Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2682

Chapter 2682

All eyes were on the Mu, wanting to see what the daoist and emperor can conjure up when things have escalated to this point .

Anyone could see that they have fallen into a pit of despair . Their strongest moves still couldn’t stop Li Qiye while he took them down with one move as well .

Thus, everyone believed that the tide couldn’t be turned regardless of their methods . Fiercest has reached the progenitor level, and a high-level one at that - at the very least the imperial level .

On the other hand, the daoist was only a new Everlasting, barely able to fight against a progenitor at the myriad level at best .

Puresword True Emperor had weaker cultivation . Even with the Mu’s full resources and its inhabitants’ dao offering, he was still too weak to fight against a progenitor .

Supreme weapons and heaven-defying methods from those two wouldn’t amount to anything before Fiercest’s absolute might . This was as clear as day .

“Buzz . ” The dao source in the depths of the clan lit up again and illuminated the system . The whole place looked like a gigantic diamond now .

“Fusion!” The emperor shouted while standing in the dao source .

The progenitorial laws embedded in him suddenly melted back into runes . The thirty-six elder ancestors glanced at each other before gritting their teeth .

“Buzz . ” They became resplendent with crimson rays coming out, almost like the reflection from numerous rubies .

“Pop!” They suddenly exploded into blood mists and caught the crowd off guard .

“What the hell?!” The spectators became startled .

These ancestors were considered the pillars of the Mu so their death was a big loss .

“Whoosh!” The bloody mists started glowing . Tiny and exquisite laws emerged with a primal aura and started heading for the emperor, slowly fusing into his body .

“Clank!” Primal laws in the shape of chains appeared around him .

He slowly sank into the dao source and gradually became one with it . True dao water, progenitorial power, and numerous laws joined with him . The entire dao source was directly fusing with him . His body became gigantic once more because it was absorbing the dao source .

“Rumble!” This lasted a while until cracks appeared all over his body . The primal laws around him broke at the same time, unable to handle the influx of power .

“Boom!” His vitality soared at a rapid rate and the primal laws connected together again in order to keep his body intact .

“That’s insane . He’s using his body to take in the entire dao source . The thirty-six elder ancestors sacrificed themselves to help him . ” Everyone understood his intent now .

Remember, the dao source was the foundation of a system . It contained an unreasonable amount of power . No one but progenitors could handle this sudden boost of taking in a dao source .

Even though the emperor was a vessel for the dao right now, it was still impossible for him to take in this dao source without exploding to pieces . That’s why the previous ancestors used their vitality and purest primal laws to protect him, hoping that he could handle this process .

“This is indeed insane, but the clan and the emperor have no other choice . If they can’t do something to stop Fiercest, they’ll die anyway . ” One Eternal said .

People agreed with this logic . The clan was facing destruction so they had no choice but to resort to extreme measures .

“Rumble!” As he took in more dao source, he grew bigger and the primal laws around him shattered and reconnected multiple times .

Though he sent his vitality into the chains to aid them, they were becoming ineffective . The collapsing speed exceeded the recovery rate so cracks started appearing on him again .

“Boom!” Finally, the laws collapsed and he broke down like a porcelain vase .

“You must persevere!” The daoist shouted and instantly moved behind the emperor .

“Fusion!” His body immediately blended together with the emperor .

A massive shockwave swept through the world as the daoist showed off the power of the Everlasting level . Their vitality fused together and the daoist began fusing with the dao source as well .

This shouldn’t be possible because the daoist wasn’t a member of the Mu System and didn’t cultivate its merit laws .

However, when the emperor agreed to fuse with him in this manner, the former also gave him permission to join the fusing process .

“Boom!” With the daoist’s help, the emperor’s vitality erupted all the way to the sky and became nearly infinite, augmenting his physical constitution .

“Clank!” The primal laws finally connected again to seal his body . They became thicker and had a color as red as blood .

The daoist’s help at this crucial moment allowed the emperor to defeat this tough trial and fulfill the physical requirements .

The daoist’s body slowly became ethereal as the two were becoming one .

“That’s heaven-defying…” Everyone became slack-jawed by this magnificent scene .

“I didn’t know you can do something like this . ” An Eternal never imaged about fusing with the entire dao source before . No one in the past was crazy enough to experiment with this .