Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2652

Chapter 2652

Why even bother trying to stop this unstoppable slash? Even the strongest cultivator would fall victim .

The slash could slay gods and emperors since it has reached a new plateau .

The spectators felt as if they were victims of the slash just like Li Qiye . During the entire process, their eyes widened in astonishment and helplessness .

They couldn’t move at all so resisting wasn’t possible . Plus, they didn’t have the courage to do so either . Waiting for death was the only option .  

Dust and debris scattered downward . The ocean of lightning has been split into two, the same as Li Qiye .

Some saw Li Qiye being split into two . Others even saw Li Qiye’s two halves falling to the ground with sputtering blood .

The emperor pulled back his sword, ending the battle in a decisive manner . Nothing was left after the slash - not the ocean of lightning or the offensive bolts . Li Qiye no longer existed as well .

The world became silent; the spectators were intimidated by the slash and couldn’t calm down . Some felt a jolt of pain all over as if they have been slain as well by the emperor .

“I can’t believe it . ” They eventually regained their sanity . A few dropped to the ground and became paralyzed while feeling powerless . Even the strongest Eternals present felt that way .

“That’s the power of a True Emperor . Never miss the chance to follow this path if possible . ” One Eternal started reflecting .

Of course, the emperor didn’t fight alone . The other three assisted but he was the primary focus in delivering such a mighty blow . An Eternal was far inferior to a True Emperor and a progenitor .

“Li Qiye’s dead . ” People looked around and only saw a clear sky .

“I think so . ” They searched and searched yet couldn’t find him: “Only death awaits those who try to stop that slash . ”

Since they saw him being dismembered by the slash, they believed that he has been killed .

“Fiercest couldn’t have stopped that combination attack, no one in Imperial can . It had the style of a progenitor just now . ” An older expert added .

People glanced at each other and nodded in agreement . That slash earlier looked like one from a progenitor .

Perhaps only Solar Daoist, an Everlasting, would be able to handle such a terrifying move .

“Fiercest is finally dead . ” People started to sigh after seeing the aftermath .

For some reason, many started feeling much better . Though they had no problems with Fiercest, his very existence exerted immense pressure on them due to his devilish nature . As long as he was alive, other geniuses and top beings would always be overshadowed by him .

They felt as if colors have returned to the world . There was no need to live under his shadow any longer .

“He courted death . ” The ones annoyed by him celebrated and started mocking him: “That’s why one shouldn’t consider themselves to be unbeatable regardless of how strong they are . There is always a stronger man and a higher mountain . He should have expected this for being too arrogant . ”

Of course, these people weren’t annoyed because they had feuds with Fiercest, only out of simple jealousy .

Meanwhile, the emperors held the sword with both hands; his eyes shone like two divine lamps illuminating the world . Nothing could hide before his eyes .

“It’s over . ” Strangely enough, his comment didn’t carry that much confidence .

Given his power, he could tell that the slash indeed made contact against Li Qiye . No, he was one hundred percent sure about this .  

Logically, no one should be able to survive the slash after a clean connection . Alas, their enemy was Fiercest . The four still had lingering doubts and didn’t know if they have killed him or not .

“Indeed, it is time to end this . ” A leisure voice sounded .

Everyone looked back and saw Fiercest standing in his old spot as if he didn’t move at all .

It seemed as if he had evaporated from thin air earlier . No one could see the mysteries behind it all .

“Incredible speed . ” An old voice came from behind Jade-break True Emperor . He was the only one who saw everything in spite of Li Qiye’s agility, unlike the rest .

“ . . . ” Puresword True Emperor staggered backward .

“All beneath the realm of progenitor and Everlasting are mere ants . I simply took one step forward, thinking that your slash will follow me . But no, it stopped at the present . ” Li Qiye said .

The emperor turned pale . Actual time traveling across the temporal river… This was beyond temporal simulations and predictions - something that Eternals could do .

When Li Qiye took one step forward earlier, he managed to leave the present . The emperor didn’t know whether he traveled to the past or the present .

He was only channeling a state similar to that of a progenitor and wasn’t an actual one . His slash couldn’t give chase across time .

It seemed like a clean connection and that he had severed Li Qiye into two halves . Alas, this wasn’t the case since Li Qiye existed in a different timeline at that point .

While in the present, one couldn’t cut the past or the future unless their slash could exceed the temporal boundaries .