Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2679

Chapter 2679: 2679

“Boom!” The suns flew out but in this blink of an eye, it was as if all of them disappeared as well .

Next, they have reached the target’s chest and struck repeatedly…

In fact, these were mere illusions because the suns have entered the domain of time, no longer restrained by spatial limitations . Thus, what the crowd saw were mere visual phenomena .

“Buzz . ” Li Qiye’s primordial tree lit up and the second dao fruit shook once . He started spinning - akin to a tornado, spinning top, or a great diamond .

“Rumble!” Crushing explosions detonated as he jumped up several times .

Each jump would end with a downward attack with the hardness of a diamond . These attacks struck the various suns .

In this split second, it seemed that there were a hundred of him slamming down, perfectly hitting the suns traveling on the temporal lines .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” These suns were crushed one after another as if they were fragile like porcelain .

It didn’t take long before the daoist’s one hundred suns got pulverized .

“How can this be?!” People couldn’t close their mouth from disbelief, unaware of the inner workings .

Remember, the daoist’s suns have entered the temporal lines and jumped out of spatial limitations .

However, Li Qiye was able to destroy all of them seemingly at the same time . It was as if there were one hundred of him . Each Li Qiye had a different appearance as they took down the suns .

“I have no idea what’s going on . ” The powerful and knowledgeable ancestors became perplexed .

“Boom!” The next event happened during this short break . Li Qiye in his diamond form successfully kneed the daoist in the chest .

The daoist looked utterly confused . He didn’t know how Li Qiye got through his defenses to actually hit him .

As an Everlasting, his defense, movement techniques, and evasive measures were impeccable . No one should be able to get through everything to actually touch him .

Alas, these perfect techniques were rendered obsolete by Li Qiye’s knee . He fell from the sky and everyone could see the hole in his chest .

Everything seemed to be moving in slow-motion . They saw blood shooting out like an arrow from his wound during the fall .

“Bang!” He slammed into the ground, creating a pit that eventually grew as big as a crater .  

His blood splattered everywhere, resulting in a moving scene . The crowd became suffocated . Some tried hard to breathe but found it impossible .

The daoist was considered to be unbeatable by most right now but he got bested by a single knee strike?

The Mu disciples who were celebrating earlier got struck by lightning and couldn’t move at all, looking as dumb like wooden chicken . Their dream about having a savior didn’t last a minute before crumbling . Words couldn’t describe their emotions right now .

No one understood how Li Qiye instantly defeated the daoist’s samsara severing technique . It was an amazing merit law that has been polished for generations, ending up with zero openings . That’s why the daoist considered it to be his best move .

The crux of the issue here pertained to Li Qiye’s second dao fruit named Acorn . Its greatest profundity allowed an eternal revolution with all of its power focused at a single point . Moreover, it would always target an opponent’s biggest opening to deliver a fatal blow .

Because of this, the dao fruit could still defeat the daoist’s samsara severing even though it has exceeded the physical limitation of space . It extended beyond that, allowing Li Qiye to knee the daoist’s chest through his various defenses as well .

The most formidable thing about the dao fruit was its effective precision, able to seek out any flaw and instantly take down the enemy .

“How silly thinking you’re invincible already after only reaching the door of the Everlasting level . ” Li Qiye yawned and nonchalantly said .

Everyone got cold sweats after witnessing the last exchange . Some fell on their knees, losing the courage to stand because of this terrifying scene .

An Everlasting couldn’t handle one move from Li Qiye . What about them? Perhaps he could kill them with a single finger, no, a single strand of hair .

Thus, he could say whatever he wants right now and they would take it as facts . It was fine for him to view the daoist as an ant too .

“Looks like your helper isn’t competent enough . ” He then smiled at Puresword True Emperor .

The emperor was shocked and took one step backward . He thought that the daoist would be able to put up a good fight to buy time for heal to heal then the two of them could team up against Li Qiye . It looked like he still underestimated Li Qiye and couldn’t restore his vitality in time .

In his mind, Li Qiye was the scariest existence possible . His unyielding dao heart was shaking right now .

He wasn’t the only one . All spectators felt the same fear towards Li Qiye, Eternals included . From now on, just his words and declarations alone commanded prostration, no need for his actual presence .

“Is it over?” The crowd stared at the crater, hoping that the daoist could come back up .

If an Everlasting got finished after a single move, then what was the point of cultivating for the rest of them? It was better to be a mortal than to spend years training only to be inferior to a single strand of hair from Li Qiye .