Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2655

Chapter 2655: 2655

“Buzz . ” When the immortal rays congregated in his palms, they looked to be sentient . The individual strands and particles looked lively just like a little spirit .

The strands melted in his palms, slowly becoming liquified and flowed down the gaps between his fingers . These streams of light looked gentle and clear, resulting in a wonderful spectacle . People believed that could hear the splashing of water .

It also resembled the sands of time . Each stream of water looked like years and years moving away from his fingers; all added up to a long period of time .

A spectator even thought that Li Qiye was no longer an ordinary man . He started glowing and became a time controller .

All temporal affinities currently in motion needed to travel through his hands, whether it be one thousand years or a billion years . He just needed to move his fingertips and he could steal that much time .

“He’s searching . ” The hidden master from the Li sighed, aware of Li Qiye’s intention . He could see the mysteries behind this, unlike the rest of the crowd .  

Once the streams of light touched the ground, bright spots appeared in the mud . They eventually spread into lines weaving together to form a supreme formation .

“What is he looking for?” Jade-break True Emperor asked .

“The hidden traces of the past in Stone Harmony . ” The hidden master said with emotion: “This system back in its golden days had three emperors at the same time and numerous Eternals, plenty of lower-level True Gods too, too many to count . But it fell in just one night . Future generations can’t explain why, but one progenitor verified that something ominous happened during that night . An evil thing fell from the sky . According to him, it took roots deep in the system . Though the masters of Stone Harmony managed to defeat it, they couldn’t eradicate it completely despite paying a heavy price . After the end of this battle, these great beings, heavily injured, decided to seal everything including themselves . They wanted to hide something from their system from both outsiders and this evil entity . That’s why the whole thing became a mystery . ”

“What is this immortal stone, warranting such a great sacrifice from these sages?” The emperor became curious .

What’s more important to a system than continuing its legacy? However, Stone Harmony chose to seal their entire system .

“It’s not clear . ” The hidden master said: “Some records state that this immortal stone doesn’t belong to this world . Its effects are unknown as well . However, one says that it was taken by the progenitor of Stone Harmony using a heaven-defying method . It is priceless and should have something to do with immortality . It is still here right now, sealed . ”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “If this progenitor didn’t leave behind the stone, perhaps Stone Harmony would still be here today . ”

The emperor turned towards Mingluo, extremely curious about this so-called immortal stone .

At this moment, a bright formation has taken over the city with lines dividing the ground into tiny pieces .

The supreme formation was resplendent with flashing pulses . People felt as if they were crossing through time from one era to another .

It was akin to an archaeologist unveiling the top layers of a fossil, eventually finding clues of the past .

“Creak…” Numerous stone slabs on the streets started to rise .

The streets of the old city were paved with pebbles and rocks . They have been trampled on by numerous citizens and carriages so they looked quite old . A few had numerous cracks as well .

There was no order to the rising of these slabs . No one could figure out a particular pattern .

“Boom!” They started flying closer and eventually assembled a platform, around the height of a fire beacon platform or a military command post .

“What is that?” Wu Youzheng and the others had no clue despite being disciples of the system .  

“It’s the old command post of Stone Harmony . ” The hidden master revealed: “Its progenitor used to give orders to the rest of the world here . ”

“Buzz . ” The immortal rays gathered on this newly-formed platform after a spatial ripple .

An extremely old gate slowly emerged at the top of the platform . It had numerous powerful and archaic runes . All the lights were flowing towards this place .

“Buzz . ” Space opened after the accumulation of light . The gate then turned into a portal .

“A dao portal…” The emperor’s eyes narrowed .

“Yes, there are rumors about an independent dimension under Stone Harmony, unavailable to anyone after its decline . Its entrance has been sealed all this time, it looks like the immortal stone is in there . ” The hidden master added .

Numerous other experts felt the same way but no one dared to come closer . They could only stare at the flashing portal, waiting for Li Qiye to enter .

“So much trouble over one stone . ” Li Qiye shook his head and walked inside .

“Pop!” The entire portal disappeared after his entry .

“Creak…” The stone slabs disassembled themselves and returned to their original positions .

The great platform was nowhere to be found . Mingluo looked the same as before as if nothing has happened .

The crowd exchanged glances after seeing this .

“Sigh, forget about this stone . It’s time to leave . ” One Eternal gave up and said .

“It’s fine to watch . ” A young expert didn’t want to leave because they have traveled so far to get here . Just taking a look at the stone was fine too .

“You think you can take a look just because you want to? Okay, go ask Fiercest to see if he’ll show you . ” His senior Eternal gave him the side-eye .

The expert’s neck shrunk from a cold chill . He realized he wouldn’t dare to ask Li Qiye for a look even if he was a hundred times more courageous .