Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2675

Chapter 2675: 2675

“Boom!” The dao power from the numerous disciples of the Mu System resulted in a greater production of true dao water .

This water and progenitorial force entered the emperor again, causing him to have pillars of light shooting out and destroying everything in its path . The sky vault blew up into smithereens .

The crowd shuddered in response . The emperor finally possessed the power of the dao source and the forces of everything else in the system .

This might be his ultimate form . He might never be able to reach this state again, not even in the future with a better cultivation . All other living beings were mere ants since he could pluck the stars from above now .  

“Boom!” With this absolute power, he swung the Gluttonous Battle Rod down again .

“Bam!” Li Qiye was once again smashed down into the earth . The surrounding area turned into ruins in a shocking manner .  

“I think this is it, he’s finally dead . ” Someone muttered but not completely sure .

“You think so?” Everyone had a varying degree of skepticism, but it was there .

If it was anyone else beneath that rod, they would be absolutely certain that the guy has been turned into blood and meat paste . This wasn’t the case for Fiercest . In fact, they feel that he would survive the entire heaven falling down straight on him .

Puresword True Emperor himself felt the same way . He didn’t know if that move was successful or not .

“May there be light on the first night with the start of primordial chaos!” Fiercest’s leisurely voice interrupted everyone’s rumination .

“I can’t believe this, is he a monster?” One master dropped down on his butt, unable to accept this reality .

“Have you ever seen such a powerful monster before?” His companion helplessly said .

“Rumble!” Li Qiye maintained the same posture as before while lifting up the immensely heavy rod in spite of its incredible suppressive nature .

“No way!” Puresword True Emperor bellowed like a cat with its tail stepped on .

He mustered more energy from the true dao water in order to push down again but the tide was changing .

“May there be light on the first night with the start of primordial chaos . ” His voice continuously echoed .

A glow appeared in front of his chest while the entire world became covered in chaos . He became the only existence, the origin of everything . He was the chaos and the chaos was him .  

The rod and all of its power couldn’t shake him at all .

This was Li Qiye’s grand dao - Seven Nights .

“You should be proud . ” Li Qiye chuckled: “To make me serious enough to use my created grand dao is not bad at all . Even though it isn’t your own power, to be able to use it to this extent makes you a prodigy . ”

The emperor had nothing to say, not knowing whether he should be elated about the praise or feel despair .

Fiercest had only gotten serious and only used his grand dao instead of going all out . On the other hand, he had all of his system’s power and resources along with the help of countless disciples . Facing an enemy like this was hopelessly cruel . Many shared this sentiment with the emperor while wondering about the real limit of Fiercest .

“Boom!” Li Qiye finally flipped the rod pushing him down away . The emperor staggered backward, nearly blown flying .

“My turn . ” Li Qiye smiled .

He swung downward with both hands as if they were axes while chanting: “May there be dao on the second night, splitting the heaven and earth apart . ”

This sentence was perfect to describe this scene . Nothing else could fit better . Three thousand worlds were split open by his hands .  

The frightened emperor raised his rod to block the incoming blow .

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s hands slammed on the rod, issuing a deafening blast .

The emperor couldn’t stop it and spat out a mouthful of blood before smashing into the ground like a meteor .

He looked like a gigantic nail being hammered into the ground .

“Again . ” Li Qiye pursued and used the same move again .

The emperor had no choice but to try and block with his rode once more .

“Crack!” The same impact happened and the emperor broke some bones . The area below him caved in with emanating cracks as large as canyons .  

He was stained with blood from top to bottom . Half of his massive figure was pushed into the soil and rocks .

“No!” The disciples of Mu screamed because the emperor has assumed the form of their progenitor .

Seeing their progenitor being beaten like this was too much to take for them .

“Laws like the heavenly clouds form a path to holy Zhongnan, three kowtows and self-reflection…” They started chanting again with increasing intensity .

Alas, their efforts were in vain . The emperor couldn’t handle the suppressive nature of Li Qiye’s attack .

“Boom! Boom!” His massive form kept on sinking to the ground . If this went on, he would be completely buried .

He vomited blood during the process along with tiny pieces of his innards, bloodied from top to bottom - the pitiful result of trying to stop absolute power .

“No… no!” The disciples of Mu bellowed in despair . There was nothing more they could do . Even all of their grand dao power entering the emperor still wouldn’t be enough .