’s life .

“It’ll be you . ” Li Qiye smiled, unperturbed by the emperor’s amazing form .

“Die!” The emperor didn’t waste words . His eyes turned fierce with murderous intent .

The world became dark as a result under his bloodthirst, wavering back and forth on the verge of destruction .

“So terrifying!” The crowd felt their legs giving in and got cold sweats all over .

“Clank!” He finally unleashed a slash .

It didn’t have the mysteries of the dao - only pure devastation!

Everyone could see gods and deities fall down before this slash; their blood splashing everywhere .  

It didn’t have any technique variation and swift changes either yet death seemed to be certain . Everyone felt despair while watching the arc .

It was clearly aimed towards Li Qiye but they felt hopeless all the same . There was no point in resisting . In fact, they didn’t even have the courage to try and could only wait for decapitation just like a captured prisoner .

They felt a chill running down their very soul . This slash has left a terrible trauma in their mind .

“Go . ” Li Qiye casually responded .

“Rumble!” Countless stars over the horizon started shooting towards the slash, wanting to penetrate through the slash .

However, the emperor ignored the stars . His slash was still coming straight for Li Qiye .

The only thing on his mind was killing Li Qiye . This bloodthirst has become an obsession that could pierce through everything .  

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Everyone saw the stars exploding the moment they touched the emperor’s body .

Remember, each star had immensely destructive potential; each capable of destroying a kingdom or sect . They could have easily pierced through the earth .

Alas, they couldn’t force him to move even an inch . The three impregnable barriers surrounding him easily stopped the barrage of stars . They slammed into what seems to be the toughest wall in existence .

“Clank!” Meanwhile, the slash was still coming for Li Qiye, on the verge of decapitating him .

“Go!” Li Qiye swept his hand forward summoned a thunderstorm with descending lightning bolts .

“Rumble!” With the currents around him, he suddenly turned into a supreme thunder god .

He then ordered the tsunami of lightning bolts to stop the slash .

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” The waves of lightning slammed into the firmaments and drowned out everything . They looked like numerous dragons leaving their lair . This force made the world resemble a tiny boat amidst a torrential storm .

“Clank!” The sword cut straight into the currents and quickly split it apart . It continued to head for Li Qiye who was in the center of this ocean, shrouded by lightning .

 “Pluff!” It successfully broke through the currents and split Li Qiye into two halves .

This connection signaled the end of the world, rendering everything to ashes . The splattering of his blood would also extinguish the rest .

Everyone felt as if they were split into two just like Li Qiye as well . Their blood and viscera spewed out .