Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2677

Chapter 2677: 2677

Solar Daoist has returned and became the only Everlasting in Imperial Lineage, successfully taking back the title of number one without any trouble .

“An Everlasting…” People understandably shivered at his sight while looking up at him . A character of his level was worthy of this .

“A being capable of hurting a progenitor . ” The crowd’s expression changed .

This was the ultimate realm of all True Gods, their lifelong pursuit .

Plenty of Eternals could rival True Emperors but once the latter becomes a progenitor, this was no longer the case . No True Gods could ever dream about fighting evenly against a progenitor . The gap was immense .

Only an Everlasting would be able to match a progenitor, at least enough to be qualified for a dao discussion with one . All in all, before becoming an Everlasting, even the most amazing Eternal would always be under the shadow of a progenitor .

They needed to reach the next level before being able to get out of this shadow and catch up . A whole new world would open up as a result .

Solar Daoist didn’t have a terrible and destructive aura . However, his transcending style still surprised the crowd .

He seemed to be the center of the world despite just casually standing there . People had no choice but to look at him with respect .

This was the effect of becoming an Everlasting . One didn’t need to show off their divinity or say imperious statements . They commanded respect and even worship just by simply existing .

“This is the number one expert right now . ” The experts around were respectful just short of kneeling down .

“Unbeatable in our world?” One person murmured .

“That’s still up to debate . ” An Eternal said .

A while ago, everyone would agree that Solar Daoist would be the strongest in Imperial Lineage . However, Fiercest was looming above everyone right now . He was a demon in their mind, leaving them breathless . All Eternals present have been won over by his abilities!

Thus, they remained skeptical about the notion of the daoist being the strongest .

“Yes, Fiercest is unfathomable . It’s still too early to say . ” An ancestor nodded in agreement while giving a fair evaluation .

“But he just got blown away in one move . The daoist is clearly superior . ” A spectator voiced his opinion .

The older masters glanced at each other . In their mind, that ambush from the daoist was rather despicable .

He had the upper hand right now and all the momentum, but these big shots didn’t consider it to be honorable . An Everlasting ambushing a junior? It would be a shameful victory if he were to win .

Of course, no one dared to say anything because he was too strong and could destroy their sect .

“So Solar Daoist is really working together with the Mu . ” Someone else said .

People weren’t that surprised to see him here at the Mu . Some even expected this .

“The daoist can’t rest easily with Fiercest around, knowing that this guy will be a problem . ” One Eternal quietly added .

The crowd agreed with him . The powerful and imperious Fiercest was infringing on the daoist’s claim of being number one in Imperial .

A mountain can’t have two tigers . Even if these two didn’t care about the meaningless status, they would eventually have conflicting interests later down the road . Moreover, Fiercest has killed Lu Weijun a while ago, so a fight between the two of them was inevitable .

At the same time, the Mu and Fiercest needed to finish their business . The daoist became the most suitable and necessary ally for the Mu .  

On the other hand, the daoist also required the resources and ace cards of the Mu . This alliance made perfect sense .

Of course, people didn’t know that this alliance happened mainly because of Lucidity King’s scheming . The exact details remained unknown .

“That move just now…” An ancient Eternal focused on the suns rotating around the daoist .

Solar Daoist got his title from this particular move . These suns were his supreme treasures . This was the result of a combination between a secret art and various treasures . They have become a part of his grand dao .

The move has taken down numerous powerful enemies in the past, including many brilliant Eternals .

“The temporal lines…” Those who understand the essence of the technique became afraid .

The actual suns didn’t matter that much compared to the temporal lines . The actual offense coming from the suns didn’t have anything to do with speed and distance . It has exceeded these physical boundaries and used the temporal lines to directly attack the enemies in the blink of an eye .

In other words, everyone had their own timeline that always flow . The daoist was able to infiltrate people’s timeline and kill them .

So, his prey could run to the ends of the world and hide but they couldn’t get away from their own timeline in the form of these temporal lines . That’s why this severing move was so frightening and effective .

“There is always a higher peak, so don’t be arrogant . ” Solar Daoist spoke while standing on the highest peak at the Mu .

He showed no emotion while speaking, seemingly freed from the impurities of the mortal coil . Nevertheless, each word of his struck everyone’s heart like a hammer, making it hard for them to breathe . It sounded quite convincing since he has just sent Li Qiye flying .

“You are unbeatable, Senior Daoist!” The disciples from the Mu became jubilated and cheered loudly . Their shouts could be heard anywhere .

“We’re saved . ” Some started to hug each other and cry, viewing Solar Daoist as their savior .

Puresword True Emperor finally got the chance to breathe . He would have turned into a meat paste right now if the daoist had hesitated .

“The fun is beginning . ” Lucidity King revealed a sinister grin .  

Sun Lengying standing next to him didn’t say anything, aware of the Mu’s fate .