Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2681

Chapter 2681: 2681

“Boom!” The seal of a progenitor locked Li Qiye instantly while the one hundred suns came striking along the temporal lines .

They successfully crossed through the various domains to hit him right in the chest, intending on blowing him to smithereens .

“That’s a good plan!” Someone shouted .

The plan was great, same with the execution . The daoist’s technique surpassed physical restraints while the emperor sealed Li Qiye’s surrounding area .  

Even if he could escape the seal, it would then be too late for him to dodge the samsara severing .

Time slowed down for the nervous and excited spectators holding their breath . They more or less wanted to see a miracle from the emperor and the daoist .

“Rumble!” Li Qiye still jumped up and spun like a diamond . The seal and the samsara severing technique were useless .

“Boom!” The daoist was the first to react by swiftly retreating while summoning armor plates . Unfortunately, he still got hit all the same .

The armors crumbled as he slammed into the ground and exploded into fleshy bits .

The emperor wasn’t better off either . His rod got knocked out of his hand by a whip-like kick . It didn’t stop there and made him explode into a bloody mist .

The Acorn Dao Fruit was just unblockable . Defensive measures or avoidance were nullified .

Thus, temporal attacks or seals were useless since this dao fruit could take advantage of any openings and flaws .

The world fell into silence again . People clung on to a sliver of hope with these two teaming up together but the result was still the same . They simply weren’t a match for Fiercest .  

A miracle didn’t happen today, only the birth of a legend regarding Li Qiye’s invincibility .

“That’s it, gone to the dogs for them . ” An ancient ancestor turned pale at this sight .

“Everyone needs to kneel at his sight from now on . Just one glance from him could destroy the world . ” Another Eternal murmured .

The crowd all had a bitter smile since they understood Li Qiye was not only fiercest but also the strongest in Imperial Lineage now .  

No one could stop him . No, no one could even handle a single move from him .

“He’s right, the world trembles along with the gods and emperors from a single glance of Fiercest . ” One ancestor agreed .

They have seen Fiercest in action before but this battle surpassed all the rest . They finally understood that he only played around in the past and that every single thing he said was mere truths . The world was just too blind and ignorant to believe him, thinking that he was being arrogant .

The members of the Mu lost all hope . The powers of their system have fused with the emperor yet that still wasn’t enough .

“Buzz . ” A fate palace moved around in the bloody mist and got everyone’s attention .

“Pop!” The figure of the emperor appeared again as if time was flowing backward, allowing his body and vitality to condense together again .

Li Qiye didn’t bother stopping this process at all, seeming very carefree .

“That’s a True Emperor for you, still alive . ” One spectator emotionally said .

As stated before, this was an advantage of a True Emperor over an Eternal . At equal power level, an Eternal might not survive a similar amount of damage, unlike an emperor .

“Pop!” Light separated from the bits of flesh on the ground then came together in the air . A gathering of spirit energy and grand dao allowed Solar Daoist to rebuild his body .

This process was much slower compared to the emperor . The daoist was superior in terms of strength but inferior with regards to survivability .

The two quickly returned to life before the crowd .

One expert said: “They’ve reached a level high enough for a rebuild . Anyone else would have died already . ”

Alas, the two were deathly pale right now for several reasons .

First, the process used a lot of vitality . Second, to put it frankly, they were scared out of their mind right now .

Despite their great abilities, they still couldn’t stop one move from Li Qiye . This has left a seed of fear in them .

“Okay, I’ve had enough . ” Li Qiye yawned: “I suppose this is all you can muster up and there’s no reinforcement coming either . It’s time for you two to die along with the Mu . ”

The two combatants weren’t the only pale ones . The members of Mu had the same whiteness; some were paralyzed on the ground due to fear .

They understood that this was doomsday for them . Their clan would certainly turn to ashes .

Their despair was palpable to the spectators . Realizing that destruction was imminent yet being too weak to do anything but watch - nothing could be more devastating than this .

“Fusion . ” The daoist looked at the emperor and said .

“Fine . ” The emperor gritted his teeth and begrudgingly nodded, no longer giving a damn .

They were going to die anyway so might as well go all out just once . He was ready to pay any price just for a chance to save his clan .

“Oh? Still got another trick up your sleeve?” Li Qiye smiled at them: “Lucky for you two that I’m such a charitable person . Go for it, I’m waiting for my favorite pastime is beating down others’ ultimate moves then relish in their despair . ”

The two exchanged glances . The emperor made up his mind and retreated to the clan with the daoist right behind him .

Li Qiye calmly stood still and watched .

“What else can they do?” The crowd wondered . They couldn’t come up with anything that the clan could do to oppose Li Qiye’s invincibility .