Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2666

Chapter 2666

“Ah!” Li Qiye’s palm crushed the legion down to a pulp; many members exploded into blood after screaming .

Some spectators didn’t see the fight between Li Qiye and the four masters so they trembled while thinking that Fiercest lived up to his fame .

“Die!” A flash appeared before the battle cry, inches away from Li Qiye’s throat .

This sword thrust was extremely fast, far exceeding the quick draw from Lightning Sword God .

It had precision with plenty of force and sharpness on top of its swiftness, allowing it to penetrate even the stars in the sky or any other hard object .

“Clank!” However, time came to a stop and the tip of the sword seemed to be sealed and held by two fingers from Li Qiye before it could prick the skin .

The assailant was Sun Lengying . As the founder of the legion, he couldn’t bear to watch the annihilation earlier so he decided to join the fight .

Unfortunately, his sword wasn’t as fast as Li Qiye and unable to pierce through the guy’s neck before being caught .

“Pop!” Time started flowing again as Li Qiye pushed down and finished the rest of the legion . Only bloody mists were left .

This impressive and intimidating legions with numerous battle achievements couldn’t withstand a single blow before Li Qiye’s total invincibility . The gap between them was overwhelming .

“Clank!” He shook his fingers and broke Lengying’s sword .

The latter instantly retreated by more than ten thousand miles in the blink of an eye but it was still too late .

“Whoosh!” Blood spattered because Li Qiye casually threw the broken blade and got Lengying on the chest despite the latter’s best effort to escape .

“Clank!” It pinned him on the ground .

“Lengying!” Lucidity King’s expression soured as he shouted .

“Run!” This wasn’t enough to kill Lengying but he knew death was coming so he told the king to run since the Mu was so near .

His first priority was always the king regardless of the circumstance . Protecting Lucidity was his responsibility and ultimate mission even with only one breath remaining .

“Stop right there!” Lucidity King didn’t listen and formed a mudra .

“You view the world as a chessboard but in my eyes, you’re just an ant . This is your just deserts for provoking me . ” Li Qiye looked at him and said .

“Let’s go then!” Lucidity King didn’t waste needless words and wanted to buy time for Sun Lengying despite being aware of the futility .

“Boom!” Royal energy surged out of him like a tsunami engulfing the world . It materialized into a flame capable of refining everything .

He looked like an unstoppable king, capable of delivering sentences on everyone else .  

As an existence reigning for three generations, he had more than his fair share of conquests . The world had nothing but fear for him .

Many once again realized the power of these two Eternals even though they were running away from Li Qiye like dogs right now .

His pitiful state right now wasn’t due to weakness but because Li Qiye was too strong . Any opponent of his would suffer this humiliation .

“Boom!” Lucidity King raised one hand and the flame poured down while destroying the dao laws in its path .

“Lucidity Flame!” Someone shouted in horror .

This type of flame was tyrannical yet didn’t carry a scorching temperature . On the contrary, it felt like a gentle breeze that could burn an Eternal .

The massive flame took the shape of a cauldron with Li Qiye’s area at the center and surrounded him .

“Lucidity Cauldron World!” The king roared and the cauldron erupted with blazing fire .

“Rumble!” It seemed that numerous worlds were exploding or volcanos erupting . The individual explosions shot towards Li Qiye, wanting to refine him .

The crowd was in awe at the eruption within the cauldron as the world tremble .

“This is the strongest move from the Lucidity Pill Scripture!” One ancestor took a deep breath after seeing this dominating technique . [1]

This particular scripture was created by Nine Secrets’ most amazing emperor, Zheng . This particular text was praised to be on the same level as the nine secrets .

Lucidity King became the strongest user of this scripture after Emperor Zheng, hence his title . He managed to defeat the various secret words in Nine Secrets using the arts within . That’s why everyone in this system was afraid of him .

This Lucidity Cauldron World was the strongest move from this scripture, capable of refining three thousand worlds and the innate momentum of each - a truly horrifying spectacle to behold .

However, Li Qiye ho was trapped in the cauldron was doing just fine despite being assaulted by the flames .

“Break . ” Li Qiye uttered while swinging his hand .

“Boom!” The cauldron capable of burning the firmaments instantly collapsed . The explosive Lucidity FLame also extinguished like a candle in the wind .

“Bam!” The slap continued and struck Lucidity King as well .

The king was smashed into the ground, destroying the area around him . The slap disfigured his face into fleshy bits, rendering him bloodied and unrecognizable .

1 . I once questioned about the pill part of this scripture due to a lack of context but it makes sense now