Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2668

Chapter 2668

The system seemed to have a slumbering progenitor due to having a permeating majestic grand dao power .

Lucidity King and Sun Lengying ran to the clan like two dogs that have just lost their master .

Meanwhile, Li Qiye took his time chasing, seemingly enjoying the recreational hunt .

“Start!” Sun Lengying shouted after entering the clan .

“Are we doing it?” The experts hesitated and asked their ancestors .

One ancestor made up his mind and gave the order: “Do it, this is our last stance!”

He knew that this was their only opportunity .  

After seeing Lucidity King alive, he instantly realized that these two have been scheming against everyone . The duo wanted to use the Mu like a sword but what else could they do right now?

They have already prepared a trap for Fiercest to come . The string and arrow have been pulled back, ready to go .

Moreover, Solar Daoist was inside their clan and has agreed to kill Fiercest . They wouldn’t be able to invite a character of his level again in the future .

“Ready-” The troops chanted .

The land of the system glowed with surging dao power flowing towards the residence of the Mu .

“Buzz . ” Numerous battle fortresses rose into place . Each of them had a great ballista with the base made out of metal and progenitorial laws for the strings .  

“Creak…” Massive arrows were loaded on each ballista with a gray color . They were made from special metals refined from ice phoenixes and dark dragons, extremely sharp and heavy .

They were personally refined by a progenitor with incredible destructive potential, capable of piercing through multiple defensive barriers .

“Aim… fire!” Commands could be heard from the clan .

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Multiple arrows broke through the void and directly appeared before Li Qiye in an unstoppable manner .

“Imperial arrows of the Mu!” People shouted after seeing the barrage of arrows aiming for his throat, chest, and head, all the fatal spots .

The dao power of the system served as the bowstrings so the arrows had both speed and power . One ballista alone had killed Eternals before, let alone so many firing at the same time .

“Boom!” The arrows have appeared before Li Qiye before the wind-breaking sounds . Space collapsed around him, unable to withstand this terrible force .

Li Qiye didn’t try to dodge or repel the arrows since he had a glowing barrier ready .

The arrows seemingly struck the toughest thing in existence and started breaking down .

He was completely unharmed to the astonishment of the crowd . Those seeing him in action for the first time shuddered in horror .

“The Mu shall be no more after today . ” Li Qiye insipidly said .

This declaration made everyone feel cold as if a basin of water has just been dropped on their head, causing them to shiver .

The few words and the insipid tone sounded like a death sentence for the Mu . Everyone could see the images of a massacre already .

“Boom!” Li Qiye instantly punched the ground .

“Rumble!” Laws were uprooted and chaotically pushed out like waves from the pressure .

The system was ravaged by these gigantic laws whipping back and forth violently . They shattered numerous pavilions, gates, and formations .

“Ah!” Numerous experts guarding these positions were crushed, dismembered, or exploded into blood mists .

The spectators were horrified . Normally, the experts of the Mu would use the laws of their system to fight against the enemy . But now, these laws were out of control and attacking them instead .

“Rumble!” The forced vibration emanating from the punch showed no signs of stopping . The laws danced like serpents, swinging up then down .

Numerous locations have been destroyed . Peaks and temples collapsed among the wails of agony .

People could see that if the Mu didn’t have some real tricks up their sleeves, Fiercest was going to annihilate them .

“So brutal . ” One spectator murmured .

Jade-break True Emperor has made her way into this system for a massacre in the past . However, it took an arduous fight to do so and she had the help of her ancestor, Gu Yifei .

Today, Li Qiye’s one single punch destroyed the clan’s grand formations and terrains . This damage far exceeded the emperor’s invasion .

Of course, her conquest was still impressive in its own rights but this event was at an entirely different level .

“Ancestors, please activate the grand momentum . ” The ancestor in charge instantly shouted, realizing the dire circumstances .

‘Boom!” Bright participles shot upward and illuminated the sky in a blinding manner . The clan turned into a supreme holy ground .

The actual residence of the clan turned into a lake of light with bright waves . The continuous currents lifted the clan, giving it a sacred appearance as if a progenitor was resting inside and looking down on the rest of the world .

“Creak!” Loud moving noises resounded . Divine peaks slowly emerged around the system; each had a unique appearance .

Some towered in the clouds among the nine firmaments . One was tiny yet full of spirituality and immortal presence . Another looked like a grand dao soaring through the myriad realms…

They shared one thing in common - the powerful figures appearing on them . These figures had mighty auras belonging to emperors and Everlastings…

These figures could crush the heavens and take over the universe .